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#5 is Cara!!!!!!!

She won the generous giveaway that my friend Stephanie offered! Speaking of - Stephanie's family could use your prayers. Her sweet girl, Eden, had surgery yesterday. She's doing well, but it's a long journey!

Congrats to Cara!!!!

Freezer Meal Swap #2 & more updating

Was great!!!!

So much yummy food!!! I took a picture, but I'm too tired to upload it (yes it's that much work, haha!)

I got some recipes -

For Group1 -
BBQ Chicken
Beef & Bean Enchiladas
Beef Taco Skillet
3 Cheese Chicken Pasta Bake
Calzones (made-to-order)

For Group2 -
Pork Chop & Apple Casserole
Beef Noodle Casserole
Marvelous Mini Meatloaves
Enchilada Casserole
We had the Beef Taco Skillet tonight - yummmy :-D
Keaton is doing better. Fever is still hanging around but MUCH lower. He dumped all his toys today - he's doing better ;-) Still praying Benjamin doesn't get it. I'm feeling crummy, but most likely from the lack of sleep lately...
We're 'supposed' to get 2-4inches of snow...sure ;-)
I'm tired...this is the end of this post! ;)


Tons of pictures & update on Keaton

Well, around lunchtime, the mommy in me just wasn't comfortable with how K was acting. His fever had gone down to 101.2, but he had the goopiest eyes (and yes, it sounds as gross as I made it sound...), no energy and just down right miserable looking.

So, I called and made the dreaded appointment (and it went WAY better than Monday!)

Long story short - he has a sinus infection "gone awry" - it's spread and so on top of all the lovely side effects of a sinus infection (you know, where your head feels like it's going to explode!) he has an ear infection in his right ear and an eye infection in both eyes. (So next time I get a sinus infection, I will just scream and cry out in pain like he does every so often - just because I can!)

So we got him some medicine and will be praying that works. As long as he doesn't start wheezing and need his nebulizer, I think I might survive this sickness - *might*

I had a couple requests for more pictures. I just don't have time to upload and edit lately, but I took some time tonight...these are from the past 2 weeks...

Sweet potatoes are yummy! (we actually think they mess with his tummy, so we're holding off...too bad there's like 3 billion sweet potato muffin patties in the freezer!**)
Benjamin, Bebe & the new monkey chew toy - it's yummy
K and his big boy bed!
This is what happens when you have a big brother...
I could seriously kiss those cheeks all day!!! (...ok, I do!)
My precious...(not in a LOTR Gollum sort of way...)
The Dynamic Duo!

The only way B will sleep lately...frustrating, but oh-so-snuggly...my mom says he looks like a little shar pei puppy!
This kid has some beautiful feet....

And eyelashes....

So, K was SO tired today...in nearly 2 years, this is the first time this has happened. I asked if he wanted to go to his crib - he shook his head no. I asked if he wanted his big boy bed and he moaned, "nooooo...." 3 seconds later....
An hour later - he woke. HE looked SO pitiful, but his hair....wow....Is that some Jones' hair or WHAT?!
Our little model!
Yup - he's our son - look at the crazy eyes for McD's!!!
**Something must have happened to my ice cube trays in the move because I cannot find them anywhere. When I went to make B's baby food, I was going crazy. So I used what I could find - my mini cupcake pan...so I have all these "muffins" of food in the freezer - quite hysterical!

crummy feeling Keaton

Wednesday night, K started running a fever around 102. He woke with it still above 102 on Thursday morning. He camped out on the couch all day - he didn't touch a single toy all day (normally our apartment looks like a tornado came through...every. single. day.) Around 4pm, I took his temp because I couldn't even touch him and it was 104. I got him in a warm bath and called the nurses line at our pedi's office. Apparently, they take you seriously when you call with a fever (Their policy is they have an hour to call you back. I normally get the call at 58 minutes...they called back within 5 minutes this time!) Basically, she said they wanted to see him if the fever remained that high. We were able to keep it around 102 overnight and this morning it was down to 101.7.

He's been running around dumping out his toys all morning...

