Are you ready to become X-Men? (#14!)

Well, the big event of the day was hair cuts. Keaton was in desperate need (as much as I loved his shaggy look, his "bangs" - what are they called on boys?! - kept getting in his eyes!) as was Zach! So off to Kidz Kuts we went. They do an awesome job there - so patient with wiggly babies! Keaton on the other hand...screamed the ENTIRE time! I'm talking tears pouring down his face, having trouble breathing making other parents look...I don't know what the deal was, I told Zach I think it was the "cape" they put on him (that's when the screaming began) but I'm not really sure. It was so sweet though, Zach was in a chair behind him getting his hair cut at the same time and Keaton kept turning around and reaching for him ...I'm cracking up remembering the drama! ;-)

And, yes, you read the title right, number 14...tooth that is, arrived this morning. I've been able to feel it underneath his gums for about a week or so now, but finally, after a rude awakening (Keaton) at 430am (!!!!!) I realized what was going on. He is officially very uneven. But, there's 14 teeth you say!!! Yes, but on the bottom he has his 2 back molars, his two front teeth, the front one to the left and then the left eye tooth...nothing on the right. It's driving me absolutely mad!!!

Ok, the X-men thing. Keaton has a book entitled Meet the X-men. 4 pages long, but it is most likely his absolute most favorite book. I loose count by 10am how many times we've read the book. I have it memorized, I'd share it, but I'm sure there's some sort of copyright rules against that ;-) However, I will summarize. Professor X is welcoming new students to his Institute. He introduces the new students to Cyclops and Storm. He reminds these students that X-men use their powers to help other people. The book finishes with Prof. X asking, "Now, are you ready to become X-men?" EVERY time we read this book and I ask the question, Keaton shakes his head and says, "Noooo" HAHA!! I love it!!! :)

He has a new favorite word (not one to replace "no" - I don't think ANYthing will replace that word!) But it's the sweetest sounding "daddy" you've ever heard. He's said "dada" before, but this is more along the lines of "Dah-deee" ugh, it melts me every time!

And the last Keaton story of the day. I was nursing B yesterday afternoon and Keaton was attempting to get into trouble, so I turned on PBS and there's this show called Super Why. It's kind of annoying, but it's educational and it kept him contained to where I could see him/kept him entertained to let me nurse B! Well, I'm watching B because he makes funny faces and I hear one of the characters say something about finding "super letters" and asking what they were. I hear Keaton say "Eh-ch...Eeeee" Then I hear the main character said, "H! and E! That's right!" I looked at the screen and sure enough, there's an H and an E!!! I looked at Keaton and he just grinned! HAha!!! I don't really think he had any clue, but, Zach and I agreed that he's never made the "H" sound....Hmmm...Boy genius! ;-)

OK, the other one...Benjamin...he's in the middle of another growth spurt (he wore 6 month clothes this week...yeh, not sure we can AFFORD more growth spurts!) He still really has no desire to do ANYTHING while on his belly! It just amazes me! He has great neck control when we hold him, put him in the bumbo or lay him on our chest. Put him on the floor and he buries his head in the blanket and screams - lovely! :)

He has proven to be an amazing sleeper - Sleeping through the night for almost 3 weeks now, I would say 4, but that first week of it, there were still some random awakenings. But, yes! Most nights (MOST) he's asleep by 9/930pm and will sleep until 730/8am!!! A couple of nights he's fallen asleep on his own (without a bottle or without nursing) and Tuesday night, I laid him in his crib awake at 830pm and he jabbered and cooed for a few minutes, but the next noise I heard from him was at 730am when he woke up!!! ...and why didn't Keaton do this?? ;-) I joked with my mom that Keaton never fell asleep on his own until about 14 months...ahhh, they're so different :)

B is smiling so much! He wakes up and fusses long enough for me to get in there and as soon as he sees me, as long as he can see me, he'll just smile and coo and tell me "stories"..if I go out of sight though, it's all over ;-)

Ok, I've rambled enough! I will post before and after pictures of the haircuts tomorrow!

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The Monier Family said...

Super Why is one of our favorites here in our home:) We also very much like Martha Speaks, Sid the Science Kid, Clifford the Big Red Dog & Sesame Street.