Pregnancy Moments

I had quite a few (a day) with Keaton, but mommy brain took over and I can't remember those anymore. However, lately, especially since the move, I've had more than my fair share. Almost everyday since moving in, I will wash myself with shampoo and put body wash in my hair. It frustrates me to no end! (However, it's always a surprise how my hair will smell since I think I own the world's largest body wash collection...right honey??) :)

I've been without my erasable calendar on the wall by the door which keeps my whole life organized. I had a chiro appt. last week, made the next appt., walked out the door, turned around and walked back in, and apologized to the receptionist. I had just "double booked" my afternoon - scheduling a chiro appt. at the exact same time I'm supposed to be at UNC for my midwife appt. I felt so bad, she just laughed it off.

Also, since moving, (for those who don't know, we only moved roughly 5 miles down the road from our old apt.) I cannot remember how to get ANYwhere. I have to spend a good 10 minutes figuring out which direction I should go in.

I haven't had too many "butterfinger" moments. But today took the cake. Zach graciously took Keaton to the store for groceries so I could rest. Upon their return, I took Keaton in my arms and a bag of groceries into the kitchen while Zach went back to the car for the rest. In this bag happened to be a box of pasta salad mix and 2 jars of spaghetti sauce. I took the pasta salad mix out of the bag, which pulled the bag slightly off the counter. Next thing I know, it look like a mass murder had been committed and there was a busted (huge) jar of spaghetti sauce all over our kitchen floor (walls, fridge, stove, UNDER the pantry and laundry room doors, dishwasher and even a piece of glass on the carpet in the dining room.) I'm SO glad I was holding Keaton. I remember as it was falling saying, "There it goes!" But I just couldn't do anything about it. After the freak-out moment passed, Keaton said, "Wow!" & clapped! haha! Such a boy :) As soon as I heard Zach come back through the door, I screamed that I was OK and what he was about to see was NOT blood but in fact one of our scared jars of spaghetti sauce (he even used a coupon!!!)

We got more unpacking done yesterday thanks ALL to Christina who came to chase around Keaton while Zach & I unpacked. We got a lot done that would not have gotten done without her help! The piano is now in Benjamin's room AND we finally, after a week, got our dining room table set up and actually ate dinner on it!

OH! And one more great story :) Tonight, as Keaton was heading down the hall with Zach to get ready for bed, I said, "Hey bud, come tell me good night!" and he came running back (normally, Zach carries him or I have to "chase" him down...chase being a relative term!) And I knelt down and he leaned into me and I gave him a kiss and he puckered his lips and said, "mmm" (he gets his hugs & kisses confused sometimes and "mmmm's" with kisses instead of hugs, haha!) and then gave me a huge wet, slobbery kiss (that only a mama could love!) on the mouth! hahaha!!! I had tears in my eyes - both of hysterics and love! He went running down the hall after Zach and I said "Good night sweet pea" and he came running back, gave my leg a hug and took off to shut his door (something he loves to do!) After a day where I said more times than I can count, "I'm so done" (referring to this pregnancy) ...where I was SO exhausted from waking up 5 times last night to use the bathroom...where I was so frustrated with my "pregnancy" moments...that completely made my day!

Now, that I've bored you with stories, here's some pictures :)

This picture is here for two reasons:
1) We have a fabulous couple in our small group who have an amazing IKEA chair. Whenever we have small group at their house, I snag the chair because it is so comfy! Well, we decided that we wanted to buy one for our living room. Well, I emailed Kris to make sure I was looking at the correct style and she informed me that they were planning on re-doing their office (where their Poang chair was) and getting rid of that chair. She & her husband were wondering we we wanted it - for FREE!! Um, YES! :-) So, Zach went over Friday afternoon after work and picked it up for me. I absolutely love it - and so does Keaton! :)
2) this is the last picture before Keaton got another haircut (#2). He didn't do as well this time, but he was having a rough, sleepy morning. He pretty much cried the entire time and held on to my finger with a death grip. But anywho - pre-hair cut...

Post-hair cut! My big boy!!!!

