My Birthday Weekend

Whew - it flew by and is over already!

Thursday, my mom got into town mid-afternoon. We celebrated Christmas with her and had delicious chili that night (if I may say so!)

Friday, we went to Coldstone Creamery to get my cake (cookie dough!) and run a couple errands. Later that evening, we went to Michael's and stocked up on Christmas items!

Saturday we celebrated my birthday and his dad's birthday. I got lots of goodies! :) Sat. night, after Keaton was in bed, my mom stayed and entertained Benjamin while Zach and I had a much-overdue date at Kanki - we absolutely stuffed ourselves with yummy food!

Today (Sunday), was church, lunch and a quick Target run (including stocking up on more Christmas!)

Let's just say, our trees (yes, Trees!) will be fully decorated! :)

It was a fun birthday :)

Now, it's loads and loads of laundry!

And for the record, I'm 27 :)

((Pictures to be posted later))

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ronandwhit said...

I'm glad you had such a great birthday weekend :)! Don't rub in the fact that you're only 27. I'm not looking forward to 24 days from now. I'm hitting a big one and don't like it one bit.


OBrian said...

You're only 27??? Actually, I was thinking a couple years younger, I dont know why, but I was thinking it was 25 this year. I know I should know better, but well...when you get my age it's amazing I remember anything at all! :D

Happy belated birthday.