It's official



Potty Training.

Keaton loves the potty...and apparently has been asking in his Sunday school class and they've been taking him! (haha!)

We figured we should run with the cues.

After avoiding the inevitable for awhile now, two days ago, I knew I had to do it.

He had the worst diaper rash. I needed to put some serious diaper cream on him and I couldn't do that with a cloth diaper, but he freaked out over the disposable being on him. So that settled it. Run naked and let me know when you have to go!

So far, no accidents in 2.5 days. But he's spent more time in the diaper than I anticipated due to errands. He's gone a handful of times on the potty.

I made a run to Babies R Us last night to get a ring for our toilet (I hadn't anticipated doing this, but, I figured it would help K relax so he didn't have to hold himself up and some stools to stand on to wash hands (what we've put off buying for a year now anyway).

So we did that and we'll get some undies this weekend ;-)


That's that.

We're training!

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heather said...

sounds like its going great! i wish avery was interested though...