Tonight before bed, Zach was reading "10 Little Dinosaurs" to Keaton and he was running around signing "more" in between dinosaurs. It was too cute. I also got a 2 minute video of Zach reading it to Keaton, which I will be SURE to post ;-)

Keaton making sure Zach's reading it right....

You know the gums are hurting when your baby looks like this...


What's New With Keaton

Lately, it's been all about our move and just keeping Keaton happy and trying to get him to nap when we can.

We finally got back to a normal schedule yesterday and I think he made up for lost time. He took a 90 minute nap in the morning and then a little over 2 hours in the afternoon. I was SO thankful for both those naps. I think he definitely wears himself out more here (definitely so with his "run way" (ie: the hall!)) He just loves to run up and down and up and down! :)

He's mastering the "E" sounding words:
Fish ("feesh" for Goldfish)
Please ("peese" for please)
Sippy ("Seep" haha - we're torn if it's "Seep" or "deenk" (drink) however, both refer to his sippy/a liquid, so that's what he gets)
Cheese ("Cheese" - woohoo!)
Keys ("Keys" - again, woohoo!)
Tree ("Tee")
See ("See" - yay!)

Some extras we're working on: Cat/Kitty, depending on what he says, usually kitty; Light ("Lie" while he points to a light), dog (on occasion), "Wow!" "Hey" "Hi" (those last two I hear...all...day...long...)

Continuing with yes, no, bye (when he feels like saying it), mama, dada, ...did I say no? haha,

He's finally more interested in looking at a book than eating it and prefers to hear the same book over...and over...and over...and over.

He's mastered running now that he has room to do so, still not very graceful at it, but he's a boy and probably never will be ;-)

He eats just about anything I stick infront of him (excecpt peas, ugh, who could blame him for that) however, we have noticed when eating out, he prefers Burger King nuggets over McDonalds and especially over Wendy's. Not sure whaat the difference is, but I surely don't blame him! :)

He has my love for shoes. At our old apt. we had them lined up along the stairs to keep them out of the way. Here, we don't really have a system yet, so they're...everywhere and he just carries them around all day :)

However, with all these exciting changes, temper tantrums have come full force. He DEFINITELY got both mine & Zach's independence and wants to exert that at all times! I have to remind myself not to give in to them (on long, stressful days it's the hardest) and remember to "shepherd" him in the right direction. I've always tried after disciplining him, picking him up and kissing/hugging him and telling him I love him. And now it's funny because I'll smack his hand or leg, tell him no and why he shouldn't do something, he'll pitch a little fit and then lift his arms for me to pick him up :)

And I saved the best for last. He LOVES giving kisses! This is by far one of my most favorite things. He'll be sitting on my lap and he'll give me a big hug and then grab my face and slobber on me (ie: kiss me) It's wonderful and he thinks it's absolutely hysterical!


The apartment

This link (below) *should* take you to my Facebook album with the pictures of our new apartment - Before stuff got moved in and the beginnings of it coming together. As we get rooms organized and finalized (haha - anyone who knows me knows it'll NEVER be finalized! There's always tweaking to be done!) I'll post those on here :)


I think Keaton broke another tooth today - that makes 11 - and explains the crankiness all weekend! He wouldn't let me feel, that's why I say, "I think" ...

Tomorrow, we finish clearing/cleaning out our old apartmnt and then we are DONE with McDowell/Seminary housing!!! Woohoo!

I got a lot organized in the kitchen today.

Our bathroom is super pretty :) My mom re-did it for us! She used her HGTV skills that she has learned and we ended up with a tealish shower curtain and towels to match, and then a brown rug, brown towels and a silver ...stand thingy w/ canvas brown totes on it! It looks AWESOME!

Slowly but surely, it's all coming along :)

Thursday we can focus on finally hanging up some curtains (and hopefully getting Keaton to sleep past sunrise!)


