It had to happen, right?

The inevitable finally happened. The day I've been dreading since that first time Keaton bit me while nursing...

We have a tooth.

Zach on the other hand is thrilled...If only he understood the biting...the biting WITHOUT teeth!

Keaton was up ALL night last night - that combined w/ a low grade fever and some awful diapers that would make non-pregnant stomachs turn - all clued me in that this was happening. Zach and I tag teamed as Keaton randomly woke throughout the night screaming in pain and begging for comfort (Really - it was that dramatic!)

When I nursed him at 5am to get him back to sleep, I felt around and there was nothing. I knew I could safely nurse another day.

Keaton took a decent mid-morning nap (something he's given up for one long, lunch time nap as of late) and woke around 11:15am. I was making faces as I changed his diaper and he let out a huge, opened mouth laugh. And there it was...I screamed for Zach to come look. He was laughing as he bounded up the stairs knowing his son had reached the peak of baby hood...I stood there crying and pointing (Again - yes, it was this dramatic). He took over the diaper change and I called my mom who assured me he should sleep better.

As the afternoon wore on, we noticed #2 peeking through.

It's 3:13 pm and he's down for a nap...

Will #2 rear it's ugly head and appear for dinner? Only time shall tell.

Oh, and no, he hasn't bit me....yet. :)

((Pictures yet to come! haha!))

2 people have shared!:

Zach Jones said...

that's my boy!!!! (and yes, I do have sympathy for you, my lovely wife ;-)

erin blakley said...

wow...that did seem dramatic!