Quotable Keaton and B's 2 month appt.

I'll start with Benjamin's appt. first...

The results are:
Height: 24in. (75%)
Weight: 13lbs. 12.8oz (80%)
Head Circ: 40cm (50%)

Those who picked 14lbs. +(since we're rounding up) and 24in. - woohoo!

This would explain why he doesn't fit in size 2 diapers anymore! Sheesh!

We decided to do a delayed schedule regarding his vaccinations, so he only got his DTaP and the Rotavirus (oral) vaccinations. He took it like a champ, screaming more when she was listening to his chest! Silly boy. The only "complaint" was that he does indeed have eczema, just like his brother! This is an easy fix (hopefully! Keaton's was!) and not a "big deal" Just something to keep an eye on! He's currently hiccuping and cooing away in his swing - no one would ever know he just got jabbed with an icky needle!

Keaton. What more can I say!?

He's added a couple more words to his repertoire lately - the "biggest" being sunshine (ton-tine)...But, the most hysterical thing he's done lately regards his favorite word ("no"). B woke up while we were eating breakfast yesterday morning. Usually, he'll be content with Zach or I holding him until I'm finished eating and can nurse him, but he wasn't having that this particular morning! So, I got all situated and started to nurse him at the table so I could finish eating my breakfast. Keaton was giving me a weird look and I said, "What? Isn't it couth to nurse at the table??" Keaton screamed, "NOOOOO!!!!" haha, love it!

Ok, B is ready to eat and it's time for the news! :)