The Light at the End of the Tunnel...

Well, the morning did not start out too great. Keaton still had his fever and was absolutely miserable (after waking up every 60-90 minutes last night...mama wasn't too thrilled either!) He wasn't quite sure what he wanted (and neither was I)...he didn't want to be held and squirmed his way to the floor, once he got there, he just lifted his arms up to me, with tears rolling down his face screaming "mAAAAAmAAAAAA" ...and the cycle would go 'round and 'round all morning long.

We had plans to meet Zach for lunch at Wendy's (yummy meal after soup all weekend!) and I was going whether Keaton was happy about it or not! (In our childbirth class, Monica (woot! If you're reading!!) ;-) told us, well the dad's, haha, if baby was screaming non-stop, go to Wal-Mart (or other public place) and away from mom and let baby scream there. Who cares what the people at Wal-Mart (or other public place) think!!! That was my philosophy today...When in actuality, had he been screaming, I would have felt too bad for the people around us and left! haha)

He fell asleep on the way there (of course) and was NOT happy to have to wake up and go in some ghetto restaurant! But I picked a "window table" and he was completely enthralled with the cars on Capital Blvd. that we (Zach and I) actually were able to have a conversation (gasp!) Until Keaton got his leg stuck in the high chair and it was all over :)

We stopped at Michael's on the way home and I found the cake pan (an adorable 6" pan!!!) for his "smash" cake for his party...and FINALLY some stamps! ((OK, I had to buy 2 sets to get the one I wanted...but there will be more birthdays and I will eventually use numbers 2-0!!)

We also tried something new today, that I HIGHLY suggest everyone try atleast once (if only to feel slightly pampered!)!!! Lowe's Food has a service called, "Lowe's Food To Go." Basically, you "shop" online, pay them $5.95 and pick a time. At that time, you pull up to a little call box, push "call" tell them your name and they bring your groceries out (AND you're not allowed to tip! haha!) We did this this week b/c 1- we normally do our shopping on Sunday and that DID not happen this weekend and 2- I knew Keaton wouldn't last 2 minutes in that cart (see my excuse above at the "other public place" haha). It was SO worth the service!!!! And even though the wind was blowing something fierce today, the lady still came out with a smile (that I thought would blow away) and was SUPER nice about the whole ordeal (better service than I get inside!!!!) I hope to make use of this service again (and again...and again!!!) ;-)

When we got home, Keaton did something he hadn't done since Friday morning - sat on the floor...by himself...without crying...and played!!!! Granted, it only lasted about 10 minutes, but, it was SO nice to have my arms free.

About 3pm, he got clingy and fussy again. I picked him up, thinking it would pass in a minute or two...2 hours later he woke up! I tried moving once and he flipped out, so we snuggled on the couch, for what I suspect will be one of the last times for this "bug" (I know there will be MANY more, haha) while he slept and slept :) (and snored, hehe)

Hopefully tomorrow will be filled with lots more playing and a lot less fussing!!!

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erin blakley said...

so glad things are looking up! If I had the Lowe's food to go service available to me, I would use it EVERY TIME! Instead...I'll just read the blogs of women who get to enjoy it. If you ask me, $5.95 is a small price to pay for not having to walk around a grocery store forever. And I don't even have a child yet!!

Kelly said...

Wow, I wish I had this Lowes Foods service. I wish we still a Lowes Foods period. I hate to grocery shop...especially since I've really started bargain shopping and I know that I can find something cheaper somewhere else but I don't want to drive across town to go and get just that one thing. I'm glad Keaton's feeling better. I hope things continue to go up for you. I think this is seriously the time for all babies. I hope Hunter is done with his also. I've been meaning to ask you this...Did you give him a flu shot?

Terra said...

Kelly - We actually did get the flu shot for Keaton. The on-call dr. that I spoke with on Thursday night said that the shot that they gave out was different from the flu strain that is going around...something they can't predict.

I do feel that it helped him some as he was not NEARLY as sick (to his stomach) as Zach & I were (granted, he's been 'down' longer than we were...I think that has more to do with his body just being so tiny and his immune system not being as strong as ours)...