I think he's doing better ;)
My friend, Whitney, had her baby at 8:41pm Wednesday night!!!! She was letting this pregnancy be a surprise and she had a GIRL!!! She named her Sophia Grace (Sophie) :) She was 8lbs3oz and 20in long! According to Whitney, she has dark, wavy hair - just like her mama's beautiful hair! There were a couple of complications and Sophie is in the NICU but continually doing better :) They would appreciate your prayers, greatly!
Tomorrow, we have our 2nd freezer meal swap! I'm so excited for it!

The meals being swapped this time are:
For Group1 -
BBQ Chicken
Beef & Bean Enchiladas
Beef Taco Skillet
3 Cheese Chicken Pasta Bake
Calzones (made-to-order)

For Group2 -
Pork Chop & Apple Casserole
Beef Noodle Casserole
Marvelous Mini Meatloaves

I think that's all the updates from this end!


Big Boy!

And, for once, I'm not talking about B! haha! K napped in his big boy bed today!

My mom had mentioned she wanted to help us get K a big boy bed and all for his 2nd birthday - unfortunately monkey wouldn't wait that long! We searched and talked...and talked and searched....a twin bed? A full bed? Frame? Mattress on the floor? bunk beds? What to do??

A friend mentioned IKEA's expandable bed line...I was instantly. in. love!!!

I can never find IKEA products on Craigslist but, immediately found this bed! (And for much cheaper! She listed it for $75, but ended up asking only $50!!)

He still doesn't have sheets for it - the ones on IKEA's site are pretty blah. So I think I'm going to make a 'pillowcase' for the funny sized mattress.

So, we set it up on Saturday night and left the boys with my mom for our date night (yummmmmy Kanki!) and then Sunday night, it just didn't happen. We also left his crib up for two reasons - 1) we didn't have time to take it down, haha, and 2) in case he just refused to sleep.

I tried to get him to nap in it on Monday, and he freaked out. Monday night was the same.

Tuesday he laid in his bed for about 1 minute and freaked out again. Tuesday night, he laid in there for 5 minutes and came out crying for his "cib" (crib).

I tried again today, asking where he'd like to take his nap - bed or crib. He looked back and forth and practically flew into his bed! I wasn't sure it would last, but! It did! It only lasted an hour (and I'd FINALLY got him taking 2.5-3hr naps again) but, that's OK...He slept in his bed!

We also have a rule that he must ask permission before getting out of the bed (we kind of did it jokingly because all our friends say their kids wait for them...we did NOT see him doing this!) But sure enough, I heard "Mom? Mama? Done.....done...."

I was SO proud of him!

In other news, my room mate from college (#1) had her precious baby boy on Thursday! I'm awaiting word on one of my bestest friends...I got 'the call' at 7am that they were hospital bound this morning!! Shanna, who was my doula, is going to be her doula as well! Whitney is having a surprise...and for the record - I think it's a boy ;) But I want it to be a girl so I can do a fun hot pink and spring green wrap for her! haha!


B's 6 Month Appointment

he did great...Keaton...made me want to crawl in a hole. He spent the better part of an hour on the floor kicking and screaming...for no reason...just because he could. I think it's worth it to hire a sitter for any upcoming appointments.

Benjamin got the rotavirus oral vaccination and the pentacel (DTaP, Polio and HIB combo). He puckered his lip and then smiled at the nurse! With his fat thighs, I'm certain he didn't feel too much!

He is 28.75in and weighs 21lbs6.8oz...both 97%...his head is 43.6cm (40%) - where Keaton always was with length and head size - except K didn't weigh this much til about 14 months, haha!

He's doing perfectly developmentally (according to the ages and stages form). She said we could introduce a cup with water in it at meal times...

And that was that!


Toe Update & great read

I had my appointment to get my toe checked this morning. It's healing great! Yay! He seemed to act like it's healing quicker than he anticipated, which is good! I even wore real shoes to my appointment...I kicked them off within 1 minute of walking in the door - I just hate. shoes.! But it was...interesting to wear them again! I'll still be wearing my Crocs and flip flops everywhere, as much as I can! :)

I forgot to share this last night! Time Magazine just published an article on (the greatness of) VBACs and (the problems with) repeat c-sections! The wording was a bit 'off'...but I'm just so glad to see VBACs getting some positive press! I know mine was ...amazing :)

I have to clean house...Bebe is coming! Bebe is coming!!!! :)


Some photos...

