What is K up to? (pee pee on the potty???)

I added the "pee pee on the potty" so you know what you're getting into when you begin to read this post!

We have a toddler potty (a kid pot as I like to call it) in our hall bathroom. Whenever I use that bathroom, I try to get K to sit on it, just for kicks (for the record: I have NO desire to potty train/potty learn. Pre-B, I was gung ho. B was born...I'm totally fine with 2 in diapers!) Normally, K runs from it screaming and I laugh. Sometimes he'll sit on it and "sing" me a song (??)

Today, I had him sit and he started screaming, but it wasn't "NO, don't make me" screaming, it was screaming combined with him tugging on his pants to get them off...

I figured he'd run away once the pants were off.


He ripped off his diaper, grabbed some toys from the edge of the tub and sat down.

I said, "are you going to pee pee?" He just smiled and seconds later...there it was...

Granted it was all over the rim of the kid pot and not IN the pot, but, none the less, he peed on (literally) the potty!

I cleaned him up (along with the kid pot) and let him flush the big toilet (I told him that was the privilege for peeing on the potty)

Then, all the fun was over. I went to put his diaper back on and he HATED that. I mean, I had to practically sit on him to get him to lie still and once it was on (forget the pants!) he was on the floor, kicking, screaming and bawling! Ohhh boy...

So now I don't know what to do. I'm NOT ready to PT him...I don't have the energy for that! But, I don't want to delay something that he wants to do...

Mamas??? Help!

The blog "year"

On Sept. 1st, I started using Google Analytics to 'track' who came to this blog, from where, what they looked at, how long they stayed, etc...Not for really any other reason other than I was bored and thought it'd be fun!

Here are some interesting facts:

Since 9.1.08, I have had 1,512 unique visitors! And a total of 5,657 visitors!
4,087 of my visitors came from the United States. Canada, South Korea, Australia and the United Kingdom rounded out the top 5!

My top 5 most popular posts have been:
#5 - Menu plan Monday
#4 - The post I did on Cloth Diapering
#3 - My Bloggy Carnival Giveaway
#2 - My 200th Post Giveaway
and #1 - My main page

The day with the highest traffic day was Oct. 29, 2008. I didn't post on that day, but it was during the Bloggy Carnival Giveaways, so I'm thinking it was due to that.

The top 5 search words or phrases were:
#5 - 'giveaway'
#4 - 'journey picture'
#3 - 'free cloth diapers'
#2 - 'unc midwives' (an astounding 14 visits just for that alone!)
and #1 - people simply typed in 'the jones journey'

Branching off of the keywords, here are my favorite keyword searches that brought readers to my blog (I wonder, did they stay??)

*oddly enough, 2 people found our family blog my searching for IHOP's new pancakes (I take that back, in reading through the list I found 9 more searches for IHOP panckaes!)

*I want to know what was found when typing "box on the wall" + "chiropractor" (for the record, I tried and never found our blog!)

*Another favorite - "rat tail" hair -comb -gray

*I want to say congratulations to the person searching for "Contractions are 2-5 minutes apart and 45-60 seconds long" - hope you made it in time! ;)

*Also, congratulations to the one searching for "how to get a UNC medical records number" - hope you had better luck!

*I feel for the person searching "nonstop nursing in the evenings"

*Person searching for "how to find some me time" - did you?? Do share!

*"terra post chunky house call nurse" is definitely one of my favorites!

*I wonder if we have a 'twin' family out there, do share if you found me by searching for "the screaming tunnel"

*UNC was a popular topic, adding to the midwives, medical records number search was:
~health care my record
~hospitals birth stories
~walk-in clinics
~midwife birth story (sorry to let you down on that one!)
~midwife reviews (They are AMAZING!)
~midwives appointments
~midwives VBAC (DO IT!)
~women's hospital clinic B

And finally,
*Wish I would have searched for "Walgreens drive thru how does it work?" before going myself!

Thanks for sharing the year with us! :)


How tired are we?

Zach and I often chat on Google chat in the evenings. He takes B back to our bedroom and gets him to sleep while I clean, blog, fold laundry, etc...

Tonight, B was exceptionally fussy.

After some time, it was pretty quiet. I was hoping that he had indeed fallen asleep and soon, I would be following suit.

I sent Zach a message trying to ask him if B was indeed asleep and here is the conversation that followed:

Terra: How is her?
No, not her, he?

Zach: Nope



Return to "Normalcy"

Whatever normalcy is around here with 2 under 2.

Decorations are (almost) down - only the snow man out front and the garland on the banister to go

Benjamin is sleeping

Keaton is coughing

I'm way behind on laundry

...home sweet home

Christmas #2

We were able to head to VA earlier than planned on Friday. Zach got off work and we were on the road to VA about 5pm.

The boys napped most of the way there so we let them play for a bit before getting them ready for bed.

Benjamin woke about 20 mins after falling asleep - super congested. Long story short, we were up just about the entire night with him.

Saturday night - repeat of Friday with about 1 hour more of sleep.

The boys got spoiled rotten and got lots of fun stuff.


Update on Keaton

We got him into the pedi this morning...

Time for me to vent. I'd like to make a note of how ridiculously stupid it is for there only to be 1 office open (note: our pedis office consists of 7 offices located throughout Raleigh) the day after Christmas. Could they not just be short staffed at every office? I'm thankful we got in when we did (930am) when only about 5 families were sitting in the waiting room, as opposed to 10am when there was standing room only! But still...am I the only person who sees the problem here?

ANYwho...Yesterday afternoon, Keaton was wheezing while breathing. He only had a couple episodes of this and the episodes only lasted a few minutes. He didn't seem to have trouble breathing (nor did it slow him down!) We had a long night with Keaton coughing a lot up until about 3am. He sounded great this morning, but, knowing that we were going out of town, I couldn't leave without knowing all was ok.

The pedi said that his congestion is NOT in his lungs (praise the Lord) his nose is definitely "congested" (really? the snot all over his face couldn't tell you that, you HAD to look up his nose?!)

She re-filled his Albuterol for his nebulizer and gave us a prescription for basically a "Wheezing suppressent" (Zach has the paper at work and I can't remember the name). If he starts the wheezing while breathing again, we're to start the suppressent for 5 days and see what that does.

I find it very interesting in the past couple of weeks, I've found the following things are linked to asthma in children: Tylenol, vacccinations and c-sections. (And isn't it funny...they tell you to give Tylenol before your child receives vaccinations....hmmm)

Both boys are down, time to finish cleaning and packing.

Continued prayers for Keaton would be greatly appreciated. As well - that Benjamin doesn't come down with anything, that I would get better (I'm fighting a cold, too. Can't seem to beat it since I'm not getting any rest) and safe travels for this weekend.


Our Christmas Morning

I started off the morning making a cheater's version of these. I didn't make them from scratch, I used canned bread sticks....sue me ;-) I did make the drizzle for it...fo rizzle.

Ok, so daddy got K dressed...he's in a Halloween shirt...on Christmas morning...That's what you have to do to keep up with the Jones'!

Keaton woke up very early (I'll explain in a minute) and by 7am, had played with "All" his gifts. By 8am, he had a CD punched into his face trying to grab it out of Zach's hands and by 11 had run into a wall or door...I forget how many times. Poor kid. We had to start breathing treatments last night and he was awake most of the night with a wheezy-cough. I'll be taking him in first thing tomorrow morning before we head out of town.

K digging into his stocking - Teething biscuts and lots of Mega Blocks (don't tell him it was only half the pack - he gets the rest for his birthday!) :)

Clipo, Clipo, Clipo...He got SO excited every time this commercial came on TV...

