What happened to the weekend...

I commented about an hour ago that it's hard for me to believe that people have a normal weekend in the midst of the chaos we've had this weekend!

Our official move day (Saturday) start very early. 5:30am to be exact. Keaton opened his bedroom door and then slammed it...then locked it. We have the turny locks (as opposed to the push locks) and we'd never once had to open them before. Needless to say he was NOT thrilled at the amount of time it took Zach to figure it out!

But, it was a blessing in disguise, as there was MUCH packing to do and if he chose to sleep til 8 that morning, nothing would have gotten done. Packing boxes at 6am isn't at the top of my "fun things to do" but knowing that we'd be moving to this beautiful house, kept me going!

We went & picked up the truck and got to loading my mom's car, my van and, once Zach's parents arrived, he & his dad started in on the truck.

Zach's mom and my mom went to Kroger to pick up the cupcakes and some last minute party supplies. I headed to the house with the boys and started unloading the van (and making room for a party!)

Thankfully, it wasn't a 'formal' party and (hopefully) no one was expecting much more than fellowship!

We had a small, yet fun gathering for Keaton's birthday party, including Keaton's grandparents, his Aunt Meagan and his cousins, 'Aunt Christina' ('Uncle Chris' had to work), and Robin, a friend from church/Seminary/small group, and her two sweet kiddos. He got lots of goodies (much more than he really needed) and will have a sandbox arriving sometime this week! (Woohoo!)

Once the party was over, it was nap time and time to get to unloading.

The guys headed back to the apartment to grab another load and later, Dale, another church/Seminary/small group friend, helped with some of the heavier items (piano, dryer and fridge) --- wait, fridge??? That's right folks! We got our amazing fridge back. The one my mom bought us as a wedding gift about 4 years ago and we only got to use for about 6 months before it spent time in storage and at Uncle David & Aunt Dianne's house. Oh how we've missed our beautiful fridge!!!

The rest of the evening was spent doing typical moving day activities...

Until about 9:30pm, when I was starting to loose steam and tried to get a shower...

Only to realize that we had no hot water....

So, after Zach attempted a couple things to no avail, we called the landlords. I am a firm believer we have the best landlords around. They jumped in their car and headed right over to help us out - at almost 10pm, and even assisted with a couple other small issues around the house!

About 30 minutes later, we had hot water.

This morning, Zach had to play at church. Then we went out to lunch with family. We rushed home and Zach headed to another friends' to pick up a futon. He got that here and then took Keaton to Lowe's to pick up a couple items.

We went to Applebee's for dinner and then my mom and I headed to our apartment to clean out the fridge and freezer.

Tomorrow morning, I have my toe surgery...and hopefully the recovery will much MUCH better than last time and I'll be back to unpacking and playing with my boys in no time!!

Right now - sleep!

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Terra Jones said...

I just re-read this - ignore the HORRIBLE grammar!!! wow...I'm too tired to go back, lol

Alicia.H said...

Haha Terra, I was thinking as I read through this "wow Terra really is tired, she has some typos and she NEVER has those"

OBrian said...

Eh, who cares about bad grammar...You got a HOUSE! Congrats on the move and glad to hear that things went some what smoothly!