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The inevitable happened. I knew it was bound to happen. But I really thought Zach and I made big babies that don't get teeth til much later (K got his first tooth at 9 months-ish)...

Well, we make big babies...

But Benjamin has decided now is a good time to start getting teeth. I noticed last night his bottom teeth were right below the gum line.

Today we were eating lunch and he was ready for lunch too, but I needed to get K down first and I stuck my knuckle in his mouth to gnaw on ...and I felt it. Bottom, front right tooth.

Sigh. We're not even done with K yet - he has 2 more 2 year molars to go. I just wanted a week long break from teething. The hope is he'll get it over with quickly...maybe?

The good news - he's a MUCH better teether than K was/IS! You'd never know there was a tooth coming through.

I have a feeling K is working on one of those said molars. He's warmer today and clingy and fussy (the later two are nothing out of the ordinary, but the 'warmness' is usually his teething indicator)

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