The Biggest Gainer

...ok maybe not the BIGGEST...but he gained! :)

We met with the Lactation Consultant again today for another weight check. She said she really wanted him at 18lbs. As long as he weighed that we would continue w/ our schedule...if he wasn't, we were going to have to tweak the system again.

That walk to the scale took forever...

We sat him down and those numbers raced by just like on Biggest Loser (NOT that I watch that show, ha ha) and then, there it was...

18lbs. 1.4oz!!!! WHEW!!!!

We screamed! We jumped up and down...Keaton cried because it scared him and we laughed, ha ha :)

Michelle (the Lactation Consultant) was so thrilled, as was I :)

We're going to keep on what we're doing because it's working great. It's a lot of work, but obviously, has it's rewards. The extra feedings are tiring, but they make me stop and rest in the day in the midst of our chaos. And I know by continuing to nurse, I'm doing the best that I can for my little man :)

Basically, at this point, babies start to level off in their weight...well, Mr. Anti-What-Babies-Are-Supposed-To-Normally-Do is going to most likely take off again! ha ha!! :)

He walked for Dr. Joanne and Michelle and they thought it was the best thing ever...

He flirted with all the nurses (especially Cara, who calls him "Sparky" ha ha!!!) and made their day :)

He's been saying "dada" all day...If Zach would hurry up and get home, he could enjoy that too! :)

He's been pointing to his bottle and saying, "Baba baba" for about a week now, which is pretty entertaining :)

He's taking a couple more steps each day...He's not running any races yet, but, he's definitely getting better at it and realizing what he is doing :)

He's great at anticipation. If we do something twice, by the 3rd time, he knows what's coming :)

OH and the best. Whenever a commercial comes on TV w/ obvious music playing. He stops and turns and stares...If it's really upbeat, he'll start bouncing and rocking back and forth. It's too funny...We dance a lot during the day to various songs :)

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