My mom always asks what the boys are going new...and then there are the times when Zach sees Benjamin (sometimes for the first time in days) and B will do something and Zach is amazed. I say, "Yeh, he's been doing that for days..." forgetting that he didn't see it the first, second, third....eighteenth times!

So, what are the boys doing?

Benjamin is:
*Starting to get up on all fours and rock...
*Trying to pull up
While B might crawl 3+ months later than Keaton did, I feel that he will copy him in the crawling & pulling up/cruising at the same time....
*Eating more than I can keep up with in any way, shape or form - his favorite food is AvoAppleGurt (homemade Avocados, Applesauce and Yogurt). His favorite snack is Mum Mum's as we think he may have a wheat allergy or intolerance. He started getting a horrible rash around his face when he'd eat Cheerio's. I stopped giving them, the rash went away. I gave them, the rash came back...So we're being careful for now.
*Loving being outside - eating grass and going for walks in the wagon

Keaton is:
*Eating everything in sight. I think he may be in the middle of a growth spurt as he's asking for snacks 2-3 times a day (or maybe this is just him being a boy!) :)
*LOVING his big boy bed!!
*Showing me how 2 year olds throw tantrums!
*Trying to do EVERYthing himself!
*We're talking about potty training, but nothing serious yet; however, he apparently "loves trying" according to his Sunday School Teachers that are letting him try (they want to train him, BY ALL MEANS!!! Go for it!!!)

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Larissa said...

I definitely understand about daddy not seeing things they've done right away. That's how it was here with my first two boys and Rich in school. Thankfully Rich has gotten to observe most of Jonathan's(#3) and Rosalie's firsts.
Interesting about the possible wheat intolerance. . . definitely something to watch.

Terra Jones said...

It's so hard w/ the daddies in school & working!

Did/do any of your kiddos have wheat issues??

Anonymous said...

i'm glad his rash cleared up! hopefully this is something he'll grow out of.
those mum mum's are great, aren't they! i like them, too (just don't tell auri!)