"The picture of perfect health!" - Dr. Dirk, Growing Child Pediatrics

Well, he gained! Not as much as I would have liked, but he did it! The nurse could not figure out why I was so excited over a normally non-impressive weight, but 18oz in 3 weeks was enough to make me cry and Dr. Dirk actually jump for joy!!!

He was 17lbs. 14.3oz and 29 inches long...(he was squirming - when I met with the Lactation Consultant 3 weeks ago, we got b/w 29 inches and 29 3/4 inches...so, around that) :)

Dr. Dirk was very encouraging to keep on what we're doing b/c it's working perfect! I'll meet with the Lactation Consultant again in 2 weeks for another weight check and evaluation and hopefully we'll be done until his 12 month check up on April 9th!

Dr. Dirk checked him over and said it was the best looking baby he's seen in awhile :) ((Minus that over-producing ear wax issue, hahah!))

Now, off to my OB appointment tomorrow afternoon! :)

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