We are Moving!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We just got the word!!!!! We've been looking at houses pretty much since we moved into these apartments. As our lease comes to an end, the search got serious. I went with our realtor the other day to look at a house and it was ok, but, by the time I got back home, she called to inform me it was basically taken. All I could think about was our emotional roller coaster from last spring, of thinking, too many times, we'd found the perfect house!

So, the search continued. A friend of mine mentioned the neighborhood that she lived in. It is a SUPER cute neighborhood and we had looked there many times before, but we just couldn't afford it. While driving around looking at houses, I drove past this neighborhood and decided to "just see."

There happened to be a "for rent" sign in front of a house stating 3bed/2bath (exactly what we needed), I called and left a message. I heard back and learned more about the house (ie: that we could afford it!). We set up a time to look. Upon entering the house - we were in love! (I'll share details in a moment...)

So we told her we'd talk about it and immediately called her back to say, "YES we want it!"

She returned the call on Monday morning telling me she had to show it to another couple and would call me later in the evening...

Evening came. Evening went...

Finally at about 2:45pm, today, I got THE call!

She asked if we were still interested (um, YES!) and said it was ours if we could move in by May 1st (you bet your sweet bippy we will!)

So, it's official - we are moving next weekend! Oh, wait, Keaton's PARTY is next weekend....yup, we'll have a jam packed weekend! haha

God has richly provided in this home!

First, it's a HOUSE - not an apartment. not a town house. no one living ABOVE, below, beside us! Yes, we will have neighbors, I love neighbors, I just am a little tired of sharing a wall with them (or a ceiling).

We knew we couldn't go smaller than our current home (which is "roughly" 1200sq.ft.) this house is 1178sq.ft. Totally doable. ABSOLUTELY doable once we learned there is a 1 car garage, with an attic above it and an attached outside storage unit!

As I mentioned, 3bed/2bath. This is silly, but the master bath has a double vanity - something I've always wanted. I'm a spoiled only child. I want my space ;-) It's also separated from the toilet and shower (meaning a door between the two)

The living room is much larger than we anticipated.

There's a fireplace (I was so bummed that I didn't have a spot for our "NOEL" stockings this year!)

There's a yard. Anyone who has spent 2.436 seconds around Keaton, knows he needs room to run.

There's a pantry. After our current apartment, having a 'nice' little pantry, I knew I couldn't not have one - this one is deeper and wider and has an extra shelf.

There's a deck. (ie: we'll be getting a grill and patio furniture!)

The garage - we'll have room for a deep freezer.

I could go on and on and on on the little things that make this the perfect house!

We are so thrilled!

Pictures will soon follow! :)

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Kelly said...

That's awesome Terra - So happy for you guys! Happy Birthday to Keaton as well. I know what this day must mean to you...bittersweet...our "babies" are truly growing up too fast!

mlfmyers said...

I am so happy for y'all!! Sometimes the biggest things to us are little things to others. But when you're looking for a place to live, I think everything that you find important is indeed important. I am glad that you are so happy about so many things in relation to the house because that'll make living there that much better!

PS- Be sure to share your new mailing address! :)

Jamie said...

YAY TERRA!! Congrats, soooo happy for you guys and I totally understand how you feel. We rented an apt when we first got married and it was nice and new but it wasn't a house! Enjoy your new pantry and backyard and deck and garage, etc,etc, etc!! LOL!