Big Boy Bed/Easter/....again?!

Since we bought (well, my mom bought haha!) K's new big boy bed, he's been very curious, but has only taken one nap in it. This has been totally fine by us - we are not pushing him in any way to sleep in this bed (if he can be contained - the better!)

Every.single.night. we got through the.exact.same.routine. He stands and looks back and forth, deciding which bed he wants to sleep in. Every night he lays down in his 'big boy bed' and as soon as we close the door, he jumps up screaming like someone is attacking him. He throws his sippy cup in his crib and as soon as I lay him in the crib. Silence. We're kind of tired of having 2 cribs and a big boy bed up in these rooms. We played with a couple of ideas - keeping them both in their cribs (but I'm really going to have to potty train K soon, the kid loves his little potty so much... and that'll just be easier in a bed and not a crib)....making his crib into a toddler bed (and when should we do that? Now? The day of the move/his party when he's all jacked up on sugar?) or just break down the crib and leave him with the only option being his big boy bed....

Where did that Keaton manual go??

Well, we decided we'd make his crib a toddler bed. We decided it would be done last night after small group...

Zach starts in on it...and then realizes, while he has the toddler RAIL, he can not find the hard ware....nice...

SO, K's new options were "3 sided crib" (for the child who HATES change!) or the bed he loathes, haha! It took about an hour, but he finally fell asleep in his bed! He woke up a couple times throughout the night, but he stayed in his room (my biggest fear).

However, nap time was a different story...glad we're working out these issues now, as opposed to moving day! (which will bring a whole new set of issues!)

So, when we move, Keaton will JUST have his big boy bed....Benjamin will get the black crib...and the white crib will go into storage for some time (no, we are NOT pregnant!)

Easter - no pictures (well, of the boys in their Easter garb - I do have pictures of both of them in chairs, in the kitchen while Zach made breakfast!)

We went to church (have I mentioned how much I love our church family?), possibly started a new Easter tradition of Mexican (though, no more chimichangas for me, haha) and moved stuff into the house. Speaking of that church family, our washer is dying a slow death and, thanks to the wonderful world of Facebook, a family quickly (I'm talking maybe 30 seconds after I posted it) offered us their spare washer! What a huge blessing! So they delivered that to us after lunch. We came home and then left shortly thereafter for a cookout with your small group!

You're wondering about the "again?!" aren't you?

I have to have surgery on my toe. AGAIN! I can't believe it! I'm waiting til after the move because I can't take another move being pitied and told to sit and rest (Ok, so I totally thought I'd have B about 10 weeks early during our last move!) So...yeh, I need to call, as soon as I post this and get it scheduled for next Monday - not fun. But, yeh, I have another ingrown toenail - same toe, different spot.

Back to boxes!

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heather said...

sorry about the surgery...again! im sure it will go well! goodluck moving and hope things go well with the big boy bed!