The date is set...the countdown begins!!!!

Friday, March 14th at 9am!!!!

We find out pink or blue....Except, no pink...unless it's with brown, haha!!! We're hoping to give Keaton a little brother, but as long as baby is healthy, that is all that matters!

I was so excited to talk to this "sarah" lady from my OB's office...I said, "I've been waiting for your call!!!" She said, "Since 1:30 yesterday afternoon??" I said..."Do you realize how long ago that was?!"

So we shall see!!!


OB Appointment!

Well, I had my 15 week OB appointment today and it went great!

Keaton got fussy in the waiting room because there weren't enough people (ie: women) for him to talk to (ie: flirt with!) I got to see my favorite nurse and she was so glad to see us back and so excited to see Keaton (she last saw him at 6 weeks old!)

We had to wait a bit to see the OB, she isn't my favorite for a number of reasons, so I was just glad to get this visit over with. When she was using the Doppler to listen to the heartbeat, Keaton thought it was the best thing ever! He just sat there staring with his jaw dropped and then started laughing!

She wanted me to come back in 5 weeks (I'll be 20 weeks) for a regular appointment and she's going to have someone call me to set up my "big" ultrasound to check and make sure all is well and, of course, find out what we're having. The appointment will be sometime in the next 2-3 weeks!!!! I can't believe it!!!!

On the Keaton side:
*He is walking up a storm! He tries to run, but still ends up in a tangled mess, which is all too funny!
*He has started responding to signs (he doesn't sign any) but when I sign & say eat, he gets VERY excited :) And when I sign/say "finished?" at the end of the meal and sign for him to give me his cup, if he's done (I'm assuming, haha) he will hand it to me w/o a fuss. If he isn't (again, assuming here!) he will keep drinking out of his cup.
*He has started staking blocks (only to knock them down seconds later! haha)
*He's doing great doing strictly formula and no more mama's milk...I'm still sad over it...
*Cloth is going great as well! i think we've decided which to purchase and hopefully we'll be doing that soon because I don't want to have to do laundry every day - I don't feel like I'm being very "Green" or saving us any money that way!
*He's eating basically everything we eat now...he's still getting baby food, but, he gets tastes of what we're eating...his new favorite is spaghetti! :)

I don't know what else is new... but it's dinner time here!


One door closes, we open another...

Well, about 6 weeks or so before we found out that we were pregnant again, I told Zach that if we ever happened to have two in diapers at one time, I would throw in the towel and give cloth diapering a shot. I also told this to a friend of mine from school who does cloth and she was so very excited. Well...we found out, she found out and immediately there was a package on our doorstep. She had mailed me a couple of diapers and about 3 weeks later, there was another box FILLED with diapers - all different types so we could find out what we liked. I kept putting it off knowing those poopy diapers and my morning sickness would NOT be a good combination.

Well, I took the plunge today and it went great (minus the HUGE explosion in diaper #1, thanks Keaton! WHAT an introduction to the world of cloth!) Keaton actually didn't even mind diaper changes today (I'm willing to put money on the fact that he was just wondering what in the world was going on down there! haha)

In lieu of this weekend's end to nursing, I called my wonderful lactation consultant to tell her the news. I was crying the whole time I was leaving the message! She called back this evening and she said she wanted to keep our appointment for this Thursday's weight check for Keaton, mainly because he did lose weight after being so sick. She also wanted to make sure that *I* was doing OK with the end to nursing.

I'm not looking foward to that weight check but, I need to know how much he gained since our WIC appt. last week so I can see where we stand and what we need to change.


A very hard decision...

I know...you're thinking, "Sheesh...two posts in one day, get a life!!"

But, this is about Keaton and so it belongs here. We made a super, hard decision today to stop nursing Keaton. Up until about a week ago, it had been a truly enjoyable experience. But as of late, he'd just rather chomp and bite than actually nurse. This has become NOT so enjoyable. As it is, I was only nursing him a couple of times a day anyways and supplementing other feedings with formula. But, that ended tonight.

It was so hard, but, I have to remind myself, that in 6 months, I get to do this all over again! Doesn't help ease the sadness of this "phase" being over. ((we'll see if I cave tomorrow, haha!))

I wish I could explain to him why we're stopping. But, all efforts at stopping the biting have failed. He only thinks flicks on the nose are funny and ending the nursing session isn't, but as soon as it's time to eat again, bite, bite bite....

