New sling

As I mentioned before - we've been battling major separation anxiety with B...he must be held all. the. time.

I still love my wrap, but lately, my hotsling has been more helpful. I decided that I needed to get another one (b/c B spit up all over ours yesterday which meant washing...then line drying...yeh, separation anxiety doesn't wait for slings to line dry...) So, I started scouring craigslist (as a new one can cost upwards of $5o) I found one that I had seen when I was originally shopping for slings - for all of $18 - can't beat that!! (well, there were ones cheaper - but this one is a beaut!) :)

I took advantage of the beautiful sunshine/natural light to do an impromptu photo shoot...I want to frame all these!!!

Blurry, but I love his expression :) "Thank you for a new sling, mommy!"


So sweet...

Something caught his eye outside

My boys :)

Yummy hand :)

Keaton wanted in on the photo action :)

In other news, we spent the afternoon watching basketball - making sure we picked the right teams ;-) So far I'm doing great!

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Steph said...

lovely pictures!

i dried my no telling how many times:) Although, I "pre-shrank" it up front so it would fit better.... Anyway... yah for hotslings!

Terra Jones said...

Thanks :)

Yeh, I can't risk these getting shrunk...it fits perfect & I know a size up will be way too big :)

heather said...

those are all great pictures!

Phronsie said...

Cute boys! :)

Yeah, Aria is a snuggle bug, which is understandable seeing as how she should still be snuggling IN mommy and not ON mommy, LOL! Makes it hard to get things done when you only have two hands! I feel ya...

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, darling!!


Upstatemomof3 said...

Those are such precious pictures!! We have a wrap and we love it but lately I am really hoping to try a sling again. Your pictures REALLY make me want to give it a try.