Today consists of cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning for me. I refuse to come home to a dirty house Sunday night!

I made out like a bandit this Christmas :) I got a craft mat and rotary cutter, as well as a paper cutter. I got a Sugarland CD, $20 in iTunes cards, a cookbook, some yummies from Bath & Body Works and 2 wristlet keychains from JimmyPickles. Yes, it was a fun morning... (and I'm probably forgetting something, sorry honey!)

Here's B enjoying his Christmas toy - the ONLY toy for his age left at Target by yesterday afternoon....(well, that he didn't have... there were 2 others, but no sense in having duplicates...) Look at the pudgy hands...agggh, I'll eat him :)



Merry Christmas!


I'm the enV of all my friends...(and 4 month appt)

THAT'S what happened this weekend. ::headsmack:: I got a new phone! I got the enV2 in maroon. I'd been eyeing it for along time and, long story short, I have to give up some of my birthday money, but it was definitely worth it - I no longer feel the urge to throw this phone out the window anymore.

We had a very.long.night. Benjamin got to sleep for about 45 minutes and then woke up screaming...he never really slept well until again until about 5am when I decided to try to see if he'd sleep in the swing (future reference, this will be the first place I try!) It was a really long night and I was really worried he may have an ear infection. We tried everything. Rocking, bouncing, swaying, shushing, nursing, bottle, letting him cry, etc...nothing was helping.

We got to his appointment and they thankfully got us in pretty quickly. We got him weighed and measured (more to come...I know you're on the edge of your seat!) and I got confirmation that a few spots of dry skin on him is indeed eczema. He got one vaccine shot (Pentacel - DTaP, Polio and HIB combo) and the oral Rotavirus vaccine. I asked the pedi to make sure it wasn't his ears or throat or anything. She said it wasn't - both looked fine. But felt his gums and said that his two, bottom front teeth were fully in & the gums were "bulging" - she informed me that he may not get teeth for a couple months, or we could get them in the next week. Joy. (I'm not taking it too seriously as we were told at 2 months K would be getting teeth "any day" and he didn't til 9 months or so).

Atleast we only have Keaton's 2 year molars to go and we'll be done with his teething madness.

OK, stats:
Head cirum. - 42.5cm (50%)
Weight - 17lbs. 10oz. (90%)
Height - 27in. (97%)

To compare - at 4 months, K was:
15lbs. 12oz. & 27.5in.

We can scratch that off the 'to-do' list for the week!


Our weekend

I feel like it has just flown by! I'm not even sure what all happened, except we just stuffed ourselves with my chili. We pretty much finished Christmas shopping. I swear, next year, we will NOT wait this long. It's driving me batty!

Keaton said some new words this weekend...
"gotcha" :)
Unfortunately, I can't remember the rest right now :)

Benjamin is super close to rolling over! I have to stop cheering when he's so close, it keeps scaring him (OK, I'm getting excited and ok with this milestone!)

This week, we will finish up Christmas shopping, have Benjamin's 4 month appointment (see below) and we'll head to VA for a quick, Christmas celebration on Friday. whew.

Picture Time!

Yes, you're looking at this picture the correct way. B thought this was comfy. How do I know? He slept for an hour like that?? (Dr. Davis - are you wondering why he won't nurse on one side?! haha!) P.S. - Check out the thigh rolls....love it!

Zach practicing for Sunday morning service...sorry, "practicing"

Not sure what was above him as the tree is only a couple inches taller than he is, but I love the look of amazement :)

I was trying to be creative...eh...not so much

I think "TAAAAIN" (train) was coming from his mouth...I think...?


"Oh Wow"

I'm normally pretty anal about what Keaton eats. I mean, we're NOT healthy eaters, but I don't let him drink juice, have lots of sweets or anything like that. If I'm having a dessert, I'll let him taste, usually the least sugar-filled part of it...

Well, the holidays have ruined that. He's been eating Sandtarts with me, we stand by the Peppermint Marshmallows and munch all day...

Wednesday was the straw that broke the camel's back though...

When my mom was in town last weekend, she bought us some egg nog. The only time I notice it was when I'd open the fridge for meals, and I couldn't drink egg nog with meals...it has to stand alone!

Well, I went to get Keaton's sippy out of the fridge and I saw it. I couldn't take it anymore. I had to have a sip!

So I poured myself a cup and wouldn't you know, Keaton turns around - he knows something is amiss. He is being left out!

I looks and says, "Guh" (which I'm thinking this time meant, "Give" haha) I said, "Say please" (Forgetting that he has that one down now...) "Peeeeease" So I give him a tiny sip.

This is my son. I know he was birthed from me if for no other reason the second that delicious, thick drink touched his tongue, his eyes lit up and "OH WOW" escaped his lips - complete with a tummy rub, followed by "yummy yummy!" hahahahahah, I love it!

I had to chug the rest and show him it was "all gone" so he wouldn't beg for more (ie: wailing and gnashing of teeth!)
Benjamin discovered his voice a week or so ago. If you see us and we have blood pouring out of our ears, that's what is going on. This kid can screech! I don't remember Keaton being this loud - of course, up until this point, he'd spent the better part of his short four months screaming and crying all day....and all night. So, noise was kind of relative by that point. But B is loud. That's the only way to describe it.

When I taught pre-school, one of my 3 year olds had given me an ornament (I'm thrilled her mom wrote her name and the year on the back - I will never forget Meredith McGimsey...Seriously. I loved those kids. I can see the whole class now...Noah, Beth, Carter...ok, I won't name all 13, but I bet I could! haha!) Anywho, the ornament. It's a felt bear and super cute. Well, I was sitting at the "tree" tonight with B and he starts YELLING at this bear, grabbing for it. I tried to show him lights and other shiny ornaments...He'd push them out of the way to get to that bear! It was hysterical!
I keep thinking of things to brag about them throughout the day and when I sit down to write, I can't remember it all...

Oh well...maybe tomorrow. :)


4 months

Well, silly me posted pictures instead of talking about B yesterday! He turned 4 months! How quickly this time has passed!

He is usually a very happy baby (compared to K up until this point!) He loves "talking" - he jabbers all day long! He is super smiley and makes me melt with every gummy grin! He is trying so hard to roll over (I'm not encouraging it!) He loves his toes (who doesn't?!) He loves chewing and sucking on his hands. He still would rather be in the wrap snuggled up next to me than any other place (and I would rather that too!)

He's been sleeping thru the night since about 6 weeks (minus the snafu with HFM and a few days after...) He just doesn't like to nap (taking after Keaton)

He loves being in his jumperoo and jumping and making the silly thing make all sorts of noises.We've had to move it up to the 2nd level - we're not sure if it's because he's that long or if it's his weight weighing it down (I'm not kidding!)

He loves his big brother and watches everything he does (and laughs when K gets into trouble! hhahah!)

We go on Monday for his 4 month check up and 2 vaccinations (1 shot and 1 oral) ((I promise soon, I'll write about what we're doing and why!)) I'm SO excited to see how much he weighs, I really do feel our scale was pretty accurate in saying 18lbs....we shall see!

So that's my baby at 4 months! I could eat him :)
On the mommy front, I'm just about done with Christmas. I've been busy doing a lot by hand this year and it's been so much fun.

To go along with my peppermint marshmallows I "made" peppermint all purpose cleaner! I bought some 7th Generation All-Purpose cleaner and some peppermint essential oil. In a separate spray bottle I poured 4 oz. of cleaner and a bunch of drops of oil. I shook it & started cleaning...ahhhh, Christmas on my counters! yummmmmy!

I can't wait to show off some of my hand made goods, but not til after Christmas!!

