A CALM Monday!!!!

I can't believe it's been a "normal" day! Well, it's only 150pm, so I guess there's still plenty of day left! But the fact that we've yet to go to the dr. today - for the first Monday in 7 weeks!!!!! I'm VERY excited!

Really, the only thing I've done, other than eating, feeding, reading and snuggling with B, is get more diapers for K ordered! He's pretty much outgrown all of his current stash! B is slowly getting that way! I think we're going to sell the newborn ones and order the next size. Then, for the next one (which IS NOT on the way!!!! haha!) we'll just use disposables until he/she can fit in the ones we have. They're so little for such a short time. And if I would have looked at how long K was "little" I would have realized this! But since they've really only been used for about 3 weeks, we should be able to get most of the money back and get a decent amount of bigger ones for B until he can fit in what we have for K.

Our scale isn't the best, but I'm curious to know how much B weighs. On the scale last night, it said 13.5 lbs...but, before his 1 month appt. it said he weighed 10.5lbs. (when he was really 9lbs. 12oz.) so...it could be right..or wrong! I'm just very curious because he was in a 0-6 months shirt last night...and his big ol belly was all hanging out! :)

My mom snuggling with Keaton when he was 7 weeks...

My mom snuggling with Benjamin at 6 weeks & 2 days

Bebe brought down the Keaton-sized chair and he LOVES it! He spent most of the morning in it reading!

Love those gummy grins!!!!

Me: "Keaton...stand next to your brother so I can take your picture"

This could be titled:
1) Brotherly Love
2) Keaton, Be Gentle
3) Why we can't get germs out of this house!
It is so sweet though! He gets right in his face and makes a kiss sound :)

3/4 of the family!

And to end with a funny story. Last night, Benjamin woke up to nurse (I can't remember if this happened at 1 or 4...) but, he was screaming for a minute or two before Zach got him...(which I think I punched you to get up...sorry, honey!) Zach changed his diaper and brought him in the bedroom for me to nurse him. About a minute later, the house is all quiet...and you hear Keaton scream, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" (think "STELLLLLA" & A Streetcar Named Desire) I could NOT stop laughing!!!! It was absolutely hysterical!


Dinner with Uncle Mark, Aunt Meagan & Cousin Karis

Aunt Meagan, Uncle Mark & Cousin Karis (Zach's sister, her husband and their daughter, 6 weeks younger than Keaton) brought us yummy pizza for dinner tonight!

Keaton & Karis had a blast playing together. I didn't think Keaton was going to go to sleep but he conked right out :) (Benjamin on the other hand...is well into his evening cluster feedings, I'm getting a break thanks to Enfamil, haha!) :)

Here are some picture of the two....

Keaton: "Let me show you my room..."
Keaton: "This is part of my train set...it's really cool."
Keaton: "Here's how you play with it..."
Karis: "I want to play with this part...."
Keaton: "Well, I want to play with that part..."

Keaton: "I said!!! I want to play with that part!"
Uncle Mark has his hands full!!!
Wait...we have our hands full!
And since Benjamin decided to scream or sleep the whole time, here's a picture of him happy AFTER family left! ;-) ((post spit-up, pre-poo)) haha!

For the record: Keaton & Karis played GREAT together! I only heard one "no" from Keaton...And I think it was just a "no, you're in my way" kind of thing ;-)

Thanks again for dinner! :)
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The latest...

**Written Friday, posted Saturday...that's what happens with kids ;-)

Well, I measured Benjamin this morning (completely unofficial, and I'm sure a tad off) but he's around 24.5inches!!! And weighs a ton - Dr. Davis agreed! :) Great news! It was 5 days since his last adjustment and his jaw was "perfect"!!!! Yay! We're aiming to not go back til next Thursday - we'll see if we make it!

I'm anxious to get to his 2 month appt. just to see how much he weighs! :)

Keaton's personality has been shining lately. He is DEFINITELY Zach's child! :) As I sit typing this, he stands in front of me with a blue sun visor over his eyes cracking up at himself :)

I was starting to get worried because he doesn't really "say" much (I know babies focus on one skill and take off with it and his has definitely been his physical side!) But lately, he's saying a new word almost everyday (he still says "guh" and we STILL have no idea what it means!!!)

