Well, I signed the lease for our house today! She went ahead and gave me the keys! We get to move in "when ever"!!!

Found out some fun things:


We can get a sandbox for Keaton (eventually, Benjamin! haha!)

I'm giddy about these things too!

Here are some pictures from the inside. They aren't of the best quality, B was screaming and I had left a very tired K with a friend so I could take said pictures and measure a couple of things.

I didn't get anything in the garage measured to see if we can fit a deep freezer in there (ie: what size) but, I'm not worried at all - there's a PERFECT spot of it! (No pictures of the garage - you've seen one before, haha!)

So, here's a tour...

Here's the front door, I think the piano will go in that open area to the right - it's HUGE there - I think a book case will be able to fit next to it...it's the only spot I didn't get measured because B was screaming.

The fireplace. The TV will go caddy-corner to the right of it. To the left is the kitchen

B's room - the smaller of the two.

K's room

Master bath (didn't get a pic of the double vanity...just wait!) ;-)

Master bedroom. I think my desk and sewing machine will go in the funky window (I need to measure, first)

The dining area (it's an eat in kitchen)

The door leads to the deck and back yard. To the left is the kitchen area. To the right, the door to the garage.

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heather said...

ok...well where's the kitchen? im a bit kitchen obsessed! lol it looks great otherwise