90+ degree days...

So nice (says the one not grilling or mowing the yard, haha!) Wait...what?!! did you say grill?! I did! Zach went out and bought an AMAZING grill! We put it together yesterday while the boys napped (yes, WE, haha) and cooked out dinner...and then lunch today! Yummmmy! SO nice to have this back! For now, with his work schedule, we'll only be grilling on the weekends, but, hopefully if he gets his old position back (where he goes in super-duper early and get off at 330pm) we'll be using it a lot more!

And I confess - the wood that's on the front and sides...I spent the majority of our 'putting together the grill' time, smelling it....it smelled (smells!) soooo good! Can anyone tell us the type of wood?? It reminded me of the shops in Gatlinburg, so we're both thinking pine maybe?

In other news, Benjamin has popped his 3rd tooth...I thought it was his top right 'fang' tooth (eye tooth) but, I was wrong. It's not his front tooth, but the one to the side...(aka: lateral incisor, I just looked it up...haha)

Today was an exciting day in church as we commissioned TWO church plants! The first plants from our church (our church was planted about 20 years ago). One team will be going to Tampa to plant Covenant Life, and the other to DC to plant Restoration Church.

Finally, what you're really here for :)

Too funny not to show - he LOVES water bottles :) Who can blame him - so cold on the hurting gums!

Papa and Grandma Susan bought Keaton (B will use it eventually, when not everything goes in the mouth!) an oh-so-fun, classic turtle sandbox. At this point, it was a pool because we hadn't bought sand yet. Yesterday was a day of learning for K as he had to learn (the hard way) that sand stays IN the box!

He wanted a ride in his wagon. I asked him to wait a minute...and he got sad, haha

Ah, sweet Benjamin!

Both ready for a ride around the house in the wagon. I had dreams of going for walks with them in the wagon, but this is esentially pulling about 55lbs. behind me...whew...

For the record - that is NOT water from the bottle - that is DROOL! The next day, I saw the aforementioned 3rd tooth :)

B discovering....pine things. There's a TON of pine trees around our house, so it was this or very sharp, spikey pine cones ;-)

Couldn't resist...

Last night, the boys took their first bath together. It went great and will save a LOT of time in the future!

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THill said...

The wood on your grill looks like red cedar. It does smell great!

The boys are so adorable and Keaton is hilarious in the video.

heather said...

goodluck keeping the sand in the box...luckily it was free for us! right now its a mud box though!

love the pics!