says the monkey. And in our case, our little Monkey :) Keaton has started making a monkey noise whenever we see a monkey (note: Monkey's are not often seen in this part of NC, merely in books and on toys) :)

He's expanding his vocab everyday. I'm simply amazed at what all he can "say" (I have to translate most of his words...but the fact that he's associating the same sound, usually the correct sounds, with an object or idea, is awesome). His favorite word is still "No" :) His newest is "Bah" for bath.

He has started signing milk (one that I never showed him, except in his sign language book!) in addition to more, eat, done/finished, light (sometimes), drink (sometimes), hi/bye (haha), and it seemed like there was another one, but I can't remember right now.

Benjamin had his vaccination visit today (we're spreading out his shots so he doesn't get a ton in one visit. It means more trips in, but, I feel better about it this way - I'll write more on this later) He just got one and took it like a champion :)

I was also curious as to his weight because he is wearing 6-9 month clothing (Not entirely, but some things, depending on the fit)... My little chunk at 3 months and 6 days weighs in at.......

16lbs. 1oz.!!! This is "nearly off the charts" (97%) for his age. (K weighed 16lbs. at 4 months) Unbelievable!

I want to apologize for not posting a lot of pictures recently. I've been taking them, but when ever I upload them to Blogger, they post all weird and if I try to caption them, they go out of order...I'm not stupid but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong!! It's RATHER frustrating and I keep meaning to shoot someone an email at Blogger, but...I keep putting it on the back burner...along with calling PlaytexBaby about sending me a new pump since mine died :( going to our old apartment and visiting the Hahns and Macks!!!!...and about 18 other things!!

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