Yes - Sirius. My new love! We had to get some body work done on the van thanks to some darling children vandalizing vehicles here at our apartment complex. Our insurance company was kind enough to provide a rental car for us. The car provided - a silver, PT Cruiser. I hate it. It's so cramped. I feel like I'm in a clown car. I do enjoy the smoothness of the ride (I miss that since leaving my Saturn behind in the Kia lot...) But it has Sirius satellite radio. It's awesome! My favorite channel is 8 - Big 80's. I didn't realize how many songs I knew! I've been looking for excuses to drive around this week just so I can listen! haha!

In light of Sirius radio, I thought I'd share my favorite "Seriously?!?" moment from the week.

A [paraphrased] quote from The Early Show on CBS - "She {Michelle Obama} is just a normal stay-at-home-mom who shops at JCrew and White House, Black Market." Seriously? Maybe it's because we're po' folk in Seminary, but I don't know a single SAHM who shops there!

I do get to listen to it again today as we need to go back to the chiro. Keaton has been pulling on his ears. We need this ear infection gone by Monday! Benjamin is super congested still.

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Zach Jones said...

seriously insightful observation on the First Lady Elect. That's my girl!

Phronsie said...

No joke! JCrew? I'm lucky to shop at a clothes store that's not Wal*Mart!