I really wanted to make it to a year (He'll be 11 months in less than 2 weeks), but, my body is doing a LOT right now (ie: creating a LIFE! haha) and I think any "break" that I can give myself is for the best. I know that I did what was best for this lil man for as long as I could.

Girly for an afternoon!

NO - NOT Keaton!!! haha :)

Saturday afternoon, we had an "afternoon tea" for a sweet friend of ours (ours being some girls from church) who is moving soon. We went to the Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club in Durham. I was a little skeptical of this "afternoon tea"...but when I was able to make my switch to lemonade and I saw all the yummy treats for us, I knew fun was in store ;-)

About 8 of us gathered around 2pm (in the midst of a Duke home basketball game, a home lacrosse game AND a golf tournament...ie: NO parking!) and the fun began. Whitney "had" to wear a tiara because she was the Queen for the day :) Everyone thought it was her birthday and she got very tired of explaining :)

But, basically, they bring out the tea (lemonade!) of your choice and then bring out a 3-tiered stand (it had a fancy "e" name...but, I'm not classy enough to remember it!) and it was covered from top to bottom with little sandwiches and chocolates. It was SO yummy. I remember looking at it thinking, "I'm SO stopping at Burger King on the way home! I'll be starving!!!" By tray #2, I was so thankful for stretchy maternity pants!!! I was stuffed, but wasn't ABOUT to stop eating!

After the last plate FILLED with desserts, they brought out fresh scones! With 3 different spreads, of which I learned that "Devonshire cream" is apparently very fancy butter (I probably made someone roll over in their grave when I mixed it with the strawberry jelly, but, it was still yummy!)

In all, it was a very fun afternoon! And very nice to be baby-free for about 5 hours (especially after the sick week we had!!!)



Keaton seems to be 100% better (maybe 98%, haha)

I won't say what happened to "make" him all better...but, he definitely felt SO much better about 6pm last night...and again about 9am this morning....haha...

He has been a completely different baby since then...

Back to his old self - running laps around the living room, laughing when I just look at him, trying to tickle me, kissing my belly, and not sitting still for anything!!! My baby is all better!!!!


The Light at the End of the Tunnel...

Well, the morning did not start out too great. Keaton still had his fever and was absolutely miserable (after waking up every 60-90 minutes last night...mama wasn't too thrilled either!) He wasn't quite sure what he wanted (and neither was I)...he didn't want to be held and squirmed his way to the floor, once he got there, he just lifted his arms up to me, with tears rolling down his face screaming "mAAAAAmAAAAAA" ...and the cycle would go 'round and 'round all morning long.

We had plans to meet Zach for lunch at Wendy's (yummy meal after soup all weekend!) and I was going whether Keaton was happy about it or not! (In our childbirth class, Monica (woot! If you're reading!!) ;-) told us, well the dad's, haha, if baby was screaming non-stop, go to Wal-Mart (or other public place) and away from mom and let baby scream there. Who cares what the people at Wal-Mart (or other public place) think!!! That was my philosophy today...When in actuality, had he been screaming, I would have felt too bad for the people around us and left! haha)

He fell asleep on the way there (of course) and was NOT happy to have to wake up and go in some ghetto restaurant! But I picked a "window table" and he was completely enthralled with the cars on Capital Blvd. that we (Zach and I) actually were able to have a conversation (gasp!) Until Keaton got his leg stuck in the high chair and it was all over :)

We stopped at Michael's on the way home and I found the cake pan (an adorable 6" pan!!!) for his "smash" cake for his party...and FINALLY some stamps! ((OK, I had to buy 2 sets to get the one I wanted...but there will be more birthdays and I will eventually use numbers 2-0!!)

We also tried something new today, that I HIGHLY suggest everyone try atleast once (if only to feel slightly pampered!)!!! Lowe's Food has a service called, "Lowe's Food To Go." Basically, you "shop" online, pay them $5.95 and pick a time. At that time, you pull up to a little call box, push "call" tell them your name and they bring your groceries out (AND you're not allowed to tip! haha!) We did this this week b/c 1- we normally do our shopping on Sunday and that DID not happen this weekend and 2- I knew Keaton wouldn't last 2 minutes in that cart (see my excuse above at the "other public place" haha). It was SO worth the service!!!! And even though the wind was blowing something fierce today, the lady still came out with a smile (that I thought would blow away) and was SUPER nice about the whole ordeal (better service than I get inside!!!!) I hope to make use of this service again (and again...and again!!!) ;-)

When we got home, Keaton did something he hadn't done since Friday morning - sat on the floor...by himself...without crying...and played!!!! Granted, it only lasted about 10 minutes, but, it was SO nice to have my arms free.

