Poo-poo on the potty!!!

That's right! Keaton pooped on the potty!!!!

I don't know all the details, maybe Zach can respond and correct anything, but he was giving K a bath...and the next thing I hear is, "Good job, bud!!!!!!!!!! Mama - Keaton pooped on the potty!!!!!!"

I'm thinking I really have to break down and potty train the kid - he was SO excited!

I gave him a small piece of chocolate and he kept signing more. I explained that he had to poop on the potty again to get more chocolate. He pointed to the potty again but then immediately wanted back in the tub (the kid loves bath time, haha!)

So...now I have to figure out a potty training method...other than the "avoiding" approach I've been taking, haha!

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heather said...

that is great even if mama isn't ready yet! goodluck!