What Should I Call This?

Let's see...where to begin!

Benjamin turned 3 months Saturday! 3 MONTHS!! It is just flying by! He's awesome :) He sleeps great - better than Keaton does now! He loves being in the sling and wrap - always falling asleep in the wrap and yesterday at Target, he fell asleep in the sling!!! I was thrilled! He smiles at me all day long, he's starting to think Keaton is something pretty entertaining and always has "stories" to tell :) He's *usually* asleep by 9pm (the past two nights we've had some going to bed problems) and will usually sleep until 730, if not later!

BeBe just left. She got in Sunday at lunch time for a quick trip. I must say, Benjamin loves his BeBe!!! He just smiled and cooed at her the whole time! :) And of course, Keaton loves her too :)

We all got adjusted yesterday and it felt wonderful!!!

We went to the Mill Outlet Village (a fabric store here). It was a place I've wanted to go to since moving here, but this was the first trip...I LOVED it!!! The people were so nice and so helpful! I got all my materials to make a "mod mommy nursing cover" :) I'm hoping it'll happen successfully and I can add that to the list of items I want to include in my store :)

I also got some unpacking done! HAHA! Yes - we moved in about 5 months ago, but that's ok! I got my spice rack hung and all my spices up (I can't stop smiling when I see it hanging!) and I got an "over the door" shoe back on the back of the laundry room door for a lot of my "little" pantry items that would get lost in the pantry.

We had snow flurries today! They lasted about 3 minutes :)

As far as pictures, I will upload some later, blogger has been having issues when I try it lately and I just don't have the patience for it!

We have a playdate tomorrow and Friday, we got for Benjamin's vaccination appointment. I'm hoping to get him "officially" weighed. (we did it on our scale the other night, which I think is more accurate now that he's over 10lbs or so)...but it said 15.5lbs (wouldn't surprise me....he's a chunky monkey) :) Check back for pictures :)

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