Baby Steps

Keaton is walking up a storm. The other night, he walked from the coffee table to the couch where I was laying (which is about 6 "big people" steps! haha) As soon as he plops down, he hops right back up! It's amazing to think it was only about two weeks ago that he took those first steps! He is definitely ready to be on the go. He tried to "run" the other day, but ended up in a tangled mess that Zach and I could only laugh about :)

Here are some pictures from today's walking adventures.


OB Appointment #2

Went great!

We were only there for forever though! I met with the OB Coordinator and then had my bloodwork done...then we met with the OB Nurse and went over Family History (which didn't take long since we JUST went over this...how many months ago!)

Then We had an office visit with Dr. Segal, who delivered Keaton. He is just beyond excited that we're pregnant again! Besides the fact that he's an awesome dr., he became my favorite after requesting an ultrasound at every appointment with him while I was pregnant with Keaton. So I figured today would hold the same :)

We went in the exam room and waited...and waited and then then nurse came in and said, "Dr. Segal said he wants to see you int he 'new ultrasound room'. Follow me...."

So we did. Our office has a new 3D/4D ultrasound machine and of course Dr. Segal wanted to play :)

It was so awesome. Baby was sucking it's thumb and WAY more active than Keaton was at this point (grrreat!) He put it in 3D, but at 12 weeks, that's just scary!

We also got to listen to the heart just swooshing away and even got a print out of the "heart beat!"

We got about 5 pictures and that was that!

Zach pretty much missed half a day at work, since I haven't heard from him...I'm assuming he still has a job! haha :)

BeBe (my mom) came down and watched Keaton for me. I'm so glad because he never would have lasted that long appointment! (I barely made it through!)

She had to run back to Roanoke after a quick 27 hour stay, but her help was GREATLY appreciated!

We go back Feb. 27 (or 24th....or something...) We go back in a month :)

**ZACH - scan the pictures!!! haha**


Mom vs. Baby...Mom-1, Baby-0

Saturday night after dinner, I put Keaton on the floor so I could clean up and as I went to take a step, Keaton crawled under me...and here was the end end result. Keaton cried for all of 5 seconds. I cried for all of 5 minutes, haha!

Here's one of our Old Navy bargains...Boom Boom Brigade!
One of new favorite pictures :) pre-fight w/ mommy :)


Messy Lunch

This is from a few weeks back, but I found it the other day and had to share. On Wednesdays and Saturdays I let Keaton get a little extra messy at meals because it's bath day :)

This day was a lost cause whether it was bath day or not! (luckily it was! haha)
He had a couple bites of yogurt left and was no longer interested in eating. In an attempt to get the yogurt in his mouth, a couple drops fell on his high chair tray...this was the (messy) end result.


Got it...

mom....mama...ma...ma...mom....ma ma....ma....ma...mom

Is what I've heard all day! haha!! I love it...and in case I forgot...I'm mom, haha :)

Whenever I whip out the camera to record it, he goes all shy and quiet...

We're trying to eat lunch and he won't stop jabbering , "mom...mama...mama...ma...ma...ma...ma..." to eat his oh-so-yummy chicken & noodles!!!

What a great day ;-)


Oh, oh, It's Magic!

Ok, The Magic Bullet. My new favorite kitchen appliance (don't tell my mixer that though!)

My mom got us (me) this for Christmas for Keaton's baby food. With my weak tummy over the past few weeks it has stayed in the box. The idea of pureed foods stinking up my house was not appealing!

But today, I finally got back to making some food for Keaton!

I have been so antsy to try yolk-only scrambled eggs for him. So, into the bullet went egg yolks, milk and 1/2 slice of American cheese. Screw on the cross blade and off it goes!! (And Keaton started to scream!)

I threw it in a frying pan and 5 minutes later, Keaton was devouring some yolk-only scrambled eggs :) He absolutely loved them!!!