The Chronicles of UNC Health Care, Visit 1

OK. Let me start by sharing the trials I had trying to get my OB to transfer my records to UNC. I had to reschedule 3 times. The first time, Zach faxed my request from his work before the OB opened. We found out a couple of days later, they never got the request! The next time, my OB had indeed received the request (after I faxed it from the church in the middle of the day) but they only send out files once a week - not caring whether I had an appointment that day or not! Finally, I got my appointment - however, they had yet to get my files. My OB had sent them out, but they MAIL them (in this technological day & age...they send them by snail mail!) I had called UNC to reschedule once again because they didn't have my files and this sweet lady assured me that after talking with someone from my OB, they (UNC) *would* have my files that day!

So. I get the directions and off we (my mom, Keaton and I) head off to find UNC Women's Hospital/UNC-Midwives Practice. As we get closer, we can tell this is going to be QUITE an adventure. Just the parking garage is HUGE! There's 2 (my mom saw a 3rd) skywalk from the garage to the hospitals...Yes - hospitals - with an S! And for some dumb reason, I don't think ANY go straight to the Children's/Women's Hospital! (I need to re-check some directions)

We park, figure out which elevator to take to get us to the right sky walk to get us "close" to the hospital. (Am I stressing? You bet!)

We finally get to the Women's Hospital and there's an informational map - nowhere does it mention Midwives Practice. So, we go to the information desk. This nice, little foreign man who barely spoke a lick of English thinks that I'm there for an appointment for Keaton and directs me to the Children's Hospital waiting area...After he walked away, I spoke to someone else at the information desk! I call her 8-Beeper-Lady (as she had about 8 beepers attached to her shirt and looked very official) She looked at me like I had 4 heads and told me to hang on. While she's talking to another lady, the Red Shirts come (these two 12 year old looking girls in official "Information Desk" shirts...why red on UNC's campus???) and when I ask them about the midwives practice, they both look at me like I have 8 heads. I told them to forget it, that 8-Beeper-Lady was helping me. At that point, 8-Beeper-Lady starts yelling across the lobby "GO UP THE ESCALATOR...CLINIC B!!!" I look down at Keaton in his stroller. She continues to yell, "DO YOU HAVE A STROLLER?!" I nodded, "yes" and she yells again, "ELEVATORS ARE AROUND THE CORNER!"

Let me state here that I really needed to um...use the restroom. At my OB's office, I was asked to "give a sample" at each appointment so I was really trying to hold it for said (assumed) sample! But really, my eyes were watering I had to "go" so bad!

We get up the elevator and I see clinic B. It was VERY unlike my OB's office....very un-office like! It was a waiting area, with walk up desks labeled, "Clinic A" and "Clinic B" (and I soon found out, Clinic C). At Clinic B's desk, there was a list of doctors that were there that day and the midwife I was supposed to see was actually on that list (imagine my relief - knowing that I was in the right place!!!)

So as I'm waiting in line to check in and get my paperwork (which I had to arrive 15 minutes early to do!) I start looking for my insurance cards (they always ask for them at my OBs office, I assume I need them here) ...except I can't find my wallet. Not only am I stressing over not having the insurance cards to show this lady...I just drove 45 minutes without a license...where's my credit cards...all my personal info! So now, I'm about in tears. The lady asks for my name and my UNC HealthCare Card...My turn to stare at her like she has 4 heads. I explain it's my first time here and I don't have a card. She said, "Step around the corner to Clinic C and tell them you need your card." Um...sure...So I walk up to the counter at Clinic C and say, "I need my card." The lady asks for my name and she hands me a card with my name, my "Medical Records Number" and a pretty UNC emblem and asks me to step back over to clinic B.

I go back and the lady hands me a form with 8 really random questions on it (I honestly wouldn't be surprised if I have to fill this out every time!) ...meanwhile...I still have to pee.

I tell her that I can't find my insurance cards and she, looking at me like I have 4 heads, said, "Honey, there's a copy in your records...I don't need to see them." Ok, ...where's my license...my credit cards...???

So I go sit down and the nurse comes and calls my name (and all I can think of is, "Finally! I can pee!") She takes me back and takes my blood pressure. I explained that we were in the process of moving and that it would probably be higher than normal due to that. She smiles and says, according to my chart, it's the lowest it's been this entire pregnancy! I get on the scale (thinking I'd weigh 5 pounds less if I could just pee!)

