The cruddy, infected, croupy house

We're all still the above...

Keaton is doing MUCH better. He still has his cough, but his eyes - no more infection. He is still pulling on his ear, so I know that is still bothering him and our chiro "set" his toe yesterday - he laughed really for the first time since Sunday - guess it still bothered him!

Benjamin still has his yucky cough, though it's no longer "seal-like" ...I'm wondering if he REALLY had croup or just a bad cough?? He too, is still pulling on the ear. He got adjusted as well yesterday.

I am getting better...just a lot of drainage...I did go to the dr. yesterday and was diagnosed with "The Crud" - nice huh? Basically, a bit of flu, bit of sinus infection and a bit of your common cold...lovely. The dr. wrote me a prescription for some cough medicine because that (on top of my super, sore throat) was my 'worst' symptom...The pharmacist warned me that it may make me drowsy...

I came home and took it around 1030...I laid down around 1115 or so (apparently - because I don't really remember it) and woke up around 130. Also, apparently, Zach was asking me questions...and I was answering! Nice, huh?? Needless to say, I will only be getting that medication at bedtime! ;-)

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Zach Jones said...

Less a question, more a statement: "Benjamin is wide awake." Your response: "I'm not." (and back to sleep). With no memory of the conversation.... ;-D

Becky said...

Hi, hope everyone gets to feeling better soon.
I just found your blog accidently by typing the name of MY blog into google. I just thought that it was funny we have the same named blog. Well I guess not terribly suprising considering Jones is such a commom last name.
Anyways, from what little I have read so far, we seem to have a lot in common. I may have to keep up with your blog.