2 Woohoo's!

First - Keaton slept through the night...and not just "Keaton-style" either. I put him down at 7 and he woke up at 6, babbled for about 5 minutes and then snoozed til 630! I don't know the last time that happened! I was hoping he'd be in a better mood today because of it, but, he expended all his energy at his weight check...

Bringing us to woohoo #2!!! To sum up the past few months - He was on track to be a massive 1 year old until the pregnancy and all that has to do with nursing. Before we knew we were pregnant and he wasn't gaining they wanted to run tests for leukimia and all sorts of weird things. I refused the testing, knowing our "genes" and how active he was and all. It's been a battle to get his weight up. At the last check, our goal was 18lbs. - he hit it with an ounce to spare! Our personal goal for today was 19lbs. and he hit it - right on the head!!! I was so excited! And that means...We are DONE with these bi-monthly weight checks!!!! woohoo!!! We go back on the 9th for his 1 year appointment (wow!)

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