New Toy for the New Year!!!

Zach has completely spoiled me!!! We've been looking into buying a new laptop for awhile now. We decided before Christmas that we'd combine our "resources" (ie: the money we got for Christmas and my Birthday) and buy me a new laptop and then Zach could do whatever he wanted to the "old" laptop!

Most women want jewelry or something...buy me a laptop and I'll be happy!

We went to Best Buy last night, and despite a super crazy salesperson, we walked out with an awesome deal...I have a beautiful new Dell laptop that has become my 4th child (1st - Keaton, 2nd - new baby, 3rd - my car, haha! and now the laptop!) I absolutely love it!!!! I think my favorite part is the "keyboard" ....it's so soft and quiet and smooth :)

On the Keaton side - I think he's getting over his cold, yay! He slept GREAT last night, as did I! I'm still sick, but it's nice when it's only one of us, and I'd rather it be me...He was in a great mood this morning until he was transferring from his activity table to the coffee table and swung around and hit his little head on this dresser/chest thing by the window...now he has a nice little reminder mark (ie: bruise!) poor guy!!!!

Today, it's a day filled of Discovery Channel, Mike Rowe and Dirty Jobs :) what a way to start the new year ;-)

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awhitaker said...

I'm glad you broke down and made the blog! I look forward to keeping up with your growing family!!