23 Months (and a day!)

I didn't get to this yesterday...we're still fighting the crud! Zach has it now! ugh...I can tel it is indeed on it's way out though! Finally!

1 more month and my sweet baby will be 2!!!!!! I can not believe it!

I've been making a list of all of Keaton's words to take to his 2 year appointment. I sent them to Zach's mom (she's a speech pathologist) and she was very impressed with his vocab. He's a chatter box, but most of it is in Keatonese :) I'll post the official list when we have his appointment.

He has really been into animal sounds lately, particularly chickens/roosters! He walks around "Er er errrrrr"ing all day, haha!

He loves (always has, but especially as of late) helping me in the kitchen, with laundry & of course taking care of B. (putting bottles in the sink, getting burp cloths, handing me diapers, etc...)

B is definitely his favorite toy! I love watching them interact - these boys are hysterical!

He loves "reading" to me, but will sit for book after book after book if I'm reading.

He's wearing 2 & 3T clothing.

We're planning & getting ready for his party! And that's about it!

Happy 23 months & a day, bud!

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heather said...

Happy 23 months Keaton!

sorry Zach is sick now...hopefully you all feel better VERY soon!

Terra Jones said...

& a day -don't forget the day ;-)

haha, thanks, girl!