About 3pm, he got clingy and fussy again. I picked him up, thinking it would pass in a minute or two...2 hours later he woke up! I tried moving once and he flipped out, so we snuggled on the couch, for what I suspect will be one of the last times for this "bug" (I know there will be MANY more, haha) while he slept and slept :) (and snored, hehe)

Hopefully tomorrow will be filled with lots more playing and a lot less fussing!!!


And it continues....

So, we wake up for the day...I go in to get Keaton, he is burning up!! I grab him and undo his PJs to take his temperature. When I undo his PJs, I notice his entire chest and belly are covered in a rash!

So after discovering his temperature was 102.8, I called the pedi (AGAIN) and asked when I could come in. The earliest was 10am. By the time I made the appointment, Keaton was back asleep ((I was going to take a picture of the rash in case it was gone by the time we got to the dr.))

By 10, of course, it was gone and his temp was down to 100.1. The NP we saw said it was *most likely* the way his little body was "finishing up" the flu bug that we all had. She said there were a couple of blood tests they could do to make sure. I demanded we hold off on those!

So, we're going to wait it out over the next 48 hours. Monitor his temp at every diaper change (he already loves having his diaper changed as it is **Sarcasm!** so this will make it even MORE fun!) and alternate between Tylenol and Motrin and just pack him full of fluids.

She gave me the signs to watch out for/when to call/when to come back...and now we just wait...


Doing a bit better...

Well...it seems we're all on the rebound from this bug! We're not 100%, but even 10% would be better than Thursday night!!

I managed to keep down lots of water, 7up, Gatorade, 2 banana Popsicles, a sleeve (with the help of Zach and Keaton!) of Saltines and 2 bowls of chicken noodle soup! Yay!!!

Keaton is loving his pedialyte. He even joined us in crackers and soup for dinner!

Zach managed to keep down some crackers, the soup and a Popsicle as well!

Keaton's schedule got a little messed up tonight. We had planned a bath for 630pm and he got really snuggly around 6. We sat down on the couch, next thing I know, it's 640 and Zach is staring at us - we were both knocked out! Keaton was NOT thrilled about his rude awakening to a bath and didn't want to go to sleep after that.

We eventually brought him downstairs and the goal was for him to play, but he was just too tired to do that. So I got his 2nd wind going by making funny faces and tickling him and then he finally drifted off to sleep.

He slept GREAT last night (probably because he wasn't sleeping in our bed waking me up every few minutes!) and so hopefully after our rough start to the night, he'll do the same tonight.

I got all our gross laundry done today...hopefully between tomorrow and Monday, I can get Keaton's toys cleaned up and the rest of the house germ-free and we will be DONE with this bug/flu/nastiness!!!

Bad mommy letting Keaton eat off the floor (it's OK, I JUST cleaned it with my new toy - see below!)

Keaton's "mmmmm" face :) yummy noodles and crackers!

New toy!!!! Keaton has suddenly started to HATE our big vacuum and I just couldn't lug it around and use it everyday. We got this at Target and I adore it! Even better, Keaton loves it too!

This was the attempt at going back to sleep...yeh, he looks wide awake doesn't he ;-) Ok...really it breaks my heart to see him so pitiful!


And it hits...((A lot of disgusting, flu related information!))

Well...Zach's been saying all week that guys have been missing work because of the stomach flu that is going around.

Thursday night at small group, I started to not feel so great, but it really felt pregnancy-related so I just ignored it.

We get home and I can't move without the thought of getting sick...

We get Keaton ready for bed and settled and then it begins. I'll spare ALL the details, but next thing we know, it's midnight, and Zach and I have been taking turns in the bathroom all night. It was honestly, simply amazing how quickly it came on!

At midnight, Keaton woke up while I was in the bathroom and Zach went in to find that he had gotten sick all over his crib.