I was also accepted to write for another blog, 24 hour menu. It's a recipe blog that I really enjoy reading. I'm super excited about this! I've really been enjoying coming up with ideas and writing for {busy mommy} as well.

Time to throw dinner in the oven! Til next time


Our Weekend in Pictures

Why is Keaton so excited???
Paul Bunyan visited our home this weekend!!! Ok not really, we got a tree though! A really, really ridiculously short tree!

Keaton enjoyed eating sand tarts, the best cookies ever.

Here are the Peppermint Marshmallows.

It wasn't all fun and games this weekend though. Keaton normally takes off for the apartment after getting out of the van. My mom said, "Should he hold your hand?" I said, "He normally doesn't." He plopped on the ground. He hopped up. Fell right back down...Now he looks like he visited Fight Club. (Dr. Davis, I'll have him in to see you soon, haha!)


Fun night! (& weekend!)

Bebe was in town again! She made a semi-last minute trip so we could do some "baking." We actually made Peppermint Marshmallows*. The original plan was to make them for us and maybe give some out, but at the last minute, I decided to take them to the worship teams' Christmas party tonight.

But, a tragedy happened in the midst of the baking (no real BAKING was involved with the marshmallows)...my stand mixer died :( It was a sweet and generous wedding gift from my co-teachers when I was teaching at a pre-school in Roanoke when Zach and I got married. (What a sweet surprise that shower was...They tricked me into thinking it was an end of the year picnic...and it was really a kitchen shower for me...love those ladies!) Anywho. Long story short (b/c I'm VERY tired) my mixer started smelling bad...and then got really hot...and then...that's all she wrote :( My mom felt really bad and even bought me a new one today. It's one that I've been eyeing for a VERY long time because you can get awesome attachments for it to make pasta and to grind food, among other things! I'm excited to find a reason to use it! :-D Shouldn't be too hard!

We did a teeny bit of shopping at Archiver's. I have a special project up my sleeve that I plan on showing off here soon!

And tomorrow, I hope to show off the new addition to our apartment!!! It was a hard find, but so fun!

Tonight, we had the Christmas party at the church for the worship team. So I took the Peppermint Marshmallows and a yummy dessert. Both were a hit (and of course, my dessert making ego has been stroked once again as everyone gah-gahed over my treats!)

We had a friend from church stay here at the apt. with Keaton (since he goes to bed at 6 and the Christmas party didn't start until 7 - he is NOT pleasant when he doesn't get his sleep!) and we took Benjamin with us. Shanna, who was one of our doulas, was thrilled to see and hold Benjamin the majority of the time (and I of course, didn't mind the extra hands!) I got to talk with other adults (gasp!) and get to know a couple of people that I didn't really know before (even though we're "friends" on Facebook! haha!)

Well, this is one tired mama. I must go get some sleep! I need to start on some more Christmas gifts tomorrow!

*Checck back for the Peppermint Marshmallow recipe


Yes, Drill Sergeant!

That's not what I've taught Keaton to say...I feel like I need to say it to him! I'm so glad that Keaton knows what needs to be done during our day (before we go anywhere, when we come home, etc...) But I wish he could grasp the fact that I am merely 1 mama, with 2 hands, moving as fast as I possibly can with 2 children underfoot.

Before we left for this chiro this morning, this is what played out.

Me: alright, Keaton, let's get socks & shoes on
K: shooooes!!!
Me: Yes, sweet pea, grab your shoes
K: (they were on the floor next to him, he picked up one & screamed "shooooe!")
Me: Yes, get your other shoe
K: "Hmmm" (complete w/ finger next to the mouth as if he's pondering one of the great mysteries of the world...
Me: Keaton, it's behind you - turn around...
K: (he begins spinning in circles)

Meanwhile, I put Benjamin in his car seat...

K finally sees his other shoe and is sitting on the couch screaming "SHOOOOOOE" at me...

I grab Keaton's socks put them on him and get his shoes on

I start to look for Benjamin's blanket to drape over him

K is screaming "LIIIIIIIIII" and pointing at our "Christmas tree" - the lights were still on

"Yes, Keaton, I'm getting there, I'm looking for Benjamin's blanket..."

I find the blanket, and I hear, "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIII" again

I run around & unplug the lights

I hear, "Jaaaa...Jaaaaa" (jacket)

"Yes, Keaton, I will get your jacket...hang on mommy needs her glasses and phone..."

I get my glasses, stick my phone in the back pack

I get K's jacket, put it on him...

"DREEEEEEEEEEE" and he's shaking his sippy

"Yup, we need your sippy, take it to the bookbag..."

He instead feels the need to bring it to me - I'm trying to round up mail to drop off on our way out.

I take his cup and stick it in the bag with the mail

At this point, he's shaking the handle on B's carseat screaming "Uhhhhh" (up)

"Yes, Keaton, it needs to go up..."

I start to put it up and he runs to the door, "Edy! Edy!" (ready)

At this point, I sit on the floor and ask K to come to me..."Edy!!!!"

"No, Keaton, come here now please...."

At this point, I try to explain that mommy is going as fast as she can and I thank him for being a big helper in getting ready...

We head to the chiro...which went great until time to walk out into the parking lot - a nice little melt down with sympathetic smiles from all the patients there (ugh)

We head to a friends' house to get a couple items we were borrowing and he has a MELT down while we're there (sorry, again, Kristen!!!) I put K back in the van, he starts smacking B's car seat base screaming, "B!!!!!!!!!!!!" Yes, sweet pea, Benjamin's seat goes there...

I drive thru McD's and get lunch.

I get 2 nuggets in his belly before we get to the apartment. (this is typical and he knows he'll get the rest of lunch when we get inside) We walk in the door and it begins again....

"JAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" trying to take off his jacket....I get it off for him

"Eaaaaaaaaaa...eaaaaaaaaaaa" (signing eat) "No, waiiii....SHOOOES"

I again sit on the floor and take K's hands and say, "Sweet Pea, I am moving as fast as I absolutely can! I know you want to finish your lunch...." "EAAAAAAAAAA"....."Yes, you want to eat, but you need your shoes off...." "SHOOOOOOOOOOOES" "Yes...Which would you like? To eat? Or Take your shoes off?"

He seriously thought for about 1.565332221 seconds and said, "Shoes, peeese"

I couldn't help but laugh at that. "Ok, sweet pea, we'll take off your shoes..."

Shoes off...."Ea, peese"


I get him set up to finish the nuggets...


"Yes sweet pea...

(pointing to the tree) "liiii"


"Oh, you're right Keaton, I need to turn the lights on..."

Where in the WORLD does he get this OC behavior (hmmm....) ;-)
This mama got a much needed night out tonight!

No, I didn't go to O'Charley's and get the Cotton Candy Cosmo I've been eyeing since before Thanksgiving. No I didn't go bar hopping with friends.

No. I went ALONE To Joann Fabrics and Michael's. ALONE! Oh how nice it was to be ALONE for a bit!

Of course, as soon as I walked in the door, I saw Benjamin and couldn't stop gah-gahing over him for about 15 minutes :)
Now for some observations from the night.

Oh kind cashier from Joann's. I'm sorry you have to wear that hideous "no sew" scarf (no offense to "no-sew" wearers...but hers was AWFUL), a Santa hat, listening to Christmas music by the door that keeps opening all day long. But that is really no reason to get an attitude with me.

To the employee's of Michael's. Thank you for your attempt to help us reach items that are 15+ feet off the floor with the large ladders, but really, is there no better place to keep them but in the middle of every single isle?

