5 months

Once again - I'm baffled?! Was he really born 5 MONTHS ago?? 5 weeks, maybe! Not MONTHS!

Ok, enough of that! :)

Well, not a whole lot to 'update' on, but here goes :)

2 teeth so far (ugh) he's not biting as much, mostly just if Keaton comes running through the room screaming and scares him :)

He's a rolling fool now :) Well, atleast rolling one way! He hasn't mastered from front to back - he just gets mad....really mad...and screams until one of us roll him over.

He loves:
Being in the wrap (as much as humanly possible!)
Being in the jumperoo (He looks like he will fly out of that thing most days!)
Snuggling with mommy (he buries his head into my neck - and I melt!)
His big brother! (He watches EVERYthing K does and quite often laughs at him!)
K's sock monkey he got for Christmas (K is growing to like it! haha)

He is slowly getting Ok with going to other people. Rarely do we see that precious bottom lip poke out anymore when 'strangers' are around :) He is DEFINITELY a mama's boy though! (And I love it!)

We're thinking he's about 19lbs. I had to pull out K's 12 month PJs for B to fit into. He's mostly in 12 month clothes (of course, depending on the brand/cut/fit - it could be 6 mos, 9 mos or 12 mos)

He loves his cloth diapers (as does mama) and he actually screamed at me the other day when I had to put a Luvs on him in the middle of the day (we do cloth during the day and disposibles at night for various reasons) He's in Med. cloth diapers and size 3 in disposibles, but we'll probably buy 4's next time - due to his Buddah belly and thunder thighs!

He's super long - not sure how much, but, very long :) Totally normal for the Jones' boys, I think!

We haven't started solids yet, for a handful and a half of reason, but we will start with oatmeal at 6 mos.

We go next Friday (I think) for some shots (we're doing a delayed schedule)

He is sleeping through the night almost always. Teeth and rolling have screwed this up the past couple of nights (OK - almost a week now, sigh)

And that's our baby!

Keaton loves...scratch that - ADORES his little brother! Today, on the way back from the chiro, I looked back and K was just about asleep (B was) and they were holding hands...they were still holding hands when we got home. :) I'm enjoying that while it lasts ;-)

2 people have shared!:

heather said...

so are you telling me the time flies faster the second time around? lol

that is so sweet that they were holding hands! Happy 5 months benjamin!

Terra Jones said...

Well, Heather, keep in mind that Keaton screamed for the first 3-3.5 months of his life...making them the longest. months. ever. ;-)

And yeh, Keaton grabs B's hand in the car all the time. He ADORES that kid! :)