Please be patient as we experience technical difficulties...

Ahhh, I can breathe again! A very scary thing happened when I opened my laptop this morning...the "mouse" (touchpad) and keyboard were not responding!!! ACK! I get Zach's laptop and once we figured out what my login was, his laptop disconnects from the internet!!! And really, all I wanted to do was check my email to see if 1- a friend had her baby yet and 2- if I needed to make a wrap for a friend.

I've had a lot of issues with my laptop as of late, but I love her too much to send her away. However, tomorrow, she'll be taking a trip to the Geek Squad. Hopefully her stay will be short and she'll come back better than ever.

It all started with my E's and S's...sometimes the E doesn't show up...and sometimes I get double S's...usually when I'm typing the word "as" (eek!) ;)

Then, it started having problems booting up. I'd have to shut down, restart in safe mode, shut down and restart again as normal.

About 2 weeks ago, it stopped detecting my battery, so if it became disconnected, it would immediately shut down - and I'd usually have to restart in safe mode...etc...etc...

Then this morning...My mouse was going all wonky. It would avoid any thing I needed to click on - flying all over the screen. And then if I could get it to a place to type (say, my gmail login) I'd have to punch the letters/numbers as hard as I could 5 or 6 times before anything would show up. As soon as I'd hit enter, it'd do what I'd need it to do...until I wanted to click on an email or try to read something in Reader.

So that was today!

We celebrated Thanksgiving at IHOP last night since we weren't able to make it home. It was super yummy, however, Keaton decided to display his toddlerness and throw a couple of really good tantrums while we were there. No one seemed to mind, but I was rather embarrassed. He enjoyed his create-a-face pancake with bananas (nay-nays), strawberries (mmmm, haha!), yougurt and whipped cream. I had (I think it was called) Butterscotch Rocks pancakes - pancakes filled with butterscotch chips and granola, sprinkled with granola and drizzled with caramel syrup. And of course, a dollop of whipped cream on top! :) Zach claimed he was going to get belgum waffles...but settled for something gross looking (Though NOT a cheeseburger!) instead!

I also wanted to share what I've been putting off for awhile! About a month ago, I was accepted as the Stay At Home Mommy topic editor for {busy mommy} blog! I'm so excited about this! You should be able to go here and read the articles I've written so far. It's been fun coming up with ideas and taking off with them.

Well, the battery is running low on Zach's laptop! Pray I get mine fixed quickly!! :)

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Angela said...

I love that you used the word "wonky". I think I will add that to my vocabulary!