And to the teenagers at Target tonight. Thank you for calling me a 'nobody.' I appreciate you wanting to wait until "ain't nobody 'round" before talking trash about the girl who awkwardly smiled and said hi to you, obviously recognizing you from school, but I still heard your conversation...wish I hadn't.
Other than all that, it was nice ;-)


For starters, this giveaway is open to Raleigh/Wake Forest residents only due to shipping purposes. I simply cannot mail out all the prizes. I apologize for my far-away readers! Hopefully, there will be more giveaways to come!!

Also, this is giveaway #1, you have a handful of ways to win here. If you go to my musings blog, you can enter again (you can only win once though, but this does double (or something) your chances of winning!) There will be two winners here and two on my musings blog.
Onto the giveaway!

I want to start by saying that we, ourselves, have not tested out this product because it is not recommended for children under 2 - we still have a couple more months to go before we can try it out, but we are definitely going to be using it asap!

Sinupret contacted me about doing this giveaway and I'm so excited! Since we are hearing more and more scary things about cough & cold medicines, especially for children, it is so nice to know there is something out there that is natural and that works!

Dr. Sears has written an article for the Health News Digest about the product that has a lot of great information included in it.

The four giveaway packs I have include the following:

A sample of Sinupret for Kids (remember, not recommended for children under 2)
Cute yellow, toy binoculars
An activity book
A $3.00 coupon for Sinupret for Kids
and Dr. Sears' book, The Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood (which I'm super jealous about!)

So, how can you win?

Leave a comment below telling me who would be using this product. Make sure you either leave me your email address OR have your email visible on your blog or profile so I can contact you.

For an extra entry -
Follow my blog (it counts if you already do!)
Head over to my musings blog and enter there!

Want another entry?

Blog about this giveaway and link back in another comment!

Just remember - you must be in the Raleigh, NC area. The winners and I will arrange a time to meet up.

I will pick the winner by using random.org. This giveaway is open until 12noon (EST) Friday, December 19. The winners will have 48 hours to respond to my email or a new winner will be drawn.

Fort Raleigh

Yesterday I attempted to make a fort for Keaton. He didn't really grasp the sit beneath & play concept - more enjoyment was had running beneath and pulling it down. After the 167th time of putting the sheet back up, the fun was winding down :)

I need some toddler fort tips, mamas???

Of course, just sitting on the chair next to it is just as good :)

Sorry for the poor quality, but, judging by the leg, I think we will be retiring the swing soon....

Zach's parents got these PJs for Keaton. I was worried that they wouldn't fit. They just barely did...I just thought his pose was hysterical....


Raleigh, We Have a Problem!

I don't know which problem is worse, so I'll start with the first born.

Keaton, my little eating machine, has finally decided that eating is not needed anymore! I was really hoping we were going to skip this stage of toddler-hood! Now, since he did eat an entire PB&J sandwich at lunch and even asked, by signing, for more, it very well could be that his cold is just causing too much drainage to eat...but this has been going on for a week now. The child only wants to eat, teething biscuits, waffles and toast! I did get some encouragement from this site and this site (as well as some BTDT -been there, done that- mama's on facebook!) Any other advice is greatly welcome :)

Benjamin is a mama's boy! Susan, my mother-in-law, commented this weekend on how much B seemed to really enjoy the close contact (while being in the wrap) and just being held and snuggled close in general. Now, I love this as much as the next mama. However, yesterday, B was napping in the swing and I was snuggling on the couch reading with K. B woke up and I just happened to look over about that time. He looked at me, stuck out his lip and started pouting. I put K down and B started grinning. I picked up K, the lip and pouting. I put K down, he grinned!!

Ohhhhh boy! These guys are going to keep me on my toes!! :)

Here are some pictures:

B in his bumbo!

Cheesy grin from my sweet pea

My chunky almost 4 month old!

B in the onesie K wore 8 days before his 1st birthday!!!



I got my laptop back...Zach finished this semester (had his last final tonight)...one more semester down...

'nuff said!


20 months!

I cannot believe my Sweet Pea is 20 months 'old'!!!

What a busy 20 months he's had, too! :)

Here's a funny conversation that happened on our way home from church yesterday:

Me: Keaton, did you have fun?
K: Ge-uh (yes...from here on out "yes")
Me: Did you color?
K: "yes"
Me: Did you sing songs?
K: "yes"
Me: Did you kick the ball? (when I dropped him off in his class, he immediately went for the ball and was kicking it)
K: Ball??
Me: Yes, ball, did you kick it? (We were at a light and I turned to look at him)
K: (starts kicking like he would a ball!)
Me: Did you play with the kitchen?
K: "yes"
Me: Did you (at this point starting to wonder if he understands more than I give him credit for!) play outside (it was 40 and super windy, they BETTER not have gone out!)
K: (laughing) "Nooooooo" (!!!)
Me: Did you listen and obey your teachers? (Another light, so I turn around)
K: (BIG grin) Noooooo

We got home and I went to get his sippy out of his bag...what was in there?

A picture that he colored!!

He cracks me up all day long (and makes me feel like pulling my hair out, too!)

He definitely has a temper and is very strong-willed. Before B was born, we bought Dobson's Strong Willed Child. We also bought Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child to prepare for sleeping issues with B. I spent my time reading the sleep book...B has slept great (usually!) so now it's time to get back to SWC :)

He's wearing mostly 2T clothes now - for the length, NOT for the waist (though, as long as he's in a cloth diaper, the waist usually isn't an issue)

This child may look like Zach, but definitely has my cleaning tendencies! We cannot go any where with him picking up (most) his toys. According to his Sunday school teachers', he is the only child that cleans up before leaving (but I'm sure he's the child that dumps out ALL the toys too!)

So, after Christmas, I start planning the 2nd birthday party. I have some great ideas up my sleeve :)

On the Benjamin side of things, we did a 'faux' weigh-in last night...I stand on the scale, see how much I weigh, then Zach hands B to me and we (he) does the math to see how much B weighs....

18.5 is the number we came up with!!! 18.5 POUNDS! The child isn't even 4 months yet...Today he is wearing this onesie. This EXACT onesie. The one K wore 8 days before his 1st birthday!!! Now, it's not THAT snug on B, but it is definitely NOT loose on him! (I'll get a picture before the end of the day....or before he spits up all over it) ;-) Guess we'll have to find a new UNC onesie before basketball season is in full swing!!

No rolling yet (yay! haha!) He is starting to LOVE peek-a-boo (if he's anything like Keaton, which he is apparently, not, but, if he is, he will LOVE this game for a long time!) I've gotten a couple of giggles out of him. But he is definitely still our serious baby :)

We go back on the 22nd for his 4 month check up and we'll get an official weight/length check then :)

Well, things need to get done!

Happy 20 month-day, my Sweet pea!!!!!


Nothing Like Waiting til the Last Minute

As you know (or have learned) I love college football. I'm in a yahoo pick 'em group with a dear friend, her husband and a bunch of other people. I'm currently tied for 3rd place and, if you asked Zach, rather prideful of this position :)

As you may also recall, my laptop has been sent away to be fixed (not "Bob Barker" fixed...repaired!) so I'm having to use Zach's.

My laptop had all my important bookmarks across the top - kellymom, my chiro, my pedi (not linking these for privacy reasons!), craigslist and {busy mommy} to name a few. Well, also in that toolbar was the simple letters "YFB" - Yahoo! Football...my reminder to make my picks each week.

Normally these picks need to be made by 12noon, Thursday. 9 times out of 10, this is the deadline.

I'm talking to my mom and we're talking about football...then I remembered - MY PICKS!!!!!!! I did not make my picks this week!!