You're a...

Maybe Jaws would be a better name?
I hate the grainy quality of this picture, but it definitely shows how much K loves his little brother (& how thrilled B is with that!)

Yummy teething ring...
My sweet, sweet boys :) The bruise on B's forehead - thank you K...it was a swift kick to B's head - pure accident! (Yes, B is that huge...)
We started sweet potatoes at lunch today - he loved - of course :)

I go in tomorrow to get my toe rechecked and make sure it's healing properly from the surgery.

Bebe comes in this weekend (yay!!)

We have B's 6 month checkup Monday morning.

And that's about it for now! :)


An "It's A Small World" Giveaway!

You know the 'old song', It's A Small World...after all....it's a small...OK :) Well, I have a giveaway from someone that fits the bill.

My 3rd college I attended (haha!) was MTSU (Middle Tennessee State University). After I graduated from there in 2004, I returned home to Virginia and in Dec. of 05, after marrying Zach in June, we moved to Wake Forest, NC to attend Seminary. We are nerdy and had researched churches online and knew exactly the ones we wanted to visit. We visited North Wake - and loved it. We tried a couple other churches, but nothing felt as right as North Wake did.

We joined the next new members class. We were waiting for the class to start and I looked to the back of the room and saw a couple walk in - Josh & Stephanie...I immediately knew that I went to MTSU with them. Another couple followed and I recognized them from MTSU as well...here we are...12 hours or so away from MTSU and there are 5 of us that graduated from there in the same room (I later learned of a handful of others that also attended MTSU that now live in the area!)

Anywho! While we didn't really know each other very well, not more than a passing "hi", I've gotten to know these fellow Blue Radiers a bit better!

Stephanie has a beautiful family now and a baby Raider of their own! She also has a fabulous etsy shop with beautiful cards, journal and bible covers, crayon wallets and quilted list takers. I love looking at her shop and all the beautiful fabrics!

I finally decided on what I wanted and she made me a beautiful journal cover for church and small group Bible study. I absolutely love it! I've had so many compliments on it!

Stephanie has offered one of her beautiful and oh-so-fun appliqued Moleskin journals to one of my readers! You can find them in her etsy shop here. The journal will be in standard size, but the winner chooses the applique. Not only that, but if you choose to buy something from her shop, she'll offer FREE SHIPPING!! (Just mention The Jones' Journey blog in "notes to seller" and she will refund you via paypal)

Here are some examples of her moleskin journals

How can you win? Easy...and for fun - I'll give you multiple ways to win! Make sure for each thing you do, leave a separate comment - if you do all 5, leave 5. separate. comments. :)

For one entry, visit her etsy shop and come back and tell me your favorite thing from her shop! (If you do not complete this, but do the others, you will be disqualified...I'm mean...) :)

For another entry, follow my blog...see all those people hanging out on the left about half way down...jump in line behind them (and click "Follow This Blog") :)

For another entry, blog about this, linking to her site and my blog

For 2 extra entries, refer a friend to my blog! You have to say, "I referred Sally." Sally has to say, "Ellen referred me." :) (you only have to comment once for this - I will add you name by hand 1 extra time!)

Finally, for 5 extra entries (!!!!) buy something from her site, come back and tell me what you bought (I will confirm it with Stephanie!) (you only have to comment once for this - I will add you name by hand 4 extra times!)

Is that fair??? You can get 10 entries!!!!

So, this will close on Feb. 28th at noon. I will draw a winner via random.org shortly after lunchish time....

Our Sorry Attempt

I normally save blogging for when the boys are sleeping or there's another pair of hands to help, but this had to be shared...

K was getting a lil hyper in making his brother laugh this afternoon that he threw something across the room and it hit me. Thankfully, it was a very lightweight flimsy object and not, say, his plastic bongos!

So I told him to come to me, informed him that he hit me and that he needed to apologize...

He looked at me and grinned.

I said, "Keaton, are you supposed to throw toys?"

These beautiful eyes looked up at me and he had a huge grin and very matter-of-factly said, "YES!"

I couldn't help but bust out laughing...

So I asked again, shaking my head 'no' while I asked if we were supposed to throw toys. He got the right answer.

So I asked him to apologize and that sweet, sweet, "Ary "come out.

