My Sweet B :)

While K napped today (and I use that term loosely) B & I took some pictures :) Here's the most recent of my sweet baby! Oh, Tooth #2 has officially emerged through...for those who care, he is LOVING biting while nursing (mama, on the other hand, is NOT loving this!) He continues to roll and roll and roll and roll :)

In his jumperoo, he LOVES this thing!

I just want to gobble up those cheeks!

4 people have shared!:

OBrian said...

he's so CUTE!!!

Phronsie said...

I like his suit, he's adorable!

heather said...

his shirt is adorable!

Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

What a sweet and adorable little man!! LOVE that shirt!

Hope you guys get some sleep soon! (We totally relate :)