How to make your mama proud!

Atleast how Keaton does it anyways...

This mama is a huge football fan, particularly, college football. I am a die hard UVA & UNC fan, however, there are other teams that I really enjoy watching, one of those being Alabama. Yesterday, was an AMAZING game versus Auburn (where Auburn didn't score a single point...wonderfulness!!!) So, what would any mother teach her son? How to say "Roll Tide", of course! K doesn't have it down perfect, but there's a destinct "oll ide"to it! And if nothing else, if I say, "Roll Tide!" He throws his arms in the air and says, "YAY!" haha!!! (For my MTSU'rs, we're working on "Go Big Blue") ;-)

I made chili again today and the weather finally coorporated with me! It was so cold and rainy and yucky - perfect chili weather! Keaton made me proud once again, by saying "yummy yummy" after most bites. He impressed us with "Bean" and pointing to beans! And calling his spoon a speen - close enough (Roll tide!)

I have also, gasp!, decorated for Christmas!!! I even did this....before Thanksgiving Day! I guess to make up for the fact that we have done absolutely NO Christmas shopping! haha

I think that's the news from here...

Finally, some long awaited pictures :)

"Hello" from B! Check out the thighs! ;-)

My sweet Sweet Pea

Our "tree" (tee) with lights (liiiiiii) ;-)

The stocking were hung by the ...bookcase?
Zach joining in on the babywearing fun ;-)
Our little Santa!

Experimenting with the camera...you might get a cavity from how sweet this picture is!

haaha.....love it!

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The Chilsons said...

AND a BIG FAT WAR EAGLE TO YOU! :p I love you anyway! After 6 years I suppose Alabama does deserve a win :)

Marci said...

Wahoo! Huge UVA fan, here. Too bad they lost to Tech. But it was a pretty decent game.

Permission to Mother said...

I love seeing a DAD attempt a wrap. He gets manypoints for trying. :)

Thanks for participating in my book give-away.