I couldn't help but laugh again :)

Back to my boys....


Valentine's weekend

It started Thursday night with Zach bringing home some beautiful roses - because he thought V-day was Friday....teehee :)

Saturday included two trips to buy fabric & then a fun family dinner at Zaxby's - yummmmmy! I couldn't have asked for a better Valentine's Day spent with my 3 guys! I'm one lucky woman!!!

Today included church, lunch at Applebee's, watching the first 3 minutes of the Daytona500, another fabric run and small group - only to find out that our leaders were at the hospital having their sweet baby boy!!!!!

Speaking of sweet "baby" boys :) Here's a late picture of B enjoying his avocados :)

6 months!

I can't believe it has been 6 MONTHS since my lil sugar lump was born!!!

He's huge. I had a lady in the bathroom at church this morning, while I was changing his diaper, ask if she could chomp on his thighs - this wasn't weird to me because I think about eating him everyday! haha! :) He is quite a chunk and I love it!

He's so far had oatmeal, bananas and avocados. Sweet potatoes will enter the menu tomorrow, followed by apples. The boy loves to eat :)

He's getting very active on the floor, but not crawling yet (whew!) Last night, he looked like a break dancer spinning around on his belly and scooting everywhere!

He still loves screeching...it's still loud ;-)

He's getting the "mmmm" sound down perfectly, and the other day, I opened the pantry and he said, "Oh!" haha! :)

He loves flirting with the ladies, batting those gorgeous eyes at them and showing off his two front teeth!

So far, it's only those two, but I keep having VERY vivid dreams about there being more...and those more...hurting me ;-)

He still loves his jumperoo. He is more 'content' if I walk away now (which is wonderful!) He loves playing on the floor with Keaton (or I should say, Keaton loves playing on the floor with him!)

He's in Medium, but could sometimes use Large, cloth diapers (size 4 in disposables) & wearing 12-18 month clothing.

So, that's the latest on my sugar lump :)


Movin' on up!

Well, Benjamin had a new food this morning. It is so wonderful to be back to making baby food - even though, I'm working on the easy foods right now ;-) I baked some sweet potatoes and them froze those...and then mashed up some avocados and froze those...

This morning, I gave him some avocado. Apparently, our family doesn't like them. K didn't like them either. However, I was one step ahead of B this morning, I got a banana out and mixed it with the avocado - Avo-nana? :) He LOVED it!! He was screaming at me if I wasn't quick on the draw :)

He's loving having variety in his 'diet', I can tell (who wouldn't?!)

I weighed the boys yesterday. Our scale isn't always accurate, so I knew I may not get an actual 'read' of their weights, but I could at least tell how far apart in weight they are...

Keaton - 29lbs....
Benjamin - 21.5lbs...

That's right - they are 16months apart in age and 7lbs different in weight! K didn't weigh 22lbs until 15months! haha! My lil piggy! love it!


He has to beat his brother...

I thought we were in the clear with our lil piggy!

Keaton rolled over at 6 weeks and didn't stop. B didn't roll til roughly 5 months - I was perfectly fine with this!

Keaton crawled right at 6 months and started pulling up and cruising the same weekend. B started scooting today - he made it across the room in less than 2 minutes. As I sit and type this, he is spinning in circles on his (poor, bare, because his 12 month PJs are too SMALL) belly - SCREAMING at the floor as he pushes up on his toes and tries to get on his knees. He turns 6 months on Sunday - trying to catch up with big brother?



We found the answer!


Not sure if I should be excited, but I am really glad that we know WHAT has been bothering him!

With that being said - B is now only allowed oatmeal first thing in the morning.

He fell asleep about 815pm!

He apparently did wake up at 1130, but only took a couple sips from a bottle and went back to sleep (I never heard anything, haha!)

He did wake up at 330 and I nursed him in bed and Zach took him back when I was done. Then he woke up again at 530 - that's what he gets for not getting one last feeding in before he fell asleep - but he NEEDED that sleep!

So, he got oatmeal at breakfast and that's it for today!

SO glad to know what is going on!


Bananas & the Sleep Saga

Benjamin had something other than oatmeal today.

