9 Months (B)

Simply amazing!

What is B up to?

Well, he has 5 teeth and working on #'s 6, 7 & 8 ((6 & 7 are about to pop through, 8 is on the horizon))

He's trying so hard to crawl - he pops up on all fours and rocks ((can I state AGAIN how nice it is to have him 'contained'...How did I survive when K started crawling at 6 months?! However, with B's 'girth'...he's getting a tad heavy, possibly within 4lbs of K....walking might be nice)) ;-)

He's trying to pull up - he has super arm strength, he just can't figure out what to do with his legs

He loves to crawl over things (like a pile of pillows or K's bean bag seat)

He's eating avocado, bananas, yogurt (for breakfast every morning with avocados or bananas), squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, green beans, and mum mums (due to his potential wheat intolerance/allergy/whatever...) - all homemade (except the mum mums and yogurt - until this weekend...maybe, haha!)

Everything finds its way into B's mouth - including 2 bugs today (he's one up on his brother on that one...that I know of...)

He still, for 9 months now, thinks Keaton is the greatest thing, however, has started lashing back. Yesterday he bit Keaton when he was aggravating him! I had a nice laugh ;-)

He can clap, loves shaking things, loves when things 'disappear' and then reappear, loves to be ticked, "eaten" and kissed

Still sleeping all night, how we got it right at 6 weeks this time, I still have NO idea!

He quit nursing last weekend, much to my dismay, he'd really rather eat solids or be playing - he barely even takes a bottle

He says dada, but no mama - it was the same with Keaton ;-)

He's still as snuggly as ever (and I hope it stays that way!) :)

And I think that's it on my little mini me!

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heather said...

wow! sounds like he is doing great! can't believe he is 9 months old already!

there is a crock pot recipe for homemade yogurt i discovered yesterday. if i remember ill send you the link!

Terra Jones said...

from 365crockpot? :)

Yeh, I'm trying it this weekend. I didn't want a yogurt maker b/c the last thing we need is ANOTHER gadget around here