The Journey of the Burnt Out Brake Light...

About 3 months ago, we realized that my brake light was out. We just never got around to fixing that simple thing (even though Zach could acquire this part at any time through his job!!!) ;-)

Tuesday while driving back from our failed park visit, a trusty Wake Forest cop was behind me. Not being able to do more than 10mph in this beautiful town, when the lights came on, I knew exactly what it was for (NOT speeding!)

I pulled over at the Seminary where EVERYone could see (haha) and he comes up and asked if I knew why he pulled me over...he assumed (we know that that does!) ;-) that I didn't and proceeded to inform me that my brake light was out. "Really?! Oh, we'll have to take care of that RIGHT away! Thank you for letting me know!" He let me go with a warning and "3 days" to take care of this issue. Then he noticed Keaton in the back seat and proceeded to make funny faces at him. He asked if he'd like the lights, I said probably so and he said, "Let's get him out and see...." For real...haha...Keaton was not totally impressed...he was more confused with who this strange man was...and I just wanted to get away from the Seminary where everyone could see me!

SO, I inform Zach of the 3 days...He brings home the bulb after his Tuesday night class. He said he'd take care of it Wednesday after work.

That time came and went. I really wanted it done Wednesday night, so that if something else were really wrong with it, I could have Thursday to get it fixed. So much for that idea!

So, Thursday night, after small group, Zach goes to replace the bulb. It's STILL not working right. He comes to the conclusion that I need the entire "light fixture" and that it is the wiring that is faulty.

I'm not looking forward to a Friday spent in the Saturn dealership with a sick baby.

Friday morning, Zach checks at CarQuest to see if they have the part. Of course not. So I call the Saturn dealership. They don't have it. Saturn of Cary and Saturn of Durham do not have it. Not a single Saturn dealership in the entire state of North Carolina has this part!

I explain the urgency to the kind parts salesman. He tells me I can order it and it'll be in Monday or Tuesday....But the 3 days!!!! Friday is my last day!!!!

So I call Zach and leave him a voice mail telling him that it's $130 for the fixture and when it'll be in.

Then...I call the police station to see what to do...Are they taking me to jail? Fining me? Impounding my car?! What will happen if I'm not there by closing with a fixed brake light?!

The person who answered my call took my name and number and said that the officer who pulled me over will return my call.

About 5 minutes later, I see "restricted" on my cell phone...I answered the phone and there was friendly Officer Burchette...How weird to be talking to a cop on the phone! Suddenly in the middle of our conversation he asks me to hold on. I hear some muffled voices over his radio ...then...sirens!!! When he came back to me, I told him that he could just call me back at a more convenient time. He just shrugged it off and said it was fine! He went on to inform me that there was no way they could enforce the "3 day" rule. That was simply there to get people to get things done. If they hadn't heard from me in a month, they'd send me a letter, but that was about all they could do.


So, I call Zach to let him know the good (and hysterical news). At lunch he gave me the go-ahead to order the part.

I call the Saturn dealership back and order the part (sounding like a complete moron the entire time!) and scratch that adventure off my list for the day.

On to this afternoon. Zach wanted to take one more look at the light/fixture to make sure the other wires (or something) had not corroded. Upon his examination of the light fixture...he realized something.......

The bulb was not pushed in all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We start my car and immediately the lights turn on like they're supposed to!!!!

I made him call the Saturn dealership and tell them we didn't need the part....and why!!! hahahah

All the drama and stress this stupid, little light has caused...

In Zach's defense, he WAS replacing the bulb at 9pm w/ a really crappy flashlight...but...still... ;-)

Zach...Zach... Zach...

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erin blakley said...

sorry Zach...this is why mostly the women have the blogs...so we can share great (embarrassing) stories about our husbands!! I can't tell you how many times Justin does something and then he looks at me and says, "you can not blog about this!"

sorry you had to tell on him Terra! Hilarious story...and I must say...I am proud to say I am the friend of such a responsible citizen. And...I can't believe the cop wanted Keaton to get out and look at the lights!