I can't breathe, I'm almost in tears as I'm frantically trying to remember my password remember - I have it bookmarked for easy access!!) I remember and I scroll to week 14...what do I see?

Deadline: Friday Dec. 5, 2008; 7:55pm...

What time is it??? 7:46pm!!!!


I've never clicked my picks so quickly!

My mom commented that I was taking my sports too seriously...but I'm tied for 3rd place!!!! Missing this week would have ruined that!

Now... Roll Tide! :)


Dueling Coughs

Such is the life with these two kids...

Yes, the Sunday school germs have invaded our home once again. Frustrated...tired...defeated - that's how this mama feels. I've decided to turn into a handwashing Nazi (I thought I was bad before) we are going to be washing hands all day long from here on out...I guess we need to find a stool for Keaton to stand on b/c my back will be killing me!

Right now, they're both asleep. One will cough and the other will mimic the others' cough...back and forth...I've been hearing that for 30 some minutes now.

Please be praying for our lil guys, that this would pass quickly, no ear infections would occur, that K would be obedient in using the neb, and for my sanity as I listen to coughing (which I HATE the sound of anyways), my patience as I listen to screaming all day, my persistence in the handwashing event of the century and my teaching skills as I try to get K to cough into his elbow (haha! my 3 year olds couldn't even do that!) and STOP touching his brother (whom he loves so so so much!)

Happy Note: a dear friend had her sweet baby yesterday! I haven't gotten all the detail yet, but his name is Josiah, he was born around 430pm and according to their doula, mama did AWESOME!!!! Way to go J.Leigh!!!!!! SO - if you go to North Wake - call me because I'm coordinating their meals ;-)

OK, I'm so excited about Keaton and his new words. He really wanted me to read a particular ABC book for him yesterday. I have the thing memorized we read it so often. Usually, I'll read it. Then we read it again and I *TRY* to have him repeat (it's usually, "no") or show him a sign for the word. Well, here's how our conversation went throughout the book. We had just finished one book (probably the X-men book, haha) and I asked, "Do you want to read another book?" (I signed book) he signed 'book' back and said, "Yeh." This was his first time signing book, so I got a little too excited about it ;-) I said, "Great!! Go grab a book (sign) and we'll read (sign) it..."

He brings back the ABC book. I open it....

Me: Apple.
Keaton: "Eh" (A sound, haha)
Me: (pointing to banana)
Keaton: Nay-nay! Nay-nay! Yummy!
Me: Cat
Keaton: Kitty, mew (first time making a cat noise!)
Me: That's right! A kitty says meow!
Keaton: (smacking the kitty) MEW MEW
Me: Duck
Keaton: Duck! (first time saying duck!)
Me: That's right! Duck! Quack quack!
(K looks at me like I'm stupid...moving along...)
Me: Elephant
Me: Fi...
Me: That's right, Fish! Grapes...
K: mmmmm (while rubbing tummy)
Me: Hearts, Ice Cream, Jelly
K: Mmmm, telly
(insert 20 seconds of me trying to get a "J" sound out...)
Me: Key
K: Tey
(again, with the "K" sound...)
Me: Lemon
K sticks out his tongue. He knows lemons. He asks for one everytime we go out to eat...and then hates it!
Me: Milk
K: (signing milk, yay!) Mi!
(Me repeating Milk over and over...)
Me: Numbers....Orange...Pig
K tries to make a snorting pig sound, as usual, but just blows air OUT his nose ;-)
Me: Quilt
(apparently I've rubbed my arms like I'm hugging myself when I say that word, because that's what he did, haha!)
Me: Rainbow
K: TAIN!!!!!!!!!!
Me: Almost...Stars...now (pointing to train)
K: TAIN!!!!!!!!!! TAIN!!!!!!!!!! (the boy LOVES his trains!!!)
Me: That's right, choo choo
K: "too too" (hahahahahah, love it!)
Me: Umbrella...Vegetables...Whale
Me:...Sure, fish!...Xylophone...Zebra
K points to his magnetic barn set on the door. I look at him and point the the zebra and repeat the word. He goes and points to the horse...Sure, a zebra can be a horse! :)

It was so much fun...we re-read the book again ;-) I won't put you through that though!!! :)

B is trying to roll over, every time he gets close, K comes running through screaming and scares B flat on his back.

For the record: I'm totally content with B not rolling! (K had been since 6weeks) because little did I know at this point with K, he was up and crawling/cruising in 2 more months...yes, my lil chunky monkey, you lay there :)


This lil piggy...

Well, yesterday was very productive. Zach had one more vacation day left for the year, so he took it yesterday (since Tuesdays are our long days - he leaves first thing in the morning and doesn't get home until around 945pm) Anywho. It really allowed me to get a lot done (I never get things done on the weekend because of football!)

I was able to make dinner (which is, almost (haha), always a given) - I made BBQ chicken in the crock pot and, if I may say so, it was the best BBQ I've ever had! I made a couple batches of waffles to put in the freezer for breakfast meals. And I was finally able to sort through Benjamin's clothes and put away what doesn't fit and find in a sea of boxes, what would.

Needless to say, my sweet, precious 3.5 month old is wearing what Keaton wore when he was 6 months old!!! (6-9 mos clothing) I even had him in 6-12mos PJs last night and they were snug!

Can we all say it together now - chunky monkey!!!! I can't get over all of B's rolls and his 4 chins and chunky cheeks - I just want to eat him up! It's not that he's just a chunk, either - he's long. When K lays on the floor next to him, B isn't much shorter than K!

I need to go. K wants to read his X-men Book :)


Amuse me...

I want to try something out... so, entertain me and do this please :)

Almost forgot! #16!!!!!!

Tooth #16!!!!!!!!! We are done until 2 year molars! Whew! The last eye tooth is breaking through and causing super pain for K. He stands and points at the teething tablets container! haha!

Hopefully, those 4 molars won't be too hard on him (and hopefully they will wait a while before trying to appear! It's been a long, full 11 months!)

Children are crying!


How to make your mama proud!

Atleast how Keaton does it anyways...

This mama is a huge football fan, particularly, college football. I am a die hard UVA & UNC fan, however, there are other teams that I really enjoy watching, one of those being Alabama. Yesterday, was an AMAZING game versus Auburn (where Auburn didn't score a single point...wonderfulness!!!) So, what would any mother teach her son? How to say "Roll Tide", of course! K doesn't have it down perfect, but there's a destinct "oll ide"to it! And if nothing else, if I say, "Roll Tide!" He throws his arms in the air and says, "YAY!" haha!!! (For my MTSU'rs, we're working on "Go Big Blue") ;-)

I made chili again today and the weather finally coorporated with me! It was so cold and rainy and yucky - perfect chili weather! Keaton made me proud once again, by saying "yummy yummy" after most bites. He impressed us with "Bean" and pointing to beans! And calling his spoon a speen - close enough (Roll tide!)

I have also, gasp!, decorated for Christmas!!! I even did this....before Thanksgiving Day! I guess to make up for the fact that we have done absolutely NO Christmas shopping! haha

I think that's the news from here...

Finally, some long awaited pictures :)

"Hello" from B! Check out the thighs! ;-)

My sweet Sweet Pea

Our "tree" (tee) with lights (liiiiiii) ;-)

The stocking were hung by the ...bookcase?
Zach joining in on the babywearing fun ;-)
Our little Santa!

Experimenting with the camera...you might get a cavity from how sweet this picture is!

haaha.....love it!


Please be patient as we experience technical difficulties...

Ahhh, I can breathe again! A very scary thing happened when I opened my laptop this morning...the "mouse" (touchpad) and keyboard were not responding!!! ACK! I get Zach's laptop and once we figured out what my login was, his laptop disconnects from the internet!!! And really, all I wanted to do was check my email to see if 1- a friend had her baby yet and 2- if I needed to make a wrap for a friend.