She takes me down a hall and I see the sign "RESTROOM" and I could barely keep myself from running in! She hands my charts to some girl (Spunky, I'll call her) and she says, "Great, room 12." ....but, the bathroom!

So I go to room 12 and have a seat. Spunky comes in a few minutes later and starts asking m questions. I have since figured out that THIS is the paper work I was asked to come in 15 minutes early to complete. I was a little irritated because many of the questions (especially those concerning my first pregnancy could have been answered by taking 5 minutes to look at my chart!)

After that, the midwife (and an intern) come in and they're chit chatting...And Spunky leaves. The midwife starts to ask some questions (that once again, look at my chart, you'll know the answer!) and finally I say, "I'm sorry! I have to go to the bathroom! Do you need a sample?!! I need to go NOW!" They both bust out laughing and tell me no sample is needed and Intern directs me to the restroom.

I come back, VERY relieved (in more ways than one!) That's when Midwife asks me why I switched, especially so late in my pregnancy. I explain how I wasn't getting the support that I needed from my OB for a VBAC. Once again - the look ... I have 4 heads! She said, "You had a section with your first?!" I told her I did. She said, "Wow...We need to get the rest of your records here...." THEY ONLY FAXED MY CURRENT FILES!!!! I could not believe it! So I had to explain all the details leading up to my c-section with Keaton. (I was very glad I had gone to the bathroom as that took awhile!)

So Midwife proceeds to measure my belly (I measure right at 32 weeks) and heartbeat is 140 (for Benjamin!) and he is "definitely" head down...and "very much so" at that!

We talk for a few more minutes and then it's time to check out. I follow the little Tarheel stickers down the hall (proudly!) and schedule my next appointment. According to their "rules" I have to meet with an OB to go over the "risks" associated with a VBAC (I asked the midwife if I was allowed to go over with the dr. the risks of an un-necessary repeat c-section. She laughed super hard and begged me to!...I might!) :)

So, of course, this "extra" appointment caused great confusion for the sweet receptionist. I don't know if she knows WHY she scheduled me an appointment with an OB when I'm seeing the midwives, but she did :)

So now...to find the car. We manage to get back to the correct skywalk, get to the right level and even find the car! I had to let my mom drive back home since I had no idea where my wallet/license was.

After making only one wrong turn (out of the parking deck!) we made it home...and I found my wallet - in the floor board of the back seat ;-)

So, needless to say, I'm stressing over my next appointment in 2 weeks that I'll probably have to make by myself, but, that's OK. I need to get over it! I'm sure it will go fine, but, I'm still stressing :)

stay tuned for more adventures! :)

It really happened!

We moved!!! We are surrounded by mountains of boxes, but we got here! It was a very busy, very long day.

Thank you to everyone who helped us out! - Mark, my mom, Greg & Nicolle, Merl, Kelly & Dennis & family! Matt & Daisy, Nathaniel, Trent, Jen, Matthew, David, Owen...I know I'm forgetting someone in there!

The move itself went surprisingly quick. We had the truck at our apt. around 9am, lunch around 1130ish and then had everything unloaded from the storage unit (and our beautiful fridge to David's house) and the truck dropped off by 5pm!

Keaton wasn't too sure about sleeping in his new room and pitched a fit for a good long time, but eventually fell asleep and slept as great as he normally does!

I had to make about 8 lists to slow my mind down from the day.

Some things we learned:
*Make sure to pack a suit case/box of stuff you need IMMEDIATELY (ie: clothes for ALL family members, dishes - whether paper/plastic or "real", food, silverware, etc...)! This was on my "to-do" list, but it never happened and well...it was a rough evening, haha!
*Handicap showers are a pain! As you may recall, we are renting the "handicap unit" (just b/c that was their last unit available) This morning, my relaxing morning shower turned into chaos as I realized our "roll in shower" was flooding our bathroom!! We had to use all our towels to mop it up...then I washed them...I can't dry them because we don't have the right plug adapter for the dryer yet! haha!
*THROW STUFF AWAY!!!! I'm loving this part of the move the most. I catch Zach when he's super busy (I think of the two of us, he's more of the pack rat) and I say, "Honey? Keep or throw out?" And he's so frazzled, he just says, "You make the call!" And OUT it goes!!! :)

