Big Boy Bed

Well, days 2 & 3 have gone swimmingly!

Lots of disciplining to stay IN the bed, but when he finally gets to the sleeping point, at night, he's back to sleeping all night and no crying out...and naps, well, they are shorter than they were, but he's still napping (my biggest concern!)

In other news, we're all sneezing and congested due to the lovely sea of green (aka: pollen) that we're living in. I boiled peppermint on the stove in water all day to open up the airways...whew, so much better!

The packing continues, though I don't feel like we're getting very far!

Two more days til moving day!

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Larissa said...

Great idea on the peppermint! None of us suffer much from allergies, but it's even getting to us a little this year. It's mild, but definitely allergies. Glad to hear that the big bed is working out. Happy packing! We are packing too!