I've had a lot of issues with my laptop as of late, but I love her too much to send her away. However, tomorrow, she'll be taking a trip to the Geek Squad. Hopefully her stay will be short and she'll come back better than ever.

It all started with my E's and S's...sometimes the E doesn't show up...and sometimes I get double S's...usually when I'm typing the word "as" (eek!) ;)

Then, it started having problems booting up. I'd have to shut down, restart in safe mode, shut down and restart again as normal.

About 2 weeks ago, it stopped detecting my battery, so if it became disconnected, it would immediately shut down - and I'd usually have to restart in safe mode...etc...etc...

Then this morning...My mouse was going all wonky. It would avoid any thing I needed to click on - flying all over the screen. And then if I could get it to a place to type (say, my gmail login) I'd have to punch the letters/numbers as hard as I could 5 or 6 times before anything would show up. As soon as I'd hit enter, it'd do what I'd need it to do...until I wanted to click on an email or try to read something in Reader.

So that was today!

We celebrated Thanksgiving at IHOP last night since we weren't able to make it home. It was super yummy, however, Keaton decided to display his toddlerness and throw a couple of really good tantrums while we were there. No one seemed to mind, but I was rather embarrassed. He enjoyed his create-a-face pancake with bananas (nay-nays), strawberries (mmmm, haha!), yougurt and whipped cream. I had (I think it was called) Butterscotch Rocks pancakes - pancakes filled with butterscotch chips and granola, sprinkled with granola and drizzled with caramel syrup. And of course, a dollop of whipped cream on top! :) Zach claimed he was going to get belgum waffles...but settled for something gross looking (Though NOT a cheeseburger!) instead!

I also wanted to share what I've been putting off for awhile! About a month ago, I was accepted as the Stay At Home Mommy topic editor for {busy mommy} blog! I'm so excited about this! You should be able to go here and read the articles I've written so far. It's been fun coming up with ideas and taking off with them.

Well, the battery is running low on Zach's laptop! Pray I get mine fixed quickly!! :)


Welcome to the blogging world!

Cara, who provided the awesome giveaway for my 200th post, has now joined the blogging world!!! She started her blog today and you can find it here. To kick things off, she's having a giveaway!!! The winner gets to choose from a custom wipes case, a hair bow or AIO diaper!!! You get extra entries for blogging about it (or mentioning it on a social networking site) AND for mentioning that I sent you (so mention me!!!!!) :-D

Head on over, check out her shop, and enter her giveaway!!!

Update (#3) & THE tooth

I totally did update like I'd planned yesterday. It was a HUGE improvement (for B) since the weekend. He nursed great all day which was such a relief. And B showed improvements in the "diaper area" (ie: went to the bathroom A LOT!! YAY!!!)

K's tooth came in...#15, he's close to being even again - once we get the bottom, right "eye" tooth in...

And K has a new favorite saying (Ok, NO is still #1, haha!) "Choo choo" !!! The boy LOVES his trains! He'll push his wooden Melissa & Doug train around "Choo choo"ing the whole time! So precious!

I'm needed!


Update (#2)

Well, the rest of the day went great! He took bottles and even nursed for a long time this evening! I've never been so happy to see a baby eat!!!

He's a little fussy, but nothing that we can't handle.

He's starting to get "the spots" all over his feet and hands...which a friend informed me that it usually the sign of it making its way out of the system (did I get that right, Lindsay?? I was REALLY tired when we talked!) :)

I pray tonight goes as well as last night did, if not better (ie: Keaton sleeps past 6am!)

Update (#1), more teeth

I want to thank everyone for their prayers, advice/tips & encouragement!

Benjamin slept from about 9pm - 845am!!!!

Before that, he drank 6oz. at 3pm and 8oz before falling asleep last night (HUGE steps!!!)

He woke up, nursed for about 15 mins and then took a break and drank 6.5oz from a bottle!!!

I'm so thrilled!!!!

He is currently so tired, he can't keep his eyes open, but still fighting a nap...

I stayed home with the boys from church this morning. Zach has to play...but will hopefully be home soon because this mama needs a break!

Keaton has a tooth coming in (I think after this it's only 5 more to go!) and is fussy beyond belief and, of course, can't understand why Benjamin really needs mommy right now and I can't hold them both in my arms (I've tried...the only thing I haven't tried is K in the mei tei on my back and B in the wrap on my front! Much more screaming, and I may have to resort to that! ;-)

I'm hoping B will get a good nap in (K TOO!!!) I think that'll help him feel tons better! If I could just get him to understand that! :)

I'll try to update tonight on how the rest of the day goes... stay tuned ;-)


What could be next?

Ok, I confess. I'm at the end of my rope with illness in this house.

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, B got his PCvax yesterday morning. Around 1230pm, he started crying. Fussy day? Maybe? Reaction to the vaccine? Shoot, I cry when I get a shot and I know what's going on, I can be OK with a 3 month old being upset over it!

As the night wears on, B is showing no signs of being calmed. He wouldn't nurse, but he would take a bottle - so we did that as often as he'd let us.

Most of the night is a blur. But I know he got a bottle around 330am.

I tried to nurse him around 7. He wouldn't have it. Same thing at 8.

At 830, I finally called the pedis' urgent care number and left a message for a nurse.

At this point, I'm thinking ear infection since he wouldn't nurse.

The story that ensues after this, as Angela would say, "You can't make up this stuff..."
*Note: sarcasm & my thoughts will be italicized. :)

830am - I call and leave a msg. on the nurses' line (their msg. states they have 1 hour to call you back)

950am - I finally call back (they're only open until 1230pm, so I want to make sure if he needs to be seen, we can get him in) The receptionist informs me that my msg. was not received, she jots down my info and promises a nurse will return my call ASAP.

10am - A nurse calls back (one of our favorites from the office - she remembers me and treats me like a human, a concerned, sleep deprived mom - something I really needed) She asks me to bring him on in since he was running a low grade fever over night. She gives me (awful) directions and off we go (to who knows where!)

1040am - I arrive at the urgent care center and sign in. I sit down in a VERY, hot waiting room (I ran out the door so I just threw a sweatshirt on over my nursing tank...it's 29 degrees outside...I can't just whip off the sweatshirt ...ok I could have, but, I chose not to...)

...some time passes and I realize that people are coming in and being called back - no one has asked us for our information yet or anything...I finally go up and ask if they need my info. One receptionist who knows us from our office, looks at her "desk mate" and says, "SHE didn't get your info???" I smiled, said, "No..." She rolls her eyes and says she'll be with me in a minute...

By this point, B is screaming his head off, and there is a family speaking in Spanish about the "baby who wouldn't stop crying"...nice...I did take 5 years of Spanish...and do remember a bit....

a few minutes later, we're called back. Before leaving the waiting room, I noticed a thermostat - it says the room temperature was 81! 81 degrees!!!

We get in an exam room and I notice it's probably 20 degrees cooler, however, I still remove my sweatshirt. The nurse informs me "The Pedi" will be with me in just a few minutes. I'm glad there wasn't a clock on the wall...I'm sure 20 minutes passed...

"The Pedi" (N) walks in and looks at me (T) like I have 4 heads. I inform her how it was so hot out in the lobby, she smiles...I just know this is going to be a fun appointment...

N asks me what is going on. I explain the shot/our delayed schedule, the no sleep, the screaming, the non-eating...She stops me in mid sentence as if she wasn't listening and says, "Let me listen to his chest..." whatever...