Our big surprises:
*NO CURTAIN rods at all...in any room in this entire apartment! so it was a bright morning! ;-) I wouldn't have noticed except Keaton was screaming because he was soaked :(
*Once again - the handicap shower...annoying...
*Because of the handicap unit, less cabinet space...we have ONE drawer. Let me say that again - ONE DRAWER!!!! And it's all of about 3 inches wide (on a good day!!) ((OBVIOUSLY, we knew about this before signing any lease/handing over any money, but the amazement hasn't warn off yet!))

And for the funny story:
I woke up around 330am to go to the bathroom and then I could not shut my brain off to go back to sleep. I had about 8 lists going through my mind. Then I realize I can hear a faint snoring noise coming from the other apt. (we share a bedroom wall w/ the next apt. over) It was just enough to distract me from sleep a little bit longer...However after about 30 minutes (close to 5am at this point) I figured out that I could follow this persons' snoring/breathing pattern and get myself back to sleep...it worked :)

When I have more time, I will chronicle our first adventure to UNC...oh my. What a place!!!


Not much to report

I think all I've done all week...is pack! It's simply amazing all the junk Zach and I have. And I mean it when I say "junk." I knew that we were pack rats, but wow...

When we moved here 2.5 years ago, in prepping for the move, we had a yard sale (and did quite well, I might add!) and took TRUCKloads to Goodwill and yet still moved here, filled up the apartment and a storage unit. Having a baby (and preparing for another) has only brought in more items into our house.

For me, it's SO nice to throw out things - it's a feeling of accomplishment. However, it's hard choosing what to throw out...ah, the trials of being a pack rat!

Keaton's pneumonia is doing better. He's still coughing, but it's a "moving" cough (a gross, but good thing!) and we're both sneezing from all the dust that's getting moved around while packing!

Bebe will be in town very soon (about 3 hours!) and helping us (me!) this weekend!

Zach & I sign the paperwork for the apartment this afternoon. Tomorrow, I go over and do the walk through with the manager there and then, get the keys and then we can start moving in!!! I want to go ahead and get kitchen stuff over there, food & drinks in the fridge for the move on Saturday.

Well, back to packing, the break is over!

And if you're in the Raleigh area reading this...feel free to come help us this weekend!!! ;-)


We are MOVING & a Keaton update

It's official! I wanted to wait until we got the final, official word. But we are moving!

It's not to a house, but we found an apartment near here at a fabulous deal. It's 3 beds/2 baths and a little over 1200sq.ft. Not a lot, but huge coming from our 850sq.ft. 1.5bed/1 bath apt we're in now! :)

It's ground level (what we wanted so I don't have to drag 2 under 2 up the stairs!) And it's actually the "handicap" apartment (which just means bigger bathroom, haha!) :)

We will be getting the key Friday and the official move is on Saturday! It will be SO nice to leave this apartment behind...2.5 years in the making!

Keaton and Benjamin will each have their own room (until Benjamin gets a little bit older, then they'll share) :)

So this will be a busy, busy week as I attempt to pack up the rest of the apartment while chasing Keaton.

Speaking of, Keaton is doing a little better. He's still VERY congested. We're skipping church today (the entire church doesn't need pneumonia!) and hopefully keeping him on a "regular" schedule (which will help greatly this week, Sunday's always screw him up for a day or two!)

Zach's parents are in town and Keaton has had SO much fun playing with them!

I'll post pictures of them later, and hopefully mine and Susan's weekend project! :-D


My poor baby :(

Over the weekend, Keaton developed this AWFUL congested cough. Zach and I agreed it was allergies (since I'm suffering terribly) and it would pass. Then the ear pulling started...I wanted to try to wait a bit and see, but at the same time, I remember how much harder it was to get rid of the last ear infection because I waited so long.

