Chicken Divan

One of our favorite meals is Chicken Divan. Well, since Keaton has been eating whatever we eat now, that's what he had for dinner tonight too! I've given him bites of the broccoli or the chicken, but, I spoon fed him the first few bites and then, since it was bath night (whether it was or wasn't, he was getting bath after this greasy mess!) I just gave him the bowl! :) Here was the fun that ensued!

WOW! That was GREAT mom!!!

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erin blakley said...

hilarious!! so glad you're gonna have another boy!!

ronandwhit said...

Those pictures made us laugh! I miss you guys!!!

awhitaker said...

This is so funny! How great to pass on the tradition of 'chicken divan' with your little one!

I'm feeling a little sentimental as I think back to our fun times at MTSU and now you're sharing one of our regular meals with your little one. Craziness!