N: "He sounds great!"
T: "Yeh, he isn't congest..."
N: cutting me off again, "Let's look at the ears..."
"Oh, Beautiful ears! Not infected!"
T: "Oh good! That was what I was wondering it was! I'm so glad. Do you think..."
N: cutting me off, again, "While he's on your lap facing me, let me look at his throat" (B is as irritated w/ "N" at this point as I am and is screaming bloody murder - she got a nice good look and exclaimed "He has Coxsackievirus!"
T: Ok....
N: "You probably know it as Hand Foot Mouth..." (she goes on to explain what I already know about HFM...it's awful, that's about it...)
T: "Oh great!"
N: "Yes!"

I swear, she genuinely sounded EXCITED that this is what it was.

T: "So how long..."
N: (do I need to say it...she cut me off again!) "...Does it last? Well that depends on the child, but you are probably looking at 5-7 days..."
Why ME?!
T: "Ok, so what can I do?"
N: (She for real rolled her eyes at me) "There isn't a "cure" for it...I can't give him medicine..."
T: "OK...so what can I DO?"
N: (deep sigh) "Well, keep him comfy..."
T: (deep breath...) "OK...my child has not eaten since 3am...WHAT can I do to get him to eat?"
N: "Keep him hydrated..."
T: "And how should I do that if he will NOT nurse??"
N: (another deep sigh) "Well... the best thing to do would be to mix 1/2tsp of Children's benedryl and 1/2tsp. of Maalox and squirt it on the back of his throat...The Maalox will coat his throat and help him swallow...The Benedryl will act as an ((insert big medical word I don't know)) and basically dull the pain..."
T: "Ok, Benedryl and Maalox. Interesting. Do you have a pen so I can jot that down?"
N: "You don't need to write it down. It's easy to remember...1/2 tsp. of each...You should also get some Pedialyte and pretty much sit on the couch and give him dropperfuls..."
T: "OK, so Benedryl & Maalox and Pedialyte..."
N: "NO, you don't mix all three.... Just the Maalox and Benedryl.."

Seriously. If you cut me off one more time, lady...

T: "Oh, one other thing..."
N: (she had her hand on the door and didn't remove it until she actually left the room at the end of this next section...) (deep sigh) "...Yes..."
T: "He gets really fussy when we lay him down flat. That's not characteristic of him...Would it be helpful to lay him on an incline..."
N: "You don't have to do that. He's just wanting you and comfort..." (she opens the door to leave)
T: "No, I really don't think that's what it is...could it possibly be hurting him...."
N: (once AGAIN) "Of course it's hurting him...it's burning when he tries to swallow..."
T: "OK...so there is not a thing I can do?"
N: (as she opens the door and walks out...) "Just TLC, have a good day..."


For starters. I'm sorry that you have to work on a Saturday, and probably a Sunday too. But you know what. You knew that when you made the choice to become a "Health Care Provider." I'm sorry you got the shaft and you have to work this weekend, Hey, at least you get to be on the cool side of the building! Maybe you wanted to be at the Christmas parade with your kids...guess what, I wanted to sleep last night and I bet my husband did too! Such is life...

I'd also like to add that (in case any medical professionals read this) when patients (especially tired moms!) come in for answers, don't treat them like they should have read your medical text books before coming in...please don't act like I'm wasting your time...and hear me out with all my questions...

And "N" if by some RANDOM chance you read this, I still had a handful of questions that I needed to ask you. If you would have allowed me 30 seconds to allow the fact that my child had HFM to set in, I could have thought of them...now I'm stuck with a handful of questions and left to Google them (B/c I'm SURELY not calling to speak with you tomorrow!)

(For those reading and think this sounds harsh, yes, it may be, but I'm exhausted and worried for my baby....oh, and this is NOT sarcasm!)



says the monkey. And in our case, our little Monkey :) Keaton has started making a monkey noise whenever we see a monkey (note: Monkey's are not often seen in this part of NC, merely in books and on toys) :)

He's expanding his vocab everyday. I'm simply amazed at what all he can "say" (I have to translate most of his words...but the fact that he's associating the same sound, usually the correct sounds, with an object or idea, is awesome). His favorite word is still "No" :) His newest is "Bah" for bath.

He has started signing milk (one that I never showed him, except in his sign language book!) in addition to more, eat, done/finished, light (sometimes), drink (sometimes), hi/bye (haha), and it seemed like there was another one, but I can't remember right now.

Benjamin had his vaccination visit today (we're spreading out his shots so he doesn't get a ton in one visit. It means more trips in, but, I feel better about it this way - I'll write more on this later) He just got one and took it like a champion :)

I was also curious as to his weight because he is wearing 6-9 month clothing (Not entirely, but some things, depending on the fit)... My little chunk at 3 months and 6 days weighs in at.......

16lbs. 1oz.!!! This is "nearly off the charts" (97%) for his age. (K weighed 16lbs. at 4 months) Unbelievable!

I want to apologize for not posting a lot of pictures recently. I've been taking them, but when ever I upload them to Blogger, they post all weird and if I try to caption them, they go out of order...I'm not stupid but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong!! It's RATHER frustrating and I keep meaning to shoot someone an email at Blogger, but...I keep putting it on the back burner...along with calling PlaytexBaby about sending me a new pump since mine died :( going to our old apartment and visiting the Hahns and Macks!!!!...and about 18 other things!!


The Joy :)

I can't stop laughing!


Help Us Win a Wii!!!!!

I did post this on my sidebar....but we need all the votes we can get!!!! The person in first place has over 430 votes!!!!

Please go HERE and click ‘vote’ to help us win a Wii! Zach and I have been wanting one for a long time, but it’s definitely NOT in the budget. This would be a great gift for ourselves for Christmas (and my birthday!!)

Thank you, thank you thank you!!

ALSO - PLEASE pass this "memo" on to your friends and family!!! :)

And, if you vote and we win it - you can come play it! ;-)

What Should I Call This?

Let's see...where to begin!

Benjamin turned 3 months Saturday! 3 MONTHS!! It is just flying by! He's awesome :) He sleeps great - better than Keaton does now! He loves being in the sling and wrap - always falling asleep in the wrap and yesterday at Target, he fell asleep in the sling!!! I was thrilled! He smiles at me all day long, he's starting to think Keaton is something pretty entertaining and always has "stories" to tell :) He's *usually* asleep by 9pm (the past two nights we've had some going to bed problems) and will usually sleep until 730, if not later!

BeBe just left. She got in Sunday at lunch time for a quick trip. I must say, Benjamin loves his BeBe!!! He just smiled and cooed at her the whole time! :) And of course, Keaton loves her too :)

We all got adjusted yesterday and it felt wonderful!!!

We went to the Mill Outlet Village (a fabric store here). It was a place I've wanted to go to since moving here, but this was the first trip...I LOVED it!!! The people were so nice and so helpful! I got all my materials to make a "mod mommy nursing cover" :) I'm hoping it'll happen successfully and I can add that to the list of items I want to include in my store :)

I also got some unpacking done! HAHA! Yes - we moved in about 5 months ago, but that's ok! I got my spice rack hung and all my spices up (I can't stop smiling when I see it hanging!) and I got an "over the door" shoe back on the back of the laundry room door for a lot of my "little" pantry items that would get lost in the pantry.

We had snow flurries today! They lasted about 3 minutes :)

As far as pictures, I will upload some later, blogger has been having issues when I try it lately and I just don't have the patience for it!

We have a playdate tomorrow and Friday, we got for Benjamin's vaccination appointment. I'm hoping to get him "officially" weighed. (we did it on our scale the other night, which I think is more accurate now that he's over 10lbs or so)...but it said 15.5lbs (wouldn't surprise me....he's a chunky monkey) :) Check back for pictures :)


I think Keaton is Psychic...


