Monday with the boys

Keaton has been talking shapes lately (but don't ask him to say "Shape"...that's not what it sounds like...yikes!) He's got "ti-angle", "circ-ul" and "quare" ...he occasionally says "tar" (star) and even once blurted out "die-ond" (diamond...no one named "Ond" needs to fear for their life!)

Also, B has been running a low-grade fever all weekend. Been abnormally fussy (for his 'normal' self...totally normal for his new found separation anxiety self, haha!) Last night, we had a really rough night. Zach suggested I take him in, after reminding me that the last time he had an ear infection, 1) we had no idea and 2) it was so bad by the time we got him in. We're hoping to avoid that this time. His appointment is at 930 this morning.

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Phronsie said...

LOL! "no one named Ond...", I seriously LOL-ed, thanks!

disa said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.