Later on, I did his usual carrots. His nap wasn't long enough for me to add rice to it, so tomorrow, with the left over carrots, I'll be making carrots & rice before these carrots go bad :)

My house did stink to high heaven after steaming those carrots, but, since my tummy was feeling OK, it didn't matter that much :)

I made it smell better with my newest, favorite chicken casserole for dinner :-D

Here's Keaton enjoying the fruits...er, um...eggs? of my labor, haha :)

The bib says it all :)

Mom...what are you making me eat, now?!

You were right mom! They're great!!!!

Close up of the mess :)


The Biggest Gainer

...ok maybe not the BIGGEST...but he gained! :)

We met with the Lactation Consultant again today for another weight check. She said she really wanted him at 18lbs. As long as he weighed that we would continue w/ our schedule...if he wasn't, we were going to have to tweak the system again.

That walk to the scale took forever...

We sat him down and those numbers raced by just like on Biggest Loser (NOT that I watch that show, ha ha) and then, there it was...

18lbs. 1.4oz!!!! WHEW!!!!

We screamed! We jumped up and down...Keaton cried because it scared him and we laughed, ha ha :)

Michelle (the Lactation Consultant) was so thrilled, as was I :)

We're going to keep on what we're doing because it's working great. It's a lot of work, but obviously, has it's rewards. The extra feedings are tiring, but they make me stop and rest in the day in the midst of our chaos. And I know by continuing to nurse, I'm doing the best that I can for my little man :)

Basically, at this point, babies start to level off in their weight...well, Mr. Anti-What-Babies-Are-Supposed-To-Normally-Do is going to most likely take off again! ha ha!! :)

He walked for Dr. Joanne and Michelle and they thought it was the best thing ever...

He flirted with all the nurses (especially Cara, who calls him "Sparky" ha ha!!!) and made their day :)

He's been saying "dada" all day...If Zach would hurry up and get home, he could enjoy that too! :)

He's been pointing to his bottle and saying, "Baba baba" for about a week now, which is pretty entertaining :)

He's taking a couple more steps each day...He's not running any races yet, but, he's definitely getting better at it and realizing what he is doing :)

He's great at anticipation. If we do something twice, by the 3rd time, he knows what's coming :)

OH and the best. Whenever a commercial comes on TV w/ obvious music playing. He stops and turns and stares...If it's really upbeat, he'll start bouncing and rocking back and forth. It's too funny...We dance a lot during the day to various songs :)


eh Woah?

This weekend, Keaton started saying this and it does nothing but crack me up and bring me to tears.

He has a little phone that has 4 buttons and makes various sounds and speaks in English and Spanish. Whenever the phone made the "ringing" noise, he'd turn around and say, "Eh woah?" I'd repeat with, "Hello??" and he would just bust out laughing :)

Good times


What is snow?

Something that is non-existent, haha!

I normally hate winter and all things associated, but having a child has even more so, bought out the child in me, having me stand by the window analyzing each drop of precipitation falling from the sky.

At 3:34pm Saturday, it started to finally snow. The ground was so warm that it wasn't sticking, but I had hope. We were having dinner with some friends at 5pm that live a couple doors down. As we walked there, huge flakes were falling and Keaton looked slightly confused.

As we left around 7pm to get him ready for bath and bed, it was starting to stick.

9pm. It stops.

And that was it.

What was left this morning was frozen car doors and a chuck on snow on the back of my trunk. I grabbed a bit. Keaton touched it, laughed and proceeded to look bored...so we went on into church where various not-so-funny comments were made about snow falling elsewhere.

Rumor had it (cough weather.com cough) that Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday were all expected chances for more snow. Now that's moved to a 10% chance NEXT Monday.

Alas. Maybe Keaton's sibling will be wearing this snow suit...hahaha...yeh right.

Yes. I'm bummed. I really only wanted a dusting so I could take some cute pictures of my red-headed love eating snow....not too much to ask is it?


A good morning at Old Navy

I knew they were having a sale...but I didn't realize WHAT a sale it really was! We saved SO much money! (OK, I shopped with a gift card! But still!!)

Before posting the pictures I'll tell you what I spent and saved, because, well, I'm rather proud of myself! ((Side note: We went to buy maternity jeans for me and a snow suit for Keaton...))

Red sweats w/ black stripe - Original price $9.50 - marked down to $4.49 - 50% off - $2.25
Red fleece pants - Original price $10.50 - marked down to $4.49 - 50% off - $2.25
Green Romper w/ turtle - Original price $12.50 - marked down to $10.00 (my splurge, haha)
Red fleece snow suit - Original price - $19.50 - marked down to 9.49 - 50% off $4.75
Red socks - Original price - $1.75 - marked down to .49 - 50% off -$.25
Blue striped socks - Original price - $1.75 - marked down to .49 - 50% off - $.25
Long sleeve "boom boom brigade" t-shirt - Original price - $12.50 - marked down to $5.99 - 50% off - $2.24

Total COULD have spent - $68.00
Total Spent (w/ tax) - 23.69!!!!!!

Our Snow!!!

Well, we were supposed to get some snow here in Raleigh on Thursday. I was so excited. I normally hate snow, but I really wanted to get pictures of Keaton playing in it. Well, here's what we got!!!

((That's only rain, in case you couldn't tell!))

And instead of playing in the snow...Here's how Keaton spent the morning...

Rumor has it we have "measurable" snow coming tomorrow!!! I hope so!!!! The cameras are ready! :-D


Oh boy....

Well, short summary. A neighbor's car was dead. She came to ask if they could use mine to jump their van. I said sure and off she weent. She came back a few minutes later, asking where the battery was. She took Keaton and I went to help her husband.

After we got that figured out, I came back and Kelly said, "Since when can he stand on his own??" I told her about a month or so now...And she said, "watch out!! He's going to be walking very soon!"

I sat down on the floor about 2 feet away from him and said, "Yeh, he tries everyday...he's just not there yet..." And then...

He took two steps and plopped in my lap....

Great! Kelly was so excited she got to see it! Keaton then played shy and kept hiding his face, haha!

We're eating lunch now...hopefully I can get a video of it this afternoon...we'll see!


Yogurt: Day 1

It was a hit...you'd never know it buy the expression on his face (which happens to be the expression he always makes with new foods!...EXCEPT the grilled cheese he had this weekend, that was priceless...) ((The orange is peaches...stinky, smelly, nasty peaches))

What the camera couldn't catch was Keaton banging his fists on his high chair tray between each bite and his mouth wide open! :)


Teething Biscuits

Keaton loves them...that's all I have to say, haha :)


OB Appointment #1, Baby #2

NO! That's not TWO babies! Dr. Campbell said that right off the bat, "I see JUST one!" (whew!) Not that we were worried, but that would totally be our luck (While pregnant w/ Keaton, I had a dream we had triplet boys...oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!)

Anywho, everything looked great (waiting for Zach to scan the ultrasound picture!...waiting) ;-)

BP was great, my iron is high (super yay there!!) and we got to see that precious white flicker on the screen (that would be a heart beat) :) As well as some very calm arms and legs...That's important because Keaton, at this point, was bouncing all around - and he hasn't stopped since!

He changed my due date to August 16th, so I'm officially 9 weeks tomorrow.

The countdown is on :)

On Keaton notes -
* he chose to pull himself onto the couch today to play with my laptop...no more mommy naps on the floor, haha!!!
* We need a better gate system between the living room and the stairs - before I could say, "Keaton, NO!" and grab him, he army crawled under his activity table and made a bee line for the stairs (which he LOVES to climb) and stood there ready to go just looking at me...
* Also, Zach swears he moved his left foot "an inch" tonight...I was watching the news and missed it...hopefully he's pretending he saw that, because my days are NOT ready for a walker!


"The picture of perfect health!" - Dr. Dirk, Growing Child Pediatrics

Well, he gained! Not as much as I would have liked, but he did it! The nurse could not figure out why I was so excited over a normally non-impressive weight, but 18oz in 3 weeks was enough to make me cry and Dr. Dirk actually jump for joy!!!

He was 17lbs. 14.3oz and 29 inches long...(he was squirming - when I met with the Lactation Consultant 3 weeks ago, we got b/w 29 inches and 29 3/4 inches...so, around that) :)

Dr. Dirk was very encouraging to keep on what we're doing b/c it's working perfect! I'll meet with the Lactation Consultant again in 2 weeks for another weight check and evaluation and hopefully we'll be done until his 12 month check up on April 9th!

Dr. Dirk checked him over and said it was the best looking baby he's seen in awhile :) ((Minus that over-producing ear wax issue, hahah!))

Now, off to my OB appointment tomorrow afternoon! :)


He's been out as long as he was in!

Keaton is nine months today! What an amazing adventure it's been so far!! Everyday, I'm simply amazed at all the things he has accomplished in 9 short months! We have his 9 month appt. tomorrow so we'll see if all our hard work with weight gain has paid off - I can't tell if he weighs a ton or if I'm just that exhausted! :) today when Zach got home from work, Keaton had a super-poopy and so he changed him for me and then "put his pants back on"...Keaton enjoyed it...for a little while, haha!


Number 2

Well, #2 showed in time for dinner this evening...

You can tell Keaton isn't quite sure what to think of these new bumps in his mouth. He's constantly flicking his tongue over the teeth.

And of course the first thing he choose to do with these new teeth...

Bite me as I was nursing him before bed tonight...way to go little buddy...


It had to happen, right?

The inevitable finally happened. The day I've been dreading since that first time Keaton bit me while nursing...

We have a tooth.

Zach on the other hand is thrilled...If only he understood the biting...the biting WITHOUT teeth!

Keaton was up ALL night last night - that combined w/ a low grade fever and some awful diapers that would make non-pregnant stomachs turn - all clued me in that this was happening. Zach and I tag teamed as Keaton randomly woke throughout the night screaming in pain and begging for comfort (Really - it was that dramatic!)

When I nursed him at 5am to get him back to sleep, I felt around and there was nothing. I knew I could safely nurse another day.

Keaton took a decent mid-morning nap (something he's given up for one long, lunch time nap as of late) and woke around 11:15am. I was making faces as I changed his diaper and he let out a huge, opened mouth laugh. And there it was...I screamed for Zach to come look. He was laughing as he bounded up the stairs knowing his son had reached the peak of baby hood...I stood there crying and pointing (Again - yes, it was this dramatic). He took over the diaper change and I called my mom who assured me he should sleep better.

As the afternoon wore on, we noticed #2 peeking through.

It's 3:13 pm and he's down for a nap...

Will #2 rear it's ugly head and appear for dinner? Only time shall tell.

Oh, and no, he hasn't bit me....yet. :)

((Pictures yet to come! haha!))


No wonder!!!

I once read that when babies are learning new things they'd rather be awake doing those things than sleeping...

Well, he's been standing up on his own a lot lately...and last night he threw a ball, we've been tossing it around this morning too!

Whenever he wakes up from his naps, he's standing up in the middle of his crib, bouncing, haha! good times :)


Pasta & Cheese!

Keaton loves his new food! Yummy yummy!


New Toy for the New Year!!!

Zach has completely spoiled me!!! We've been looking into buying a new laptop for awhile now. We decided before Christmas that we'd combine our "resources" (ie: the money we got for Christmas and my Birthday) and buy me a new laptop and then Zach could do whatever he wanted to the "old" laptop!

Most women want jewelry or something...buy me a laptop and I'll be happy!

We went to Best Buy last night, and despite a super crazy salesperson, we walked out with an awesome deal...I have a beautiful new Dell laptop that has become my 4th child (1st - Keaton, 2nd - new baby, 3rd - my car, haha! and now the laptop!) I absolutely love it!!!! I think my favorite part is the "keyboard" ....it's so soft and quiet and smooth :)

On the Keaton side - I think he's getting over his cold, yay! He slept GREAT last night, as did I! I'm still sick, but it's nice when it's only one of us, and I'd rather it be me...He was in a great mood this morning until he was transferring from his activity table to the coffee table and swung around and hit his little head on this dresser/chest thing by the window...now he has a nice little reminder mark (ie: bruise!) poor guy!!!!

Today, it's a day filled of Discovery Channel, Mike Rowe and Dirty Jobs :) what a way to start the new year ;-)