I guess he can!

At our pedi's office, at certain ages, we have to turn in an Ages & Stages form. One of those ages is 18 months, which is all too quickly approaching! One of the questions on this form was "Does you child use a spoon correctly and get most of the food in his/her mouth?" (something along those lines...)

We've been giving Keaton a spoon to use for months, but we've honestly never paid attention (we really usually just gave it to him to entertain himself while we ate!) So we tried this weekend and he did OK with it.

Yesterday, when I went to give him his probiotics in the applesauce, I decided to let him do it himself....

And one of the B-man...this was pre-swing batteries dying yesterday...what a long day it was!!!

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Angela said...

Good for him!! Oh and I love that pic of Benjamin in the swing... to sweet!

The Chilsons said...

WOW, I am impressed, you read that ahead of time??? What a good mommy!

Terra Jones said...

hahah :)

I print them off & use them to guide our play :)