Backing up (and buckle up - this doesn't 'flow' as smoothly as I'd like). We started solids (oatmeal) about a week ago because B continued to wake throughout the night after having been sleeping through the night for MONTHS. We were hoping this was our answer to more sleep. Alas, it's been the opposite. If anything, we've been getting LESS sleep. Way. Less. Sleep.

I was a tad hesitant to use the HappyBellies oatmeal because of the probiotics but, it sounded so great (and IS!!!!) (in case you don't click back to see my post, or can't find it - I think it's just a one sentence blurb...I'm NOT AT ALL against probiotics! We were giving them to B when we were dealing with thrush and it seemed to really upset his tummy (or just him in general). He'd be PERFECTLY fine if I didn't give him any. If I DID give him some, he'd be a mess that night and not sleep, but stay up and scream most of the night).

But, the more B eats the oatmeal the less he sleeps and the more he's up at night fussing! It's to the point where we deal with the fussing by nursing him (ie: me nursing him) and Zach giving him a bottle...then at 3, Zach just brings him in our room and lets him sleep on him and then I nurse him at 530 and we get another hour or so of sleep. By doing this, so it stays quiet, I'm sure we've 'created a monster' and made B think this is OK...well, it's not.

So tonight, we get mean. B gets to Cry It Out (CIO). If I felt there was something, anything wrong with him, this wouldn't be happening. I have known everytime either has had an ear infection. I can tell when they're sick. It's not a growth spurt (I can go pat his butt for 3.2 seconds and he's back to sleep....until I walk away). He just wants to be near us. And that's fine....but we aren't sleeping that way.

So we're starting that...

And we also gave him less oatmeal today too in hopes that this helps. He got it at breakfast. Lunchtime, we were out with family so he didn't get it then, and then at dinner, we gave him bananas, which he loved - who wouldn't?!

I admit, it was so wonderful to "make" his food (again...not that I've made HIS food before, but I did Keaton's) Granted - I started with the easiest - mash add water (no breastmilk on hand since piggy has drank every drop I've ever pumped....so much for my stash!) stir, watch baby go ...bananas (har har!)

Of course, we forgot a picture....chalk it up to being beyond exhausted...

So...wish us luck tonight!

22 months

In two months, my baby will be 2 years old! I can't believe it!

Let's see...

He continues to add new words to his vocabulary everyday - and everyday I'm amazed! A sampling of his new favorites include:
Tuck (truck)
Stuck (when he gets in the Bumbo NOT designed for his porker brother)
Iccc (if you can say "ice" without the E sound, you've got it!)
Lo (color)
Teee (tv - bad mommy!)
Jump (for the Jumperoo)
He tried to say "sketty" the other night, but after about 3 tries, gave up - it's hard!
Benj-man (We're slowly moving away from saying "B"!)
Dum (drum)
Sirt (Shirt - could be worse, right??) ;-)
He uses ball to refer to the Wii, because we play bowling and tennis so much! haha!

He can point out: head, nose, eyes, mouth, teeth, chin, ears, hair, legs, belly, feet, chest, toes, hands, fingers and knees ...oh and Lap!

He knows lots of animal noises, my favorite being a "bear" - he makes 'claws' and says, "arrrrr" ...pirate bear? (that or mommy needs to learn animal sounds before teaching them!)

We're working on a letter each week - we've done A, B, & C...He can recognize A & B...After that, letters are "no". He counted to 2 on his own tonight while eating spaghetti at dinner (I can get him to 3 w/ prompting, but Zach & I were talking and he goes, "1.....2...." I said, "Then..." He said, "NO" haha) As you can tell, "No" is still the word du jour.

He loves puzzles. We have a basket full and this kid could entertain himself for days doing them.

He adores his brother beyond belief (still! yay!)

He's becoming a picky eater, but the 'pickiness' changes day to day - making it a tad frustrating, but atleast he won't eat JUST nuggets or something! He still would rather eat fruit & veggies over anything else any day (not sure he's really our child haha!!)

We're preparing to move him into a 'big boy bed'....a transition I'm dreading, but I'm tired of stressing over if he is going to climb out of the crib and if he's going to hurt himself in the process. Since he's a HORRIBLE napper, I start to worry if he takes a longer than usual nap - did he try to climb out and he got hurt? Should I open the door and chance waking him up if he is OK?...it's annoying. We're blessed and were given a crib for Benjamin so we didn't have to make this transition earlier than now, but, I'd love to keep him in that crib for another year just to avoid the drama associated with it (on the other hand - I found fabulous bedding! haha)

Not sure of weight/length and all that - we'll go in April for his 2 year check up.

