A week of Mondays

That's what this week has felt like! It hasn't been a "bad" week per say (how can it when your 7 week old starts off the week by sleeping thru the night?! Ahhh, I'm beginning to feel human again...)

I really meant to keep track of what happened everyday because I just couldn't believe it all!

However, two notable "moments" -

1- Before Keaton's dr's. appt. Wednesday, he managed to DUMP his container of applesauce on his head ...BEFORE his appt., so I had to give him a bath. Not a big deal, but I don't know the last time I gave him a bath - a job that has fallen on Zach because it was hard for me to lift him while pregnant. So that was a lot of fun ;-)

2- This is a "dirty" story -This morning, Benjamin woke up WAY earlier than normal - I was still eating breakfast, so I just sat him on my lap while we finished up eating. Well, while sitting there, he took his morning poo. So, I finish eating and let him finish doing his thing (for future reference, if anyone watches Benjamin in the early morning, his first poo is a process....a LONG process...haha) So I take him in to change him while Keaton finishes breakfast. I take his diaper off and he peed...all over his face!!! He was screaming bloody murder! (who could blame him?!) So, I wiped him all down (a bath is coming as soon as Keaton is down for a nap!) grabbed a new pair of pants and a onesie for him, turned around and he had kicked his leg and kicked the diaper ONTO his leg...poo was EVERYWHERE! I start to wipe him down with another wipe...and he pees...AGAIN! I finally got him all cleaned up and said something along the lines of him keeping me on my toes today - he laughed! Who could be upset after that sweet precious laugh?!

Randomly, I was talking with Michelle, our Lactation Consultant the other night and she informed me that she would no longer be with our pedis office anymore. I was devasted! Well, she offered to "hook me up" with some free "lactation supplies" so we swung by on Thursday morning (can I just say I got a FREE double electric PUMP!!!!!) and did an impromtu weighing of Benjamin! He weighs 12lbs. 11oz! At Keaton's 2 month appt. he weighed 13lbs. 6oz. We don't go for Benjamin's 2 month for another week & 1/2, so I'm thinking he can match or surpass that! :) Considering he's wearing clothes that Keaton didn't wear until he was 3 or 4 months old!

Here's a load of pictures for your enjoyment...

Remember how little he used to look in the swing (used to...what, 6 weeks ago?!)...now the swing looks little!
My long boy!

Keaton wants you to notice his eyebrows raised! (I guess?!)
Those baby blues - we're in so much trouble!

I did our own lil photo shoot this morning!

I have to frame this one...

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