What is snow?

Something that is non-existent, haha!

I normally hate winter and all things associated, but having a child has even more so, bought out the child in me, having me stand by the window analyzing each drop of precipitation falling from the sky.

At 3:34pm Saturday, it started to finally snow. The ground was so warm that it wasn't sticking, but I had hope. We were having dinner with some friends at 5pm that live a couple doors down. As we walked there, huge flakes were falling and Keaton looked slightly confused.

As we left around 7pm to get him ready for bath and bed, it was starting to stick.

9pm. It stops.

And that was it.

What was left this morning was frozen car doors and a chuck on snow on the back of my trunk. I grabbed a bit. Keaton touched it, laughed and proceeded to look bored...so we went on into church where various not-so-funny comments were made about snow falling elsewhere.

Rumor had it (cough weather.com cough) that Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday were all expected chances for more snow. Now that's moved to a 10% chance NEXT Monday.

Alas. Maybe Keaton's sibling will be wearing this snow suit...hahaha...yeh right.

Yes. I'm bummed. I really only wanted a dusting so I could take some cute pictures of my red-headed love eating snow....not too much to ask is it?

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