New words have been:
ball (bawl)
train (tain)
truck (tuck)
read (ree)
drink (deenk)
please (peese)
bye-bye (while waving) - withOUT being asked (that little tidbit is huge! haha)
"no" is still a favorite
"wow" (to everything!)

Funny story: I was pouring myself a root beer the other day and I was holding Keaton. He wanted a sip. I put a drop on my finger and let him taste. Of course, he "mmmmm"ed over it and started signing more. I said, "When you can say, 'Mother, I would like some more root beer please' I'll give you more." He looked at me, grinned, signed 'more', pointed to the drink and said, "please!" I repeated what I said before and he 'repeated' himself!!! He was communicating, so I let him have another finger taste...and then I put him down ;-)

Now, why you're really here....

Pretty much true in this house ;-)
Can you see why I was laughing?
Like father, like son (for those who don't know, Zach puts ketchup on EVERYthing)
He needs a shirt that reads, "Future Plumber" (no offense to any plumbers who may read this...)


More updates...


Despite being a little congested, B had a very smiley morning :) It made for a great day :) He also decided it was about time to participate in tummy time & actually lift his head & look around. He really is our chill baby - K was rolling by 6 weeks, so having B just lay there has been crazy! The differences between the two just make me laugh :)

What is going on here, you ask? Dr. Davis suggested putting K in front of the freezer to help w/ his congestion...great idea unless your child is as curious as K! This lasted all of 3 seconds ...so much for that tactic!! :)


Funny faces

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We'll start with Keaton and the good news. No more breathing treatments!!!! Hooray! Today was his last day of the "last option" anti-biotic. He is sounding better, but definitely not 100% Dr. Wilson felt very comfortable taking him off the nebulizer.

However, Benjamin does indeed have reflux. Sunday at church, he started in on his gagging and I was standing, talking with a mom and she mentioned how her daughter had reflux 'as well'...as well??? That was enough for me! I talked with Dr. Wilson about it this morning and she agreed. She was ready to prescribe something and I told her I wanted to talk with our chiro first and she was all for it! (Yay!)

So, I made an appt. to see Dr. Davis this afternoon. She let me cry a river of tears (I love her!) and felt his spine and said, "This isn't going to sound good, but I promise, it's going to help...." I had nursed Benjamin before we left and he immediately started screaming and continued to scream all the way to the chiro. She popped his little back...and he stopped screaming, sighed, laid his head down (he was on his belly) and went right to sleep! He even slept through her adjusting his neck, which he ALWAYS screams for!!

She also suggested getting some probiotics, specifically Baby's Jarro-Dophilus. I called a local pharmacy and they had it in stock. Zach picked it up on his way to praise band.

Before I had him do that, I quickly researched it and -wow (as Keaton would say!)- this stuff sounds amazing! I wish we had known about it with Keaton when he was having his screaming fits. But it also sounds like it may help with the thrush as well!! If we can actually get rid of this stuff, it'll be amazing!

We'll go back to see Dr. Davis on Friday and see how he's doing between the adjustment and the probiotic.


LOTS of pictures....

It's tiring being a big brother!

Helping with Tummy Time!

Woah! It's bath time!

Thanks for getting me clean, mommy!

Wait - this is going on the internet? What?! Some girl will see this one day?!

That's cold!

OK, so we don't have a "family picture"...we didn't even get one of us & Benjamin in the hospital! He's 5 weeks and this is the FIRST picture of the three of us!!!! It's blurry and funny, but, I had to include it!

Saturday, we made a day trip to VA for a surprise and we stopped to see Great-Grandma Connie. Keaton LOVED having a yard to run in (another reason we need a house!)

He loved playing in the dirt and finding exciting things...(I'm guessing, I was upstairs nursing Benjamin...and sleeping!)

And running....

Great-Grandma Connie loved meeting Benjamin!

Then we went to Bebe's to pick up the surprise...Keaton loved having a chair his size

After 13 hours of traveling and visits, we got back home with.....

a 52" HD TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU BEBE!!!!!!!!!!!


Showing Off My Boys :)

Keaton mixing me something...if you look closely, you'll see it's 'on the rocks' ;-) I had to wake up Keaton to go to the chiro the other day. I caught a couple of pictures before waking him.

Nice shirt, huh? ;-)

Love those big, brown eyes!

So serious!

Woah, mom!