Crying It Out: Night 1...

Here's how to make crying it out easy...

Step 1: Take baby to the church during praise band practice
Step 2: Make sure (assuming baby is a boy and a big flirt) there are lots of women around
Step 3: Allow baby free reign of the sanctuary 
Step 4: Let baby run around until baby cannot stand up straight
Step 5: Take baby home
Step 6: Give baby bottle & put to bed
Step 7: Mom - go to bed and enjoy the silence - sleep!

So yeh, apparently, that was enough to wear Keaton out. We didn't hear a peep out of him until about 4:30am...after that it was rough going, but...it was a great start! 

Hopefully that's all it will take to get him back on the right track!

Yesterday morning Keaton started doing something hilarious. I've been making him scrambled eggs for breakfast. Now that he knows what is coming, he isn't very patient to let the eggs cool. Yesterday I was trying to explain that they were hot, and then I would blow on them to cool them a little bit. I said, "We have to wait...they're hot..." Keaton starts going "haaa haaaa" (not laughing, but trying to say hot) after a few minutes he was watching me blow on the eggs and he was imitating me. Great fun :) 

He also started signing "yes" which cracks me up because I NEVER sign yes. I told my mom I have maybe signed yes 10 times in the almost 12 months he has been alive! I always sign "more" "finished" "no" "eat" "shirt/clothes" and "water"...the other day, I signed "Finished?" after breakfast and he started shaking his hand signing "yes" and laughing!!! 

So those are the big adventures from the first half of the week :) 

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Anonymous said...

That's my grandson-just like the other male Jones'-flirting with the ladies :-) Glad you are all better and hope you stay that way. It's really exciting he's starting to talk and sign.

We've sent some Easter goodies for you by way of M. and M.


erin blakley said...