UGH - again...

Keaton woke up screaming his precious head off at 4:45 this morning. Zach went in and gave him a bottle, of which, he only drank half - he usually downs 8oz in 10 minutes flat. And the screaming began again. Usually, after being put back in his crib, he'll cry for a few minutes and then fall right to sleep. 10 minutes later, he's still screaming. I couldn't take it and I went in. I could tell be the cry, something wasn't right. I rocked him for what seemed like an eternity and he just wouldn't go back to sleep.

Zach came in and changed his diaper ((I had taken Benedryl Friday night 1- so I could breathe and 2- so I could sleep!...I couldn't change his diaper because I couldn't stand up or see straight due to the Benedryl!)) And Keaton continued to scream. I had Zach go get the bottle that he didn't finish and Keaton finished it all in about 5 minutes and started the screaming again.

I got my bearings and headed down stairs. Upon turning on the light, I looked down at his sweet face and his poor nose was all crusty and gross and snotty...so I used the 'snot sucker' (which he used to think was hilarious...not so much anymore!) and got out what I could and that calmed him a little bit...for a little bit. After about 30 minutes, I knew the TV would calm him, so I turned it on found my favorite show (Law & Order: SVU) and he immediately quieted down! I was rather excited because it was actually an episode that I had not seen yet! After the commercial break, Keaton started screaming again...commercials come back, he quiets down - this pattern continues the entire show!!! haha!!!

At 930, I took his temperature becuase he felt warm and it was 100.4. I gave him some Motrin and finally, around 945am, he fell asleep on my chest (after many attempted naps in his high chair trying to eat breakfast!) He slept for about 90 minutes. About that time, Zach's parents, who were here visiting, got here so Zach and I could go out for a lunch date.

We left and when we got back, Keaton was terrorizing the living room like his normal self - but still very warm. He took another 90 minute nap and when we woke up, after his bottle, his temp. was 102.4.

He took a nap at 6pm for about 30 minutes (which normally doesn't happen...but, he wasn't going to make it through his bath and to bedtime without it tonight)

After he woke up, Zach gave him a bath, I gave him a bottle and he went to bed without a peep.

He is still burning up. Hopefully the fever will break tonight and he'll be back to his normal self in the morning!!! After all - BeBe is coming!!! And it's supposed to be 75 Monday!!! No one wants to be sick when it's 75!!!!!

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erin blakley said...

I hope he gets better soon...poor guy!