Yesterday afternoon, he started to get very warm...very quiet...and VERY calm. He sat in Zach's arms after dinner for a good 20 minutes and in mine for about 15...Any stillness from this child over 2.5 minutes is cause for concern! At bedtime, I took his temp and it was 102.7. I just KNEW it was an ear infection and I had waited too long (this was after he didn't nap at all yesterday - just dozing off and on for about an hour or so with intermittent screams!)

So I called first thing this morning and got him an appt. I told the pedi. I thought it was an ear infection and/or allergies...she checked his ears and said they looked perfect. She listened to his back and chest and asked if he wheezed often. No, never...

She got very serious and said, "OK, well, we're going to do a breathing treatment and see if that can loosen anything up since it's the beginning stages of pneumonia...." Pneu...what?! Ugh, talk about feeling like the worst mom! My poor baby has pneumonia and I'm sitting here waiting out an ear infection!

So then the awfulness began. They brought in this loud machine with a long tube and a fish-mask attached that sprayed out a fine mist of medication. Keaton HATED it...and that's putting it nicely. I had to practically pin him to the floor because he wouldn't stay in my lap and hold the mask to his face...now, if that isn't a vivid enough image...laugh some more as you picture me with my big ol' baby belly trying to wrestle with my 14 month old son while he's hitting the nurse who's trying to help me.

Needless to say, hardly any of the medication went in his system. The fabulous NP said, "Let's try again..." ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! She demanded I hold him this time. So, here I am, trying to calm Keaton while holding him (which he hates anyways) I've got one of my arms pinning down his arms, and w/ the other, I'm cradling his head and holding the mask near his face (trying not to breathe it in myself because I wasn't sure of the affects on pregnant women!)

So this treatment "takes" and he does a bit better...still screaming bloody murder the entire time. The NP wants to send me home with the breathing treatment to do 3 times a day. I told her she had to be kidding...there was NO way I was going through that 3 times a day and there had to be a better way. She mentioned a liquid form, but it tasted nasty and most children don't like it. I said, "We'll take it!" Seriously. Did she not see what just happened?!?!

So, we got that and an antibiotic to kill off bacteria and what not.

Zach called his mom on the way home and when he got home, told me that she had warned him (did you follow that?!) that this particular medication can make people hyper - it did with her and with Zach. I laughed. Keaton had been asleep for almost 3 hours!!!! So much for the hyperness (THANK GOODNESS!!) And for the most part, he didn't have any trouble going to sleep tonight. (I also have the child who gets hyper with Benedryl - meanwhile, I fall asleep after about 10 minutes!)

You can tell he's feeling better already, but still slightly lethargic, still very congested, but it's "moving" (which is a good thing) and not just sitting and rattling in his lungs (that would be bad!)
The NP told me signs to watch for and when to bring him in immediately. Hopefully, we can avoid going back until his 15 month check up next month!


Just for your viewing pleasure


Me and my baby :) (Ignore Moose A. Moose in the background!)

Literally, ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing)

So....he rides it backwards. His mom is from the sticks, what can you expect?!

This face cracks me up...
throwing up gang signs (thanks uncle Chris!) ;-)

My sweet pea :)

Ever have a day where you feel like this?

Seriously, dad...

I did it!

Zach and I (mostly I, haha) have been going back and forth for months on this decision and finally I made up my mind! I switched OB practices. I did not feel that I was receiving the support that I needed regarding my decision to avoid another c-section and have a VBAC. After many lengthy discussions (with many people, mainly myself, haha!) I finally made the call and switching to UNC-Midwives. (And, no, this is not just so I can have a true, Tarheel baby, though I LOVE the thought, haha!) :) I know this was the best decision I could have made. My first appointment there is this Friday at 230pm. I'm nervous as I have to make the drive to Chapel Hill by myself and I've only driven there once in the 2.5 years we've lived here! So we shall see how it goes.

Today...I get to go to the chiro, yay! I'm not hurting too bad (which is awesome, considering it's been 5 days since my last adjustment!) But I know how good I'll feel afterwards and that makes it all better (I don't know if it'll justify going out in the 105+ temps, but we'll see) ;-)

And we had a big boo-boo this morning. Keaton tripped on his bongos and hit his mouth on the coffee table. Lots of blood. Lots of tears (more from me than him!) but he's perfectly fine...He took it like a champ! ;-) I just have to remember to change his shirt before going to the chiro - it has blood all over it! haha!


