Update (#1), more teeth

I want to thank everyone for their prayers, advice/tips & encouragement!

Benjamin slept from about 9pm - 845am!!!!

Before that, he drank 6oz. at 3pm and 8oz before falling asleep last night (HUGE steps!!!)

He woke up, nursed for about 15 mins and then took a break and drank 6.5oz from a bottle!!!

I'm so thrilled!!!!

He is currently so tired, he can't keep his eyes open, but still fighting a nap...

I stayed home with the boys from church this morning. Zach has to play...but will hopefully be home soon because this mama needs a break!

Keaton has a tooth coming in (I think after this it's only 5 more to go!) and is fussy beyond belief and, of course, can't understand why Benjamin really needs mommy right now and I can't hold them both in my arms (I've tried...the only thing I haven't tried is K in the mei tei on my back and B in the wrap on my front! Much more screaming, and I may have to resort to that! ;-)

I'm hoping B will get a good nap in (K TOO!!!) I think that'll help him feel tons better! If I could just get him to understand that! :)

I'll try to update tonight on how the rest of the day goes... stay tuned ;-)

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The Monier Family said...

Hang in there!! Hope you get that break you SO deserve when your hubby gets home:)