OB Appointment #1, Baby #2

NO! That's not TWO babies! Dr. Campbell said that right off the bat, "I see JUST one!" (whew!) Not that we were worried, but that would totally be our luck (While pregnant w/ Keaton, I had a dream we had triplet boys...oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!)

Anywho, everything looked great (waiting for Zach to scan the ultrasound picture!...waiting) ;-)

BP was great, my iron is high (super yay there!!) and we got to see that precious white flicker on the screen (that would be a heart beat) :) As well as some very calm arms and legs...That's important because Keaton, at this point, was bouncing all around - and he hasn't stopped since!

He changed my due date to August 16th, so I'm officially 9 weeks tomorrow.

The countdown is on :)

On Keaton notes -
* he chose to pull himself onto the couch today to play with my laptop...no more mommy naps on the floor, haha!!!
* We need a better gate system between the living room and the stairs - before I could say, "Keaton, NO!" and grab him, he army crawled under his activity table and made a bee line for the stairs (which he LOVES to climb) and stood there ready to go just looking at me...
* Also, Zach swears he moved his left foot "an inch" tonight...I was watching the news and missed it...hopefully he's pretending he saw that, because my days are NOT ready for a walker!

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Tara N. Howell said...

Congratulations on your good report from the OB! We are so excited for you guys to have another little one! What a blessing! It won't be long before Keaton is walking...it seems like he and Ethan don't stop for anything! I love our boys!