Everyday, Benjamin falls asleep...

THE SECOND his eyes close, Keaton wakes up screaming...

It's been a long week with bad napping...

I have this horrid thought that I wake up and tomorrow is only Wednesday (or, even worse, MONDAY)...It is Friday, right???

This weekend should be wonderful! My friend Whitney will be in town for her baby shower!!! She used to live here, then moved far far far away (Ok, not THAT far! But when her apt was less than a 30 second walk away...Charlotte is VERY far away!) I haven't seen her...since...??? Too long ago! :) Unfortunately, she's only in town for a day and we can't have one of our fabulous 4 hour conversations - we'll save that for another day!

My mom is coming! Yay!!!

And...yes, that's about it for now! Sleep is quickly calling! :)


An overdue update

We went to the pedi yesterday (Monday) afternoon to recheck K's ears (as well as make sure that they were indeed both healthy...)

I was so worried about his ear infectionS. BUT! I'm thrilled to say, Dr. Rule said, "You would never know he had an infection...in either ear!!!!"

Both the boys' chests sounded "perfect" (B was a bit "gargly" but he had just eaten) :)

I'm worried what tomorrow brings. When K comes down with something, it starts first thing Wednesday mornings (apparently that's the "incubation" time for Sunday school germs!)

We shall see!

Just wanted to update! Off to bed!


Meal Plan Monday

Monday - Ravioli Lasagna
Tuesday - Grilled Cheese
Wednesday - Cheesy Chicken & Rice Casserole
Thursday - Tacos
Friday - Carrie’s Chicken
Saturday Lunch - Sandwiches
Saturday Dinner - Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwiches
Sunday Lunch - Leftovers
Sunday Dinner - Chili w/ Cornbread



Yes - Sirius. My new love! We had to get some body work done on the van thanks to some darling children vandalizing vehicles here at our apartment complex. Our insurance company was kind enough to provide a rental car for us. The car provided - a silver, PT Cruiser. I hate it. It's so cramped. I feel like I'm in a clown car. I do enjoy the smoothness of the ride (I miss that since leaving my Saturn behind in the Kia lot...) But it has Sirius satellite radio. It's awesome! My favorite channel is 8 - Big 80's. I didn't realize how many songs I knew! I've been looking for excuses to drive around this week just so I can listen! haha!

In light of Sirius radio, I thought I'd share my favorite "Seriously?!?" moment from the week.

A [paraphrased] quote from The Early Show on CBS - "She {Michelle Obama} is just a normal stay-at-home-mom who shops at JCrew and White House, Black Market." Seriously? Maybe it's because we're po' folk in Seminary, but I don't know a single SAHM who shops there!

I do get to listen to it again today as we need to go back to the chiro. Keaton has been pulling on his ears. We need this ear infection gone by Monday! Benjamin is super congested still.


Still sick...

Keaton is doing much better. He only needed his breathing treatment 3 times today (first thing this morning, afternoon and bedtime - It's "normally" been about 4 times a day) He absolutely HATES when I do it, but will just sit there for Zach...oh well.

Benjamin is still congested. He wakes up OK, but by the end of the day is pretty cloggy. (Yes, cloggy)

We saw our chiro again today and for the first time, Benjamin was all aligned and everything!!! His jaw, his neck, his back and hips!!! yay!!!

As today dragged on, my throat became more and more scratchy. Ugh...Hopefully it'll pass quickly!

Thankfully, Zach is managing to avoid it all! I hope that continues!


November is Cloth Diaper Month!

One of my favorite blogs to read is a review blog by Andrea, called Mamma In Flip Flops2. She's doing "many" reviews & giveaways this month!!! I'm so excited to see what she has in store!!!

#15 & Oatmeal Cookies

To start, yes, Keaton's 15th tooth is making it's arrival! He's on his way to being even on the bottom front!

Keaton and I made cookies this afternoon.


He loves to "help" in the kitchen. Unfortunately, I couldn't get many pictures of him helping because flour would have ended up all over the floor....

We used the Quaker Oats Famous Oatmeal Cookie recipe.img_2123

First we gathered all the ingredients.

Keaton added a couple of ingredients...img_2125

After we mixed everything together, we put spoonfuls on cookie sheets & then put them in the oven!


We let them cool & then enjoyed!!!


They are so yummy!!!


Just another manic Monday...I wish it was Sunday, cause that's my Funday!

Weekend recap:

Keaton had breathing treatments throughout the weekend, it stopped his wheezing, but he is still super congested.

Benjamin continued to become more and more congested as the weekend wore on.

Time change:

I think K fell forward and not back ;-) He slept later than he normally would!


We started our day at our chiro's office. She adjusted both boys to get things draining (lovely thought, huh?!!) :) Poor B couldn't even nurse this morning (couldn't breathe out of his nose). They were both seeming better after the adjustments, especially B. We got home and he nursed like it had been ages since he ate (for those wondering - I did NOT leave him starving this morning when he couldn't nurse! I gave him a bottle of pumped milk - he ate JUST fine...lil piggy!)*

We had a follow-up visit at the pedi's office for K. She said his chest sounded great, but his ear infection has now traveled to the other ear. So, we're going to give the medication a week to "do its thing" - we go back next Monday to re-check the infection. If it's still there, we'll discuss "other options" :(

She (Dr. Rule) commented on B's congestion and oh-so-kindly offered to check him out too. Good news - his ears are clear! (my biggest concern...until...) She suggested they run an RSV test...(my thought jumps to all the kids I know from church who've had it/been hospitalized with it...and I'm picturing my sweet, sweet boy in the hospital...) thankfully, it came back negative. She said it was "a great thing" that we now owned the nebulizer, because we'll most likely need it for B as well. We got the go ahead to use it with him as needed (as well as the signs to look out for - for both - when to do at home treatments, when to bring them in the office ASAP and when to go to the ER...ugh)

So between dr's. appts and naps, it was a full, busy (long) day.

* I'd like to add that we call B a lil piggy in jest. Our 2.5 month old is wearing some 6month clothes...he is a chunk :) He has thigh rolls and I love it :)

Menu Plan Monday


I'm participating through I'm an Organizing Junkie for a chance to win an AWESOME giveaway!

Monday - Chicken Divan
Tuesday - Hot Dogs
Wednesday - Hamburger Helper
Thursday - Leftovers (Tacos, chicken divan, etc...)
Friday - Sun. Lunch - Family in town
Sun. Dinner - Zach's pizza

Not a healthy week at all - but an easy week since I have a feeling we'll be battling illness all week! Head over & check out other meal plans!!!!


Another Winner!!

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#2 is - Marissa!

Marissa said... I would give this to my sister who is having her second baby in December! She would LOVE it!

I will email her and if I don't hear within 48 hours, another winner will be drawn. Thanks to all who entered!



Need a laugh?

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We have a winner!!!!

First, thank you to everyone who entered!!! At the last minute, I decided to enter this giveaway in the Bloggy Giveaways Carnival which really upped the numbers! Also, on behalf of Cara, thank you for visiting her site and checking out all her goodies and giving feedback!!!!

I had 100 entries (a nice even number for me, haha!) And the number generator picked:

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I counted down 19 entries and I'm thrilled to say the winner is:

STEPHANIE!!!! She said:

Yeah for give-aways! I love the taggie blankets - I keep thinking I'm giong to get Eden one, but still have yet to buy one!

Congrats Stephanie and thank you again to everyone who entered!!!!! (Steph, I will email you so be on the look out!)