OB Appointment #2

Went great!

We were only there for forever though! I met with the OB Coordinator and then had my bloodwork done...then we met with the OB Nurse and went over Family History (which didn't take long since we JUST went over this...how many months ago!)

Then We had an office visit with Dr. Segal, who delivered Keaton. He is just beyond excited that we're pregnant again! Besides the fact that he's an awesome dr., he became my favorite after requesting an ultrasound at every appointment with him while I was pregnant with Keaton. So I figured today would hold the same :)

We went in the exam room and waited...and waited and then then nurse came in and said, "Dr. Segal said he wants to see you int he 'new ultrasound room'. Follow me...."

So we did. Our office has a new 3D/4D ultrasound machine and of course Dr. Segal wanted to play :)

It was so awesome. Baby was sucking it's thumb and WAY more active than Keaton was at this point (grrreat!) He put it in 3D, but at 12 weeks, that's just scary!

We also got to listen to the heart just swooshing away and even got a print out of the "heart beat!"

We got about 5 pictures and that was that!

Zach pretty much missed half a day at work, since I haven't heard from him...I'm assuming he still has a job! haha :)

BeBe (my mom) came down and watched Keaton for me. I'm so glad because he never would have lasted that long appointment! (I barely made it through!)

She had to run back to Roanoke after a quick 27 hour stay, but her help was GREATLY appreciated!

We go back Feb. 27 (or 24th....or something...) We go back in a month :)

**ZACH - scan the pictures!!! haha**

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