Poor baby...

Well, I took Keaton in this morning. After our last episode of me waiting out his cold and it turning into an ear infection, I didn't want to take any chances. He's been running a slight fever, has had an awful cough, very gross nose, watery eyes - but through it all - sleeping great! (thank goodness!)

I thought one of 3 things: Teething, a cold or allergies.

His ears look great (however if he starts pulling on them at all, more than "hey look! My ear!" we're to take him to urgent care).

Dr. Joanne said, "He has a cold...and is teething...and is having some allergy symptoms..." Does mama know or does mama know? Haha :)

So, we're to tackle the fever first (alternating Motrin and Tylenol to break it) and as long as that's gone by Monday, we're fine (anything over 100 on Monday, they want to see him again) and then we can do children's bendryl to fight the allergies (which I hate because it hypes him up...like my wildman needs THAT!)

So, hopefully NOW we're done with the dr. until the 9th! haha :)

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Jenny Monier said...

Hope he feels better soon!!