"No Title"

...I'm too hot to even think up a title! ;-)

It's hit atleast 100 degrees the past two days and we're expecting atleast one more day of it before it "cools down" to 98, haha!

Bebe didn't get to come b/c her A/C died and she was afraid if she didn't stay at home, she'd return to two fried kitties ;-) So she's hoping to come down soon!

Keaton's been doing AMAZING on his sleeping lately. I don't know WHAT has gotten into my child, but I LOVE it! He's been a 630/7pm - 6/630am sleeper for the longest time. Saturday morning...I woke up at 715am...no crying...I fell back asleep (He occasionally sleeps past 7, but very rare) 750, I woke up again and heard him coughing (he's dealing with some bad allergies or something). I fell back asleep...830, I woke up and was STARVING and really had to go to the bathroom. Our wonderfully, creaky floor woke him up at 840!!! I think he might have slept a bit longer. It was a wonderful Saturday morning! This morning, he woke up at 750 (due to me and the bathroom floor again...oh I can't wait to move!) Church screwed up his nap schedule, but he still took 2, roughly 1 hour naps.

We're still searching for a place to live. We're hopefully going to be looking at some apartments near here. We'd really like a place for Keaton to be able to get out and run, however, we just need to get out of this current living arrangement...ASAP. We'll hopefully be touring said places tomorrow when Zach gets off work.

Tonight's plans: All New Episodes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent!!! FINALLY!!!! :)


And #10

Hopefully this will round out the week. Molar #4, tooth #10 showed this afternoon after Keaton's amazing feat - a 2 HOUR NAP! I don't think he's ever ONCE taken a 2 hour nap. About once a week, I'll get 90 minutes out of him. But he is more predictable than a broken clock is twice a day (is that the old cliche?) and will wake from his naps at exactly one hour (stinker)

Other than that, it was just more frustration added to our search for a place to move to.

Bebe comes for a quick visit this weekend (Sat & Sun) and we can't wait to see her!


#8, #9, no house & 3 years

That's right! Two more teeth! His poor gums look SO awful...he has one of his top, right molars coming in and then one of his top, left molars coming (In addition to the bottom, right I found yesterday). Bottom left is swollen as well, so I'm sure #10 will be showing up in no time. I knew that once they started coming they wouldn't stop. Whew, I feel SO bad for him! And some how through it all he's managing to still sleep through the night (for the most part, an occasional scream here and there, haha!) Naps...that's another story. One we won't share ;-)

No house. So Nicolle calls right about the time she would have been calling to say she was getting close to our apt. for us to ride together and the tone of her voice, I just broke down into tears. She had been talking with an agent in her office that specializes in this particular area and she could not believe that Nicolle was showing a house to someone on that street. It apparently is "beyond ghetto" according to this agent. And if she had kids there's "no way" she would even think about living in that area.

So, Zach and I went driving into Louisburg and Zebulon tonight...deciding that we just want to buy a bunch of land and build our own house ;-) But since we can't do that right now (we WILL ... one day!) the search continues. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as it's getting frustrating and living surrounded by packed boxes is not much fun! (But I have to pack now, while I still have the energy!)

So, who knows what tomorrow holds! More teeth...a house?!? A ministry position for Zach with a house included!!! haha! ;-) We shall see :)

In other (more exciting!) news, today is mine & Zach's 3 year anniversary! What a busy, but blessed 3 years we've had! Every day is an adventure and I look forward to every day to see what is in store for us! A little trip down memory lane...

Me coming down the aisle! (I LOVE those flowers!!!!)

Me & my hubby

Us & our best people - Angela & Brian

Us & all our people! - Angela, Emily, Meagan, Brian, Mark, Ted, Van, Michael & Abby

Morning #2 & #7


Well, Keaton went to bed with his big bum and cloth last night...he woke up dry!!!! This is our answer! :) It's SO nice not to have to figure out how to get that crib mattress up every morning and get it back in place (it was a LOT easier without a big ol belly!)