I took him down stairs and called the on call dr. and he gave me a TON of information (too much information for my exhausted brain to handle at 1:30am!)

I eventually had to go "back upstairs" and Zach took Keaton and then it was his turn. I was so exhausted that I couldn't sit up anymore. I laid Keaton in bed with us, risking the chance of him getting sick all over our bed and we all dozed off and on until about 7am.

Keaton was ready for the day at that point.

He has not been running a fever and he hasn't thrown up since early this morning....but we've had some very...interesting...diapers all afternoon.

I called my OB and my lactation consultant for advice and when I thought I was done with the nurse line for the day, Keaton develops a rash on his arms.

I called his pedi's office and asked about it, not sure if it was related or not. And the nurse said it wasn't but gave me tips for that.

Keaton was ready for bed at his normal time...and It's 733pm now and I'm about to head to bed myself.

Pray this bug leaves our house quickly!! It's so awful. I especially feel bad for Keaton because he can't tell me what hurts and what he wants...on the up side - my baby who never sits still for more than 3 seconds while the sun is up, has snuggled with me almost all day :)


Keaton Sized Blue Blanket

Shortly after Zach's parents' gift arrived, a box from my mom came! She included a blue blanket for Keaton, knowing how much he enjoyed mine!

I washed it this morning and he has been having a blast with it all afternoon!


Keaton's First Valentine's Package

Zach's parent's sent us a V-day package today. It was filled with candy (woohoo!!) cards for us and a bubble pen (pictures of Keaton absolutely LOVING bubbles to come...I can't blow bubbles and take pictures at the same time...I'm not that talented!!!) ;-)

Here's Keaton enjoying his 'awesome' Valentine's Day card!

Is this for ME?!

For me!


Keaton reading his card

I'm going to keep this over here....


The Continuing Saga of Zoe (The Car)

So, after Zach figured out the light bulb issue Saturday afternoon we thought for sure that the car issues were done.

Sunday morning, we got Keaton in the car ready to go, I go to start the car. Nothing. No lights on the dash. No clicking sound. Nothing. I look at Zach and he's baffled! Then I realized, after putting my keys in the ignition, I couldn't get them out (I knew I wasn't THAT stupid that I couldn't figure it out. Zach couldn't either!)

He said to pop the trunk and he'd get the jumper cables and try jumping it. I couldn't pop the trunk!! I popped the hood, but the trunk wouldn't open!

Right then, a neighbor walked out and let us borrow his cables and my car immediately started...

Then I saw what happened. (Zach! haha!) When I looked down, I saw the lights on. When Zach was checking the brake light, he had turned the lights on to make sure they worked too, and they didn't get turned off...

Luckily, that too, was a cheap and easy fix. :)


The Journey of the Burnt Out Brake Light...

About 3 months ago, we realized that my brake light was out. We just never got around to fixing that simple thing (even though Zach could acquire this part at any time through his job!!!) ;-)

Tuesday while driving back from our failed park visit, a trusty Wake Forest cop was behind me. Not being able to do more than 10mph in this beautiful town, when the lights came on, I knew exactly what it was for (NOT speeding!)

I pulled over at the Seminary where EVERYone could see (haha) and he comes up and asked if I knew why he pulled me over...he assumed (we know that that does!) ;-) that I didn't and proceeded to inform me that my brake light was out. "Really?! Oh, we'll have to take care of that RIGHT away! Thank you for letting me know!" He let me go with a warning and "3 days" to take care of this issue. Then he noticed Keaton in the back seat and proceeded to make funny faces at him. He asked if he'd like the lights, I said probably so and he said, "Let's get him out and see...." For real...haha...Keaton was not totally impressed...he was more confused with who this strange man was...and I just wanted to get away from the Seminary where everyone could see me!

SO, I inform Zach of the 3 days...He brings home the bulb after his Tuesday night class. He said he'd take care of it Wednesday after work.

That time came and went. I really wanted it done Wednesday night, so that if something else were really wrong with it, I could have Thursday to get it fixed. So much for that idea!

So, Thursday night, after small group, Zach goes to replace the bulb. It's STILL not working right. He comes to the conclusion that I need the entire "light fixture" and that it is the wiring that is faulty.

I'm not looking forward to a Friday spent in the Saturn dealership with a sick baby.

