11 months! (& 1 day!)

Yesterday came and went and I completely missed his 11-month-birthday! The next one is the BIG ONE! (in both senses!)

We're trying to finalize details, get invitations made and praying for GREAT weather!!! :)

We (at least I, ha ha) think Keaton's ear infection has "traveled" to his right ear, which is beyond frustrating. The good news, he's napping IN HIS CRIB right now for the first time....since Wednesday? Maybe even Tuesday! He sleeps "fine" in there at night (between random screams of pain) but just isn't having it during the daytime. If he were perfectly well, I would fight it, but, I know he's hurting, he needs to sleep, and it forces me to sit on the couch for two hours in the middle of the day and rest. (I miss my multiple naps a day baby!!!)

Today at church, Keaton couldn't go to the nursery b/c of his ear(s) and about 1/2 way through church he wanted down to walk/try to run/play. So we went in the lobby (besides, his hacking cough was making people look!) and he discovered the greatest invention known to babies - tablecloth covered tables. Pregnancy Support Services of Wake Forest had a table set up and it was covered in a red table cloth and for 10-15 minutes, he just crawled (something that rarely happens, I was surprised he remembered how!) back and forth ...back and forth....back and forth :) He was just busting out laughing the entire time :)

And I would be a horrible mom/fan if I didn't mention his attire for church today - his adorable UNC onesie :-D Woohoo!!!

Also, we started whole milk this week and he (of course!) loves it :) They go GREAT with pancakes :)

((Check back later for pictures. I keep getting Google errors and I'm too tired to keep trying to upload!))

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Chicken Momma said...

Hey there:)
I have new blog on Blogger (my other one got deleted).
Hope to see you there!
Happy 11 months!!