Crying It Out: Night 2...

Well, we made it all night, it was a little tough though! Luckily I was so exhausted that I couldn't have gotten out of bed if I wanted to (Zach just put a pillow over his own head and went back to sleep, haha!) 

Keaton took FOREVER to go to sleep last night. It was very un-nerving wondering how the rest of the night was going. He finally fell asleep about 815pm. At 2am, he woke up and fussed a bit and then again at 430am and then slept until 630! Whew! 

Funny Keaton story of the night. Keaton got a bath (you'll see why in a minute!) and Zachc got him all naked (which Keaton just LOVES!!!) and Keaton walked right into the bathroom and closed the door! H knew exactly what to do!!! hahaa!!

Here's the reason for the bath: Keaton had two firsts yesterday - Hot Dogs and Taco Bake!!! Messy messy :) 

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Chicken Momma said...

He sure is a little man! It looks as though he is really enjoying table food:)
Hang in there with the sleep (or lack thereof)! This, too, shall pass!