Friday morning, Zach checks at CarQuest to see if they have the part. Of course not. So I call the Saturn dealership. They don't have it. Saturn of Cary and Saturn of Durham do not have it. Not a single Saturn dealership in the entire state of North Carolina has this part!

I explain the urgency to the kind parts salesman. He tells me I can order it and it'll be in Monday or Tuesday....But the 3 days!!!! Friday is my last day!!!!

So I call Zach and leave him a voice mail telling him that it's $130 for the fixture and when it'll be in.

Then...I call the police station to see what to do...Are they taking me to jail? Fining me? Impounding my car?! What will happen if I'm not there by closing with a fixed brake light?!

The person who answered my call took my name and number and said that the officer who pulled me over will return my call.

About 5 minutes later, I see "restricted" on my cell phone...I answered the phone and there was friendly Officer Burchette...How weird to be talking to a cop on the phone! Suddenly in the middle of our conversation he asks me to hold on. I hear some muffled voices over his radio ...then...sirens!!! When he came back to me, I told him that he could just call me back at a more convenient time. He just shrugged it off and said it was fine! He went on to inform me that there was no way they could enforce the "3 day" rule. That was simply there to get people to get things done. If they hadn't heard from me in a month, they'd send me a letter, but that was about all they could do.


So, I call Zach to let him know the good (and hysterical news). At lunch he gave me the go-ahead to order the part.

I call the Saturn dealership back and order the part (sounding like a complete moron the entire time!) and scratch that adventure off my list for the day.

On to this afternoon. Zach wanted to take one more look at the light/fixture to make sure the other wires (or something) had not corroded. Upon his examination of the light fixture...he realized something.......

The bulb was not pushed in all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We start my car and immediately the lights turn on like they're supposed to!!!!

I made him call the Saturn dealership and tell them we didn't need the part....and why!!! hahahah

All the drama and stress this stupid, little light has caused...

In Zach's defense, he WAS replacing the bulb at 9pm w/ a really crappy flashlight...but...still... ;-)

Zach...Zach... Zach...


1 month closer...

Well, Keaton is 10 months today...No pictures becuase he is sick and very uncooperative ;-)

It was just a bittersweet day...his "monthdays" don't usually affect me...but knowing in two months he'll be a year! Wow!!! The time has just FLOWN by...I really feel that we JUST brought him home from the hospital and we're standing over him in the crib saying, "Ok...now what?!"
((We'll blame the emotions on the pregnancy hormones!))

That and the child NEEDS a haircut...and I'm just NOT ready for that yet!!!

We're working on his 1st birthday party details...it's a semi secret for now ;-) Those helping in various ways know details, but I'm super excited and can't WAIT for that cake to be smashed!!!


Park = failed attempt at cute pictures

I was SO excited for our super warm weather today. Keaton and I finally got dressed and out the door and headed towards the park. We got there and there wasn't an empty parking spot (from now on, we swing when it's 30 out! haha) There was a line for the baby swings...so we drove to another park, but there weren't any swings there...

So we came back home.

I thought about just sitting outside with him (Keaton...sit...yeh right!) but I was sneezing my head off and he was getting fussy...

So here's some pictures from lunch, haha!

He LOVES his mesh feeder...and it gives me an opportunity to get things in the kitchen done. Today he had apples sprinkled with cinnamon in his feeder (what is he a bird!?) He loved it...just like I knew he would ;-)

Keaton has rediscovered his tongue. All too often, he looks like a horse :)


A Walking Fool!

Here's Keaton walking al over the place. It's all he has wanted to do today. It's been crazy watching him walk everywhere!

This one is from Saturday when he wanted to play with my snuggly blanket. Turn up the volume and listen for a "mama" attempt ;-) ((And me bossing Zach around...trying to record when there's only 30 seconds left in the game...come on!))

Super Bowl weekend...

We had loads of fun this weekend...
Keaton just LOVES this blue blanket. It's super snuggly...too bad it's mama's, haha!!! :)

This is the best shot we could get of his hair...somehow, after his Saturday night bath, he ended up looking like a peacock :)

((And he's mad because I wouldn't let him have the camera...geesh, I'm so mean!))

Whitney came over for the Super Bowl Sunday evening. The commercials were pretty boring this year, so she got crafty (as always!!!)

Here's our boy & girl water bottles, haha!!!