#7? You ask...tooth #7...but it's not one of his front bottom ones like we expected! Keaton was acting like he was chewing on something yesterday and I did a finger sweep and something sharp caught my finger...he's getting a flipping molar! NO WONDER he has been a bear the past couple of days. We were watching the front bottoms because they've been swollen and white since before his top teeth. Now he's ready for steak!!! ;-)

Pray for us today. We are going to look at a home in Wendell, NC (about 30 minutes from where we live now). It's a foreclosure, so there is no telling what condition it is in. But from the "front of house" picture on the website, it is SUPER cute!

We're continuing to pack boxes, as a friend said - "Optimistic packing" :)

And finally, we have started a cloth diaper registry for Benjamin. You can find it here: http://www.felicite.com/T/?JonesFamily


Keaton woke up...



Well, I should say, his crib & clothes were dry! His diaper was completely soaked! Looks like big butts every night! :)

Just a couple more shots of the big butt :)

"I'm DRY!!!"

Feels so good not to be soaked!

OK - I'm done! Get me OUT of this huge diaper!


The newest adventure

For about 6 weeks or so, Keaton has been leaking out his diaper at night (this was NEVER a problem until recently - there'd be the occasional accident, but not a nightly thing) So, we decided to give cloth a try at night. I was/am very nervous about this adventure. Keaton is a super soaker to say the least! He can fill up a diaper like no other!

My friend, Hollie, suggested using pre-folds with a cover and even gave me two pre-folds to get started. She gave me some suggestions and warned that he would have a huge bum at bedtime (this DEFINITELY called for pictures!) So, we took one of his BumGenius diapers and stuffed it with a pre-fold (this will NOT be our final option, we just needed something immediate. If it works, we'll be getting some Bummis Super Whisper Wraps...say that 5 times fast!) and then with a tri-fold hemp insert from our Pocket Change diapers. So 6 layers...and we actually folded the pre-fold a bit in the front (to make it fit inside the BumGenius diaper) so ...in the front he's got...9 layers to get through!!!

Normally, bed time is a calming time, NOT picture time! ;-) However, big bum calls for pictures, haha!

What are they doing to me now?


HAHA! We did NOT tell him to do this! He posed all on his own!

My guys :)

I like big butts... ;-)


Pictures as Promised

Well, not as many got taken as I would have liked...

(these are from yesterday and today)

The camera has red-eye correction and basically, has an orange light that comes on before taking the picture - I lost count how many times Keaton has made this face upon seeing the orange light. It's just too funny!

My boys! :)

One of Keaton's new favorite things to do is put his sippy inside a real cup and THEN drink out of it.

Nicolle and Keaton (aka: Squirmy Worm) at the baptisms this afternoon

Keaton & Josiah Grubb - Keaton really enjoyed hanging all over their stroller...funny, he won't sit for 5 minutes in his own! ;-)

My busy, busy boy - even the "Kids & Pets" setting can't keep up with him!

Playing with a lobster :)

A new addition to our family...

"Wait! What?!" I know what you're asking ;-)

I mentioned a few posts back that our beloved camera that has been with us since before marriage was passing on to a better place. Well, for Zach's birthday (6.13)/anniversary (6.4)/Father's Day (6.15) gift I wanted to surprise him with a new camera. I got some help from his parents and my mom in this and ended up purchasing the Canon PowerShot A590 IS. It ended up being tad more than I intended to spend, but it's definitely been worth the money! That's right - I already gave him the gift! We could NOT go any longer without a camera!!! A lot of days, I use that to show Zach what all he missed while at work (which is usually just Keaton being VERY messy!) :)

However, we have baptisms out at the lake today with our church and I know I'm looking forward to taking pictures of Keaton running around outdoors with this new toy!

Here are a couple of shots with our awesome new camera.

((Might I add, I got distracted by the DSLR's and I CANNOT wait until Christmas when we combine our "efforts" and get a DSLR!!!)) :)

**And be on the look out for more pictures this evening of the lake!**

Yummy spaghetti for dinner (I think he ate some!)

Look at those baby blues!!!!

Looking like a big boy!

Cheesy Grin! :)