He loves his Sunday school class. I still wish he could sit through any part of the service, but since Zach plays every other Sunday and I already have B attached to me, I'd be hard pressed to keep them both entertained! I'm hoping around his 2nd birthday we can start with the worship portion and slowly, each week work more and more of the service in....At the same time, he LOVES his Sunday school class! He doesn't even say bye anymore (which is sad, but atleast he isn't screaming for 5-10 minutes because we left) and it's good for him to have the interaction with kids his age.

That's about all I can think of at the moment...


is rolling rolling rolling...both ways.

He's stealth though. We missed the first time he went back to belly & I just missed him go belly to back...

It's about to get crazy!

Check back tonight for K's 22month update!



Well, I had my 'surgery' on my toe today (not sure why I decided to "quote" that...it was definitely surgery...)

If you'd really like to read what happened (ie: NOT for the faint of heart!), go here. Zach wrote it all in detail because he actually watched the whole thing go down!!!!

I, on the other hand, felt my toe get cold, felt a needle go in my toe...one time (if you read the story, you'll learn it was WAY more than one time ....one too many times for this needle fearing girl!)....sat back while my toe got numb...about got knocked out from the dingy nurse not knowing how to work 'the screen' (so I couldn't see), about crushed Zach's hand from fear of what was happening on the other side of the screen, talked with the podiatrist about my VBAC and how his wife was considering one, took a peek at an extremely bloody toe and drank a cup of water to keep from passing out.

We ate at Taco Bell for lunch....Zach drove me home (we had a sitter for the boys) and I found a friend to come help me with the boys - who knew I wouldn't be able to walk or carry them?!?

Zach's parents arrived around 4pm and helped me until Zach got home and Keaton got in bed...

I cried in the shower because water was touching my toe - which was wrapped in a 1/2inch of gauze and tape....I cried taking it off because I thought the vinegar water that I was required to soak my foot in was going to burn me...All this drama...and I gave birth naturally without crying...sheesh


I had

really cute pictures to post but for some reason Picasa isn't agreeing with our flash drive thingy...



Icky Toe

I've had an 'icky toe' for a LONG time - we won't say how long...but, it's an ingrown toenail that I kept ignoring...

Well, the ignoring has gone on too long...and I can't put it off anymore...

I have an appt. at 1030 Friday morning to get it 'fixed'...I'm scared out of my mind...but I'm so glad I'll be back to normal after this. I loved talking with the receptionist *note sarcasm, please!* She acted like it was no big deal, since they hear about this all day long!

I have a friend from church who is a "Healthcare Advocate" and she suggested I call her tonight so she can 'ease my fears'....riiiight ;-)

I have another friend (I'm very popular, in case you didn't know! hahah!) who used to get really bad ingrown toenails all the time and has gotten regular pedicures to avoid them...guess what?! That's what I'm going to do now! haha! I deserve it, I think!

So please, keep me in your prayers Friday morning!!


A new week

Saturday night (the night we started solids) was HORRIBLE to say the least! B never really went to sleep until about 3am or so...and then was up with K at 6am (which is out of character for him, as well).

We went to church, but spent the rest of the day at home (minus a fabric run for me!) waiting for the big game!

I made my chili and we devoured that!

During the game, I got my etsy shop up and running! It's dinky now, but there will be more to come very soon!!!

Last night (Sunday night) went SO much better! B did wake at 1 and then 540ish to nurse...The 1am was no big deal...and 540, I just nursed him in bed and we all went back to sleep until 7...very nice!

K climbed out of his crib again today...I am SO not looking forward to putting him in a 'real' bed...but, it has to happen sometime!

I have some long weeks ahead as Zach is now full swing into this semester. He's gone from roughly 730am - 930pm(ish) 3 nights a week...whew! It makes for long days!

K is doing a bit better with his congestion and all - we haven't had to do a breathing treatment since Thursday morning (I think!) so that's good! He's just snotty (lovely, huh?